With a host of websites at her command and a busy blog life, TrishaLyn is getting it done. We wonder, does this gal ever sleep?

Trisha Lyn Fawver, also known around the web as TrishaLyn, has been online since 1999. Trisha’s been blogging personally since 2004 on various platforms such as LiveJournal and MySpace….Trisha has also been a speaker at affiliate industry conferences such as Affiliate Summit, Affiliate Convention, and the Social Media Marketing Summit. Her articles have also appeared in FeedFront Magazine and on….She blogs about her career, performance marketing, social media, and various other marketing methods. She started this blog in August 2007 to help fellow newbie marketers and bloggers through their struggles in getting started with their career and to share some tips of the trade that she’s picked up.

And we’ve teamed up with her to offer a sticker special to her readers. Why?

I loved the excellent quality laptop-friendly stickers we had made from StickerGiant for our Get Noticed Fast panel a few years ago at Affiliate Summit East 2009, which solidified my status of “big fan” of, specifically.

Aw shucks, we’re flattered! Thanks, Trisha! And thank you for choosing StickerGiant!

P.S. Wouldn’t that background image make the cutest wallpaper for a baby’s room? It could be something special for the very, very junior social media set.


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