Using QR Codes on Custom Stickers for Your Business

We understand that your business is just as important as the high-quality stickers and labels you use. Why not elevate your sticker design with even more resources for your customers? In come the limitless possibilities of a QR code. A QR code can be simply incorporated throughout your sticker design and leads your customers to places like your social media platforms, contact information, or more details on your product, without adding additional words to your sticker. 

What are the benefits of QR codes? 

A QR code is, essentially, a digital barcode that users can scan using their smartphone camera. Once scanned, the user is taken to a website, social media platform, or whatever the business wants to redirect the customer to! 

How can you create a QR code?

There are a variety of free websites that make it easy to generate QR codes like this one. All you'll need is the website page you want to link through your QR code.

Many of our artistic giants, and those who help us create monthly stickers with QR codes that you may have received in one of your orders with StickerGiant, use the Adobe program InDesign to generate a QR Code.  

How can you incorporate QR codes into your sticker design?

QR codes are a great addition to your sticker design, especially for marketing purposes! You want to make sure your QR code is able to be scanned by most smartphones and devices. Here are some design tips to keep in mind when designing your QR code sticker design:

  1. QR codes need to be, at minumum, 2cm X 2cm
  2. QR codes need to be designed at a high-quality DPI for smartphones to scan them properly
  3. The QR code design can be its own sticker, or separate from the rest of the design - it’s personal preference and makes no difference to the readability of the code (if steps above are followed properly)!

How can you incorporate QR codes onto your sticker design? 

Let your creativity flow because the area for QR code placement is endless! If you’re stuck, here are some ideas we think *stick* well: 

  • Use the negative space on a Die Cut Hang Tag Stickers 
  • If your sticker design incorporates something like a flower, fill the negative space in the center with a QR code
  • Add a QR code where your contact information is, almost like a social media icon


What type of sticker would work well to incorporate a QR code?

Qr codes work well on Sticker SheetsHang Tag StickersWindow Stickers/Static ClingsDie Cut Stickers, and Kiss Cut Stickers