How Artists Can Use Custom Stickers to Increase Their Sales

For artists, custom stickers are a great way to offer your art in an easy to display medium your customers and fans will love sharing in their world. Let’s take a look at how artists can add custom stickers to their lineup of products.

When paintings or drawings are digitized in a high resolution format, your artwork can be printed into a custom sticker with a custom shape and size. Graphic designers and photographers can easily turn their artwork into custom printed stickers with a few steps in the creation and capture process to get a finished product that will have a high resolution and look great as custom printed stickers. Custom stickers can be an economical addition to your product offerings as an artist. They work as a low-cost, portable advertisement for your other creative work, and they get your logo and brand out into the world.

Custom Die Cut, Kiss Cut, and Clear Stickers are all digitally printed with a full color or CMYK process so your stickers can be printed with as few or as many different colors as you’d like. This print process also renders incredible detail! Any of these custom stickers are also available with free custom shapes, so you can highlight the shape of your canvas, or use a unique shape for your custom stickers that matches the original piece of art.

Die Cut Stickers are excellent when your artwork has a custom shape you want to be a highlight of the design itself. With Die Cut Stickers there is no visible backing around your artwork for an eye-catching display on a shelf or near a register. These have a split back liner so they are easy to use.

Kiss Cut Stickers are ideal for stickers with delicate edges, they will be finished on a roll, making it easy for you to store them at your register and rip one off as you need it.

Both Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers are available with your choice of glossy or matte laminate, with outdoor durability so your stickers will look great indoors or outdoors. The matte laminate offers a smooth, satin-like finish, while the glossy finish will add some shine to your artwork.

Clear Stickers will show off your art, and only your artwork with a clear material that will keep your artwork front and center. Compared to an opaque medium such as a canvas, or printed photo, with Clear Stickers you can incorporate the clear background into the designs of your stickers. Try adding a white layer behind the parts of your designs that you want to pop if your stickers get applied to darker surfaces! Or, if you want parts of your designs to be printed with a more transparent, or stained-glass effect, Clear Stickers can also be printed without an added white layer to achieve this look.

Art stickers are some of the most unique designs that can be found, and offer a way for those who love your art to have a piece of it with them anywhere they go.