How to convert type to outlines for custom sticker artwork files

Step By Step Guide on How To Convert Type To Outlines in Adobe Illustrator

You can turn type into a set of compound paths, or outlines, that you can edit and manipulate as you would any other graphic object. Type as outlines are useful for changing the look of large display type when you need to scale the type. It's a relatively simple three-step process, see below.

1. Select the type object with the Selection Tool (The letter V on your keyboard activates this tool as well).

How to Outline Fonts Select Tool

2. Go up to the Illustrator Menu at the top of your screen and select Type > Create Outlines. This will then change your type to an outlined version of itself.

create outlines

3. Verify that the Type is outlined by selecting View > Outline and see the individual points in each letter and the shaped lines connecting the dots. Once you've outlined your Type, it becomes a single Path with a collection of Anchor Points. They are now infinitely scalable and ideal for custom sticker printing.

Outline View of Outlined Fonts

You are now ready to submit your art to StickerGiant's Art Department. If you still need help with your artwork, we’re happy to work with you to get you exactly the sticker or label you want. This is why we offer Free Artwork Setup on each order submitted.