Which is Right for You: Glossy or Matte Stickers?

Stickers are one of the best ways to share your message - whether it’s your small business, a campaign slogan, or an inside joke between friends. But what about how it looks? There are two finishes Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers - Glossy laminate or Matte laminate. How will you choose? Looking for Glossy or Matte Labels? Check out our Glossy vs. Matte Labels page!

About Matte Stickers

Matte Stickers show the flat, satiny side of stickers, with a modern look that will catch the attention of anyone peeping your goods. Matte Stickers can elevate your design, with a stylish sheen and a softer color wheel.

About Glossy Stickers

Glossy Stickers are shiny and bright. They’re a perfect option for a sleek touch and a great way to show off your bold designs. Glossy stickers are popular and rooted in sticker tradition, with a polished look sure to turn heads. (Note that all Clear Stickers are in a Glossy laminate.)

Similarities in Matte and Glossy Stickers

  • Die Cut Stickers are a great option with a crack-and-peel backing, great for single stickers. Kiss Cut Stickers are available with a backing perfect for stacking, or on a roll if that’s your goal!
  • Whether you’ve chosen Glossy or Matte finish, you can trust StickerGiant’s full color printing process.
  • All StickerGiant stickers are printed on an outdoor durable material with UV protection and are ready for the elements, with a strong application on most surfaces (sorry - not underneath your boats!)
  • No rolled-up sticker corners here! All StickerGiant stickers are cut with rounded corners to ensure a strong application.
  • Looking for a square shape? We’ve got you. Circle? Sure-cle. Wild and crazy logo shape? Not a problem! All of our stickers are cut custom to exactly what you want at no extra charge, whether you choose Die Cut Stickers or Kiss Cut Stickers.
  • You can always get your stickers shipped for free at StickerGiant (but if you need ‘em quicker, we’ve got options for you, too!)

To learn more about Custom Stickers in general, check out our Custom Stickers page!