What are Window Stickers and Decals?

When it comes to branding your business and products, custom Clear Stickers offer an economical, and efficient way to share your messages with your customers on windows, glass, and many more surfaces. Learn more ways Clear Stickers can be used for windows below!


About Clear Stickers for Windows & Cars

There are many ways to use Clear Stickers, but one of the favorite ways we see this product used is as car and window decals. All Clear Stickers are finished with a UV durable laminate for a shiny and strong finish that will protect your designs from the elements.

Examples of front facing and back facing adhesive for Clear Stickers printed by StickerGiant

Try Clear Stickers From The Inside Out

Clear Stickers are printed on a clear material, which also means your designs can be seen from either the front (we call this front face adhesive) or the back (back face adhesive), your choice. When printing Clear Stickers with a front facing adhesive, you can apply your stickers from the inside of a window for the design to show through from the outside.

Because these stickers are printed on a transparent material, we typically add layer of white ink behind your designs. This gives your colors a more opaque appearance, and helps them stand out more against another transparent surface such as a window. To learn more about how you can set up your artwork for Clear Stickers, and what we can do with printing, head over to our Clear Stickers page.


Tips for Window Stickers

When your Clear Stickers are intended for windows only, here are some things to keep in mind when designing, and applying your stickers.

  • Apply your stickers in areas where they will not be hit by the windshield wipers (front or back) regularly. The UV laminate is durable against sun, wind, and rain, but less so against repeated swipes from a wiper.
  • Black or dark surfaces will create more radiant heat from behind the sticker, and may affect the adhesive faster than if applied to lighter car colors. In these cases, we recommend applying Clear Stickers to car windows instead.
  • These are a self-adhesive product and will have a strong hold once applied. Our adhesive is forgiving though, and if you need or want to remove stickers, they will peel up when needed. Check out our page on how to remove stickers for the tips we recommend for removing stickers (we get it, we change our stickers often).

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