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Custom Embroidered Patches

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Our embroidered patch experts can help you get a great patch made for your project. We have classic embroidered patches with polyester thread sewn on poly blended twill and that are color fast in the wash. Choose from heat seal, velcro, plastic or sticker backings options.

  • Quantities of 100 or more
  • Custom print any design
  • Free artwork setup
  • 3 week turnaround
Custom Embroidered Patches Examples

Custom Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are a great compliment for our logo stickers. If you want your brand to stand out without puckering, StickerGiant patches are richer in color, more detailed designs, and feature greater flexbility than direct embroidery--all at less than the competition.

Custom Patches


Why choose embroidered patches vs. direct embroidery?

  • More versatile: You can apply patches anywhere
  • More prominent: A patch has 3D texture that makes your logo stand out.
  • Less expensive: High stitch count designs are more affordable with patches.
  • No puckering: Direct embroidery tends to gap and pucker, patches don't.
  • Collectible: Patches have become collector's items, let us help you create your own work of art.
Patches Finishing


  • None For sew-on application.
  • Plastic For sew-on purposes. Makes for a sturdier patch and a smoother backing.
  • Heat Seal For permanent heat-press or iron-on application of patches to most garments.
  • Adhesive Pressure sensitive. For temporary application. Good for up to 4 or 5 uses. Can be sewn on for permanent hold.
  • Velcro Includes both male and female sides. Available in black, white, and tan.
  • Nonwoven Fabric Thin, paperlike fabric to hide backside stitching. For sew-on application. Full embroidery or partial embroidery available
Patches Stiches


  • Satin Stitch  Flat stitches sewn closely together to cover sections of fabric. Used for letters, borders, and areas of design. Forms a pattern resembling satin.
  • Fill Stitch A series of parallel running stitches used to cover large areas. Can alter the angle, length, and repeat sequence of the stitches to create different fill patterns.
  • Running Stitch A single line of stitches used mostly for thin outlines or borders and fine detailing.
  • Puff Embroidery Satin stitches are sewn over a foam / plastic / rubber foundation to create a 3-D puffy effect. Works best with large rounded letters and art.
Patches Borders

Border types

  • Merrow Standard patch border. A 1/8" border that overlocks the emblem edge, preventing fraying. For large, simple shapes like circles and shields.
  • Hot Knife Cut Smooth, hot knife cut stitched border. For patches with complex shapes or detailed borders.
  • Satin Stitch Border A hot knife cut border with a 1/16" satin stitch edge that simulates a merrow border without overlocking the emblem's edge.
  • Cut Smooth cut fabric border. No stitching on the patch edge.