Do I Need to Have Vector Designs For My Stickers Or Labels?

If you plan on having your designs printed on a clear material, vector artwork files will work the best for your final products. This is because a white layer can easily be added behind your design, or part of your designs, for a more opaque look to your final artwork against a clear material. All those dots in a raster image can make it hard (or sometimes impossible) to add a clean white layer behind your designs and make sure your stickers and labels pop on different colored backgrounds.

Compared to raster images, vector artwork is designed to be infinitely scalable, and the edges of these images will stay smooth and true to the design whether they are sized down or up. This is because vector artwork is designed in a much more formulaic method, and works with lines and curves which are set to designated paths within an image.

The set points of the lines and curves along each designated path create the design. Because the elements of a vector image are set to designated paths, they can also be rescaled to any size without distorting the design.

The adaptability of vector graphics makes this type of file format ideal for logos and marketing materials that are likely to be used for both digital and print purposes. This also means a single vector image file can be used for a business card, the logo on your website, or having a sign printed for your business.

Although, because vector images are designed differently than raster images, they also must be created on special art softwares, such as Adobe Illustrator. This also means these files need the special software to be opened. So if your graphic designer has sent some of these over, and you can't open them, that is OK. Our teams are prepared to work with this type of art file, to get you great custom stickers.

Two StickerGiant flame logos, one is larger than the otherTwo StickerGiant flame logos, one is larger than the other