The Vegas Shoot


It's not shooting craps, a new club, or luxurious hotel; try lots of bows and arrows. The Vegas Shoot is the largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament on the planet.

The Vegas Shoot brings in archers from all skill levels, whether a novice or Olympic athlete. It takes place over three days, February 10-12th 2017 at the South Point Casino and Hotel. The competitions feature both recurve and compound bows. The event is put on by the National Field Archery Association.

The Vegas Shoot competition includes the traditional 3-spot 20-yard “Vegas Round” that made the tournament famous. One of the top events in the country, it draws in over 3,000 archers and thousands of. They are on point this year with custom die cut stickers with the backdrop of the Vegas Skyline, playing cards and an arrow cutting under "The Vegas $hoot" brand name.

It's going to be a fun few days in Vegas and we're excited to see these stickers hit their target.