Car Stickers

Best Types of Custom Stickers for Cars and Trucks

Find the Right Type of Car Stickers & Decals

From bumpers to windows, one of the best ways to share a sticker is on a car or a truck. We have many types of stickers that work perfectly for getting your designs and logos to stick as moving billboards on all types of vehicles.

Let’s take a look at the types we recommend most!

  • Custom Shapes - From classic rectangle bumper sticker to custom shapes that match the outline of your design, we’ve got you covered. It’s as easy as choosing your shape when ordering!

  • Clear or White Available - We have Clear or White stock ready to meet your design needs for all of our digitally printed stickers.
  • Outdoor Durable - Stickers on a car or truck should last, and ours do, with a protective lamination for outdoor durability.
  • Free Shipping - We offer free ground shipping on all orders of custom stickers we print!

Digitally Printed Car Stickers

Die Cut, Kiss Cut, and Clear Stickers are digitally printed with full color for amazing color and detail matching to your designs. Our digitally printed stickers are available with free custom shapes, and finished with an outdoor durable lamination for lasting strength and a resistance to natural elements like sun, wind, or rain.

  • Glossy Die Cut Stickers are finished with a UV laminate, while our Matte Die Cut Stickers are finished with an outdoor durable matte lamination. We talk more about the types of lamination we use on our Lamination Types page if you want to learn more about how we put the finishing touches on your custom stickers. With a crack and peel backing, and no visible liner on the finished stickers these are fun to share, and look great both before and after they are applied.
  • Kiss Cut Stickers are finished with a small square of backing surrounding the custom shape of your stickers. Frame your designs, or easily stack your custom stickers on a counter or table top to encourage easy grabbing and stickering by your fans.
  • Choose from front or back adhesive on your custom Clear Stickers for added versatility. Clear Stickers with front face adhesive are ideal for use inside of a window, such as window decals representing an alma mater. A little tip, front adhesive clear stickers can be hard to see when used on tinted windows so keep that in mind when you make your choice. 

    We recommend choosing a back adhesive when you want your custom Clear Sticker to be applied to any exterior surface of a vehicle including windows, or bumpers. If your design needs a bit more opacity to stand out on darker vehicles, consider adding a layer of white ink behind your design. Take a look at our other page on this to learn more about Front or Back Adhesive on Clear Stickers and the many ways these can be used.


Back of a yellow jeep with a dog in the rear windowBack of a yellow jeep with a dog in the rear window