How We Match Colors for Custom Printing


What is Pantone Color Matching?

What we call the Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a standardized color system that allows printers and manufacturers all over the world to have a matching guide. The system is based on Pantone books that, in theory, all match exactly. This allows printers and manufacturers the ability to be far away from each other yet know they are judging color the same way. 

pantone match

Can you print to match a Pantone color?

Yes. Our custom stickers and labels can be printed using a variety of methods. When we print to match Pantone colors using process color we can get to within 95% accuracy of the Pantone colors. When printing either silkscreen or flexographically our Pre-Press Team will use spot colors to match an even wider range of pantone colors very closely.

match something printed

Can you match a color from something already printed?

We get asked this all the time, and usually we can. The best way for us to match a physical sample is if you send us an actual printed sample of what you would like us to match, we'll take it from there.

4 color process

What is 4-color process, or process color?

Process color is a color printing standard that utilizes combinations of the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black to match a wide spectrum of colors. Most full color newspapers and magazines are printed 4-color process, or CMYK.

computer screen match

Can you match the color I see on my computer screen?

Unfortunately not. Computer screens represent color differently than ink or printed material, computer monitors use an additive Red Green Blue color model, and printing always uses a subtractive color model. Computer monitors widely vary in color representation as well.

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Does color matching cost more?

That depends. If the custom stickers, or labels, are digitally printed there is not an additional charge. If they are silkscreen or flexographically printed, there is a small color matching fee.

standard colors free to match

Do you have standard colors that are free to match?

Yes. We stock a set of pre-mixed spot colors for flexographic and silkscreen printed stickers and labels to save time and costs. Check out our standard ink options for silkscreen printed stickers or labels or here are our ink options for flexographically printed stickers or labels.

change color of one area

Can you change the color of one area of my sticker for me?

Probably, our art team loves to help our customers get their stickers to look just the way they envision them.

Do you have a different question about color matching stickers or Pantone Colors?

Please ask us, we are here to make your custom printed stickers awesome and get them to you fast. And of course we love talking on the phone, just give us a buzz 7:00am to 5:00pm MT, 866-774-7900. Ask a Question.


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