How to Use Stickers and Labels

How to apply Clear Labels

Clear Labels may need a bit more attention when applying them to your products since the crystal clear material these are printed on can show unwanted fingerprints or stray dust. Always start applying your Clear Labels from the edges, and smoothly wrap it around the surface of your product container or packaging. Read more here.

How to Use Your Instagram Nametag or Snapchat Snapcode with Custom Stickers

Do you have a snapcode, QR code, or Instagram Nametag that you want to share with everyone? It's easy to find these and add them as a design to custom stickers that are even easier to share with your fans! Start by finding your code and downloading it as an image file. Then add this to your designs and have fun getting creative with your new custom stickers.

How to use stickers for your business

Use stickers as a way to share your brand with the world, and let your customers help endorse your brand everywhere they go. From stickers in the perfect size for a water bottle, to bumper stickers someone would love to put on their cars, custom stickers can be an effective tool for advertising your business. Read more here.

How retail businesses can use stickers as products

If you own a retail business, adding stickers to your product variation can make for a memorable point of sale item that your customers will love. Let’s take a look at how retail businesses and artists can add custom stickers to their lineup of products. Read more here.

How artists can use stickers as products

For artists, custom stickers are a great way to offer your art in an easy to display medium your customers and fans will love sharing in their world. Let’s take a look at how artists can add custom stickers to their lineup of products. Read more here.

How do I remove stickers if I need to?

Sometimes you just need to remove a sticker or swap it out with a new one. Our stickers and labels have a strong adhesive meant to stick for long periods of time, but the adhesive is forgiving. This means you can still remove them when you need to switch things up a bit.

Can you print a label for a beer bottle?

Totally. In fact, we have some really cool can and bottle label products. Brewers love using our stickers for their growlers and various of types of product uses. There's nothing like getting your branding perfect on a label that travels far and wide. Read more here.