The Rosie Burgess Trio

Like your folk music humorously harmonious with a side of road hum? The melodically mellifluous Rosie Burgess Trio sure gets around. Based in Melbourne, Australia, these well-traveled wild and woolly players of “urban folk roots” music are heck-bent on showing their audiences a good time.

Sometimes it’s hard to fit people into boxes, and the Rosie Burgess Trio are no exception. Sliding from folk to blues to gypsy-roots and back, the trio cross more genres than state borders, giving off “more energy than an illegally sparked firecracker” [Drum Media, Sydney]. And cross borders they do. Living primarily in touring vans, the trio have been crisscrossing the world for the last three years, leaving behind them a trail of lost shirts, broken flip-flops and adoring audiences. After an incredible couple of years of touring, the Rosie Burgess Trio have had the pleasure of sharing the bill with some of the world’s finest artists, firmly securing a place for themselves as festival favourites both in Australia and North America. Sharing their passion for the road and adventure, alongside their love of music, this band has already won themselves a veritable army of loyal fans across the globe.

Sounds like things get hard in the back of a tour bus. Um…that’s what she said? Wait, what?? Anywho, keep an eye on those flip-flops, kids! And catch them while you can on this side of the planet: this week, the band is at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Memphis. Which sounds like an old-timey yet modern day recreation of the Hall of Justice, minus the tights and invisible jets. Also no villains. Because we’re all superfriends here, aren’t we WonderDog?

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