Andrew's Coleslaw Sandwich

Andrew is on the Marketing team at StickerGiant


My family was on a road trip in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and we were on way out of Mount Rushmore on Iron Mountain Road. It’s a twisty, winding stretch of pavement with views for days and wonderful pull offs. We found a gem of a picnic spot where we could scramble over boulders to see far-off vistas of Mount Rushmore and the surrounding majesty of the Black Elk Wilderness. While the spot we found isn’t secret or anything, I’ll just keep the coordinates to myself and my memories.



Farmhouse bread, sliced

Tri-color cole slaw (green and red cabbage with carrots)

Apple cider vinegar

Celery salt

Your favorite lunch meat (my family prefers Boar's Head thinly sliced ham)

Swiss cheese

Dijon mustard

Pickle chips (my family goes for Grillo's Kosher pickle chips)



Toss cole slaw with a heavy splash of apple cider vinegar and a couple shakes of celery salt.

Assemble and enjoy!



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