TEDxUCSD 2015: In Search Of Sponsored Stickers


TEDxUCSD Organizers

Friday Sponsorship Desk Update

This weekend in San Diego, students will be producing TEDxUCSD, an on-campus organization made up entirely of undergraduate students who are passionate about spreading important ideas, facilitating interesting discussion, and creating a memorable event. These organizers come from all kinds of backgrounds, majors, and have wildly varying interests. Kudos to these folks for stepping up and organizing. This year's event already sold out, which is read. Good for TEDxUCSD for packing the place. Tickets for the live stream are still available. If you're at the event in person, enjoy your StickerGiant sponsored stickers--they look great on a laptop. Just sayin'.

They've created a theme this year of: "In Search of..." This topic will invite attendees to focus on their own goals, choices, and experiences, and to remember that we all hold the power to shape our lives through a culmination of decisions that may shape, teach, and inspire us all. Very heady and truly meaningful for our current time and place. They've lined up a great speaker list.

We have more sponsored events on tap for next week and the entire month of May, so stay tuned. If you have a worthy event coming up and you need awesome sponsored stickers, check out our sponsorship signup page.