Saul's Sticker Soup

Saul is the World's Largest Sticker Ball and the Official Mascot at StickerGiant


This year Saul is very appreciative of his StickerGiant family, and all the new Giants he’s gotten to meet this year (both in person and virtually!) He misses getting to go to events, but has also loved seeing fans peer in through the windows of StickerGiant Headquarters when they drive by to say "hi.” He even has a new mask made of stickers to keep him safe everyday.




Icon-of-Custom-Stickers-for-Sauls-Sticker-Soup-Recipe-Ingredients Ingredients

Your choice of white or clear material for your sticker base.

Sprinkle in your own design and favorite artwork. Be sure to infuse with some positive energy, it always makes Sticker Soup better.

Top it with your choice of glossy or matte laminates for a high quality finish.


Laser-Shark-is-One-of-Saul_s-Sticker-FriendsWhen your designs are ready, they can be sent to Saul’s favorite Sticker Printing Team at StickerGiant.


After your designs are printed, your custom shapes can be sent to our team of Laser Operators to top with your choice of laminate and cut to your custom shape, fast.

Saul also likes to enlist the help of Laser Shark, his trusted sticker friend, so sometimes you might see him pop up to say fun things like, “Jawsome” and “Thanks!”


Sam-the-Shipping-Cam-Helps-Saul-with-Quality-Control-at-StickerGiantBefore they can be set aside to chill in a box, Sam the Shipping Cam and our Quality Assurance Team have to do a quality check.

Saul always looks forward to “eating” the Sticker Soup that doesn’t meet their standards for your Sticker Soup.


Sticker Soup can be packaged with love in a shipping box until they are delivered. Our Shipping Team likes to leave examples of your Sticker Soup on the box, and maybe a fun design sometimes too!


Saul highly recommends sharing your Sticker Soup with your friends, after all it’s the only thing he eats!