Todd's Perfect Giant Chicken Wings

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Chicken-Wing-Icon-for-StickerGiant-Cookbook Ingredients

Chicken wings

Salt and pepper

Your favorite blend of herbs and spices

Your favorite sauce

Friends who bring popcorn

Popcorn-Icon-for-StickerGiant-Cookbook  Directions

Todd's critically-acclaimed blueprint for the at-home-chef to achieve the best Chicken Wings ever, formulates down to one simple practice... BOIL YOUR WINGS FIRST! (And have popcorn around for snacking)

Sometimes referred to as parboiling, this fundamental step allows the Chicken Wing to stay oh so plump and juicy, no matter how you decide to finish them off. (Skim the fat that conjures up during boiling) This can be done up to 36 hours in advance. Boil 'em, stash 'em, invite the whole crew!  (Ask them to bring popcorn)

Once you've boiled and strained the Chicken Wings, be sure to season with salt and black pepper or your favorite blend of herbs and spices; which removes some moisture from the skin and promotes crispiness on the outside during the next phase of cooking. (This is also a good time to grab a handful of popcorn and to add a marinade if you plan to grill this particular batch later)

If you don't want to stash 'em, then don't! Your wings are ready for your preferred method of cooking. Todd suggests grilling, roasting in the oven, or his new favorite, "airing" them in the air fryer!  Afterward, add your favorite sauce or do a spicy challenge with your crew. (If it ever gets too spicy, just dump a whole bunch of popcorn on your face! The butter and salt or sugar help to moderate even the spiciest of sauces!)  



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