Hamish's Campfire Baked Baguette

Hamish is on the Marketing team at StickerGiant


My family and I make these every time we go camping!










Take and bake baguettes

Your choice of cheeses - I recommend cheddar or gouda (the cheese melts - choose appropriately!)

Your choice of deli meat - I've done salami, pepperoni, ham, or turkey

Salted butter

Aluminum foil

Campfire (the most important ingredient)



Build your campfire, let it die down and scrape some hot embers to the side.

Unwrap the baguettes and slice open down the length.

Butter both sides of the baguettes.

Add your cheese and meat filling, (the more cheese, the better!) Wrap the baguettes in 2 layers of aluminium foil.

Place on the hot embers and cook for 20 mins, turning over halfway through.

Allow to cool, unwrap, and enjoy that campfire melted goodness, or keep wrapped and save for later.



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