How Can Color Settings Affect My Proof

Color can be tricky, especially when it comes to seeing the same color on a different screen, printed from a different printer, or even on a different material. Let’s take a closer look at how all of this can affect the differences you might see between your proof and your custom stickers or labels.

Color settings on screens, from computers to smartphones are set by the red, green, blue ratios. In most digital printing processes, including what we use to print most of our custom stickers and labels, the colors are set by the cyan, magenta, yellow, black, or CMYK ratios. This means we can get closer to your true colors when printing your custom stickers or labels because we can use more colors. It also means what you see in your screen might not be exactly the same, or as rich in color as the product you will get from a different color process.

Since colors can vary from screen to print, designing your stickers or labels in the same color settings your product will be printed in, means we can get even closer to the colors in your artwork in the printing process. With most printing processes, the more specific on what type of color build you have for your custom sticker design, the closer the color in your designs will be to your finished product.

There are some colors printed in CMYK (4-color process) that have the tendency to shift slightly when printed, which can alter the final appearance. In general, reds and blues tend to shift more than yellows, browns or greens when we do not have a specific Pantone color code to use for printing. So, the more specific you can with the color settings in your artwork, the more accurate the final product you have printed will be.