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Hey I'm John Fischer and today I want to answer a customer question window decals

Tony, from New Jersey writes, "I own a ba-da-bing store on the Jersey Shore, but and I want a sticker for my store door that looks the same coming as when you are going."

Well Tony, we can makes these kind of stickers, the technical name for them is a Double Faced Window Decal or a double sided window sticker.

Let's take a look at a couple of window decals we just did for our customer Fender Guitars.

Here we are outside of Todd's Guitars Etc in Longmont, CO an authorized dealer for Fender Guitars.

We have this double sided decal that every authorized Fender Guitar dealer can display on their window. These stickers are made to last years in the sun, and stand up to frequent cleaning.

1st clean the surface of the inside of the glass where you want the sticker to go.

Then, carefully peel one side of the sticker liner off and place the sticker in the window aligned the way you want.

Once that is completed you can carefully remove the liner of the other side and apply the sticker 100%

This sticker is magic, It appears the same on both sides, or as Tony would say, "that looks the same coming as when you are going."

Double faced or 2 sided window decals can be printed multi spot color and can be die cut into special shapes like this Jackson Bloodline sticker.

Now you know all about double faced window stickers and decals from StickerGiant.