Team StickerGiant Cookbook



Dear Friends of StickerGiant,


Last year we all found ourselves spending a lot more time at home, so for the ninth edition of the annual StickerGiant Employee Cookbook, we thought our theme should be StickerGiant At Home, and all that we were appreciative for last year - including our huge appreciation for all of you.

Along with all the unexpected changes we all saw last year, as Giants we found ways to have fun along the way. We welcomed new Giants, gathered virtually to create the cookbook, and had a socially-distanced GIF shoot and added even more to our GIF Library. Best of all, we got to see all the creative and inspiring ways our customers are using stickers and labels to support their businesses as they adapted to all the changes the year brought on.

Scroll down and see some of our favorite recipes, and give one a try for a nice night when you’re staying at home. If you find a favorite, tag us in a post on social media with @stickergiant, we'd love to see what you make!

As always, we appreciate your business and support. We couldn’t do what we do without amazing customers like you.


Cheers and thank you,

Team StickerGiant


John's-Kimchi     Tiffany_s-Mint-Chocolate-Coconut-Bars


Emily's-Poor-Man_s-Chili     Todd_s-Perfect-Giant-Chicken-Wings


Andrew's-Backyard-Grilled-Rosemary-Pork-Tenderloin     Jason_s-Caramelized-Sweet-Potato-Kale-Fried-Wild-Rice


Alison-overnight-french-toast     Tom's-Kwarantine-Kabobs


Hamish's-Cheese-Board     Andi-Asian-Sesame-Meatballs


Autumn's-Vegan-Black-Bean-Brownies     Ilene_s-Black-Richardo_s-Cake


Troy's-Dark-Chocolate-Brownies     Beth's-Savory-Cheese-Chive-Bread


Hannah's-Loaded-Sweet-Potato-Nachos     Jesse_s-Here-for-You-Shish-Kabobs


Kendall_s-Mediterranean-Pasta-with-Fire-Roasted-Tomatoes     JoAnn_s-PSU-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies


Jess_s-Buffalo-Spiced-Chicken-Cutlets     Madelynn_s-Copy-Cat-Veracruz-Migas-Breakfast-Tacos


Sabrina_s-Homemade-Dog-Biscuits     Megan_s-Scrambled-Breakfast-Sandwich


Shandell_s-Muffins     Olga_s-Terayaki-Chicken-Salad


Emily_s-Fruit-Tart     Saul_s-Sticker-Soup

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