Art Sticks Boulder Series 7 Artists

art sticks series 7

Stickers on the Mic is honored to collaborate with the team at Art Sticks in Boulder to highlight the artists in their Series 7 collection of stickers. Art Sticks exists to bring affordable local art to the hands of their community. Using stickers as the medium, they seek to create a strong appreciation of art to stimulate healthy conversation and share diverse opinions in a safe and respectful manner. Listen in to the artists share their inspiration for the series concept of "Art as Resistance."

Adriana Paola Palacios Luna


Originally from Puebla, Mexico, Adriana Paola has worked for more than 25 years on socio-environmental justice and social change projects. As an artist, She is a poet, short story writer, textile and visual artist, and explorer in the Maker movement.

Founder of Luna Cultura, Art, Science and Culture for Thriving Communities

Izzy Davis

izzy davis

Izzy Davis is a senior a Boulder High. She has grown up in Boulder and has always cared for the great outdoors, traveling and supporting local wildlife. She often likes to work with primary colors, with a wide variety of materials.



Jessica Morford

Grace Witherell

Jessica is 23 and she is Cleveland, Ohio. She studied advertising and played field hockey at Indiana University before moving to Denver, where she's finishing her art direction portfolio at Denver Ad School. She loves music, coffee, days at the park, and being with people she loves.


Kirbe Bostick

kirbeKirbe Bostick is an aspiring art director from Atlanta, GA currently studying in Denver, CO.




Flashbang Murphy

murphyFlashbang Murphy is an artist from Atlanta, Georgia. They are a visual artist primarily focusing on movement work in support of police abolition, decolonization, anti-capitalism, and Mutual Aid. Murphy is queer, nonbinary, latinx, and autistic, these identities heavily inform their artistic process. They take commissions for strike organizers and mutual aid networks free of charge.