Spot color printing and full color printing for your custom stickers

In the world of printing custom stickers, there are two popular methods including spot color printing, and full color printing. The main difference in these two methods is in how the ink is applied during the printing process. Spot color printing is a traditional method where the colors of your design are applied individually in layers, eventually filling in all of the spots in your custom design. Full color printing is a digital method where all ink colors in your design are printed at the same time. This allows for full color matching, and a wider range of color blending abilities on custom stickers printed with this method.

About Full Color Printing

Full-Color-Printing-Process-at-StickerGiantFull color printing is also referred to as digital, process, CMYK, or four color printing. All of these terms refer to a digital printing process that works with the four colors of cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K). Blending these four colors in varying amounts of each color, can achieve thousands of color options in a single printed design. These stickers are also printed on a digital press, allowing more flexibility in your design details and variations of color options you can include.

With full color printing, Inks are applied to the sticker material at the same time, rather than one layer at a time as with spot color printing. Full color printing can be done with custom stickers, and is also a preferred method of printing custom product labels for the intricate details it can offer.

Full color printing is ideal when you have complex color variations in your artwork or need a wider variety of colors in your design than what can be achieved with spot color printing. 

About Full Color Printed Stickers from StickerGiant


With full color printing, inks are applied to the sticker material at the same time, rather than one layer at a time as with spot color printing. The digitally printed custom stickers we have at StickerGiant are available with free custom shapes. This is also the way we print many of our custom stickers, including:



Our Die Cut Stickers are printed in full color on our digital printing presses. Show off the details of your designs, with an easy to share sticker with a crack and peel backing so all you see is the sticker!  




Kiss Cut Stickers are an excellent option when you want your designs printed in full color, and still want a small amount of backing to appear around your custom sticker design. A small amount of backing is also helpful when you plan on stacking your stickers, or they have a delicately designed edging in the custom shape.



Clear, Matte, and Glossy White Labels are also digitally printed with full color. When you want the label you apply to your products to look as good as the product itself, our label options with full color printing are just what you need.




About Spot Color Printing

We do not offer spot color printing for any of our products, and will print all of our stickers and labels with a full color, digital printing process. What makes spot color printing different than full color printing is, spot color printing uses a process of laying down colors in designs one layer of ink at a time, filling in spots of your designs bringing the artwork together. It is traditionally used for silkscreening processes such as Silkscreen Stickers, or t-shirts.