Terah Eatmon From Body Baked Talks About Rebranding And Product Development

Terah Eatmon started Body Baked Body Butter with the goal of helping people with dry skin. Her entrepreneurial journey is one based on perseverance, as she's found her market and she's updated her brand to meet the needs of her customers. In this episode, Terah shares how she rebranded her labels and is planning on launching a new product due to the feedback from her loyal fans. Listen in as she discusses juggling a full-time job in healthcare while keeping in touch with her passionate fans.

Below is an edited transcript from our conversation with Terah.

[00:00:39] Andrew: Hey everybody. Welcome back to Stickers on the Mic, Andrew here. Friday morning, it is February 5th here in Longmont, Colorado from the Stickers on the Mic studio. I am so excited and fortunate to be talking to Terah Eatmon today from just outside Detroit, Michigan. Terah, you are the founder of Body Baked Body Butter.

[00:01:01] Terah Eatmon: Oh my God, that sounds so good.


[00:01:05] Andrew: You are the founder of Body Baked Body Butter. Just like a lot of our episodes recently, we've been having a really great time on Instagram following you, engaging with you. I was very fortunate to write up a little story about your labels a little bit ago, and we'll talk a little bit about that more when we get to the marketing section of the show, but Terah, tell us a little bit about just yourself and what brought you to Body Baked. Why this product came to be?

[00:01:31] Terah: I didn't really see myself even having a business at all, but because my mother, she suffered from psoriasis, she still does, but since she's been using our product she hasn't had an issue. In like 2016, it was just something that I'd made for the household, myself having dry skin, but mainly for her because of her psoriasis. I used to go to the hospital with her and her psoriasis was so bad that she used to have to get those injections put in our scalp, like needles.

I think it was probably around the perimeter of her head, and that really did something to me. I didn't like it, and at that time I probably was 11 or 12 years old. I didn't like it. To fast forward, I made the product, she tried it, she loved it. I loved her reaction. She's like-

[00:02:37] Andrew: She's your first customer.

[00:02:38] Terah: It was like, "My first customer."

[00:02:41] Andrew: That's awesome.

[00:02:42] Terah: My heartbeat, and my first customer, I really was like, "Okay, this is nice. It's exciting," but I really didn't think that it will become a business until I started letting my other family and my friends try it. Then I was like, "You know what, this could become a business." My mom said, "Go for it. I think this will open up doors to those that are using steroid creams." That stuff, you don't want to use it for the rest of your life, like go the natural route. That's how I got started with Body Baked.

[00:03:20] Andrew: Your grandmother was your first customer, but you're talking a little bit about using other not natural products and you have some familiarity with that. You also have, outside of Body Baked as we're talking, you work in healthcare. You have a good sense of that whole system and just how people can get care for certain ailments. How do you balance that? Like I just said, you're working on two things, you have a job and then you have your brand. How do you find balance there between the two?

[00:03:53] Terah: To be quite honest, it's hard. It's very hard, but I make it work. I can work, I work 12 hours a day for three days. When I'm getting off work at seven o'clock in the morning, I just have to get in the kitchen, make inventory, ship orders, and then maybe by one or two o'clock, maybe I can get a nap in, and then I'm right back to the hospital. It's very stressful but I feel like it's worth it. I love what I do, I love my patients, and I love my customers. I feel like if you have a passion for what you do, then you can make a way.

[00:04:48] Andrew: Sleep will come.

[00:04:50] Terah: Sleep.

[00:04:51] Andrew: [chuckles] Sleep will come.

[00:04:53] Terah: Look, I always say I'll sleep when I'm dead. [chuckling]

[00:05:00] Andrew: Hopefully, that's a long way away because it sounds like you have a lot of people to help. What year was it exactly when you kicked off? Like I bought a label, I put it in a jar, and now I've attached a dollar value to this. When did that all come together for you?

[00:05:18] Terah: 2017? I'll say 2018 just because 2017 is fresh. I was doing my own labels [chuckles] and 2018 is when I really took it seriously.

[00:05:38] Andrew: When you said, @I'm going to take it seriously," what was that process there when you're like, "Okay." What did you have to do to take it seriously, you know what I mean?

[00:05:48] Terah: I went ahead and I created my website, but I also had to do more research on what I was doing, whether I wanted to use glass jars or plastic jars, what ingredients I wanted to actually use, how I wanted to market it. I thought about my audience, who my audience was. It was like one of those things where I had to get everything together and try to figure out a way to push the product out.

[00:06:30] Andrew: Speaking of that website folks, it is bodybakedb.com, that's where you can find these body butters. That's your main product right now? You have different scents and ingredients to make them all up, which one's your most popular one right now?

[00:06:50] Terah: Popular would be apple honey, that's a hit. It's always sold out.

[00:06:59] Andrew: When you find that, because that's fun when you find something that people resonate with and then you can promote it, what is the testing process for you to make these sense, these mixtures? What is your creative process because there's a little creativity involved?

[00:07:21] Terah: Usually I go through a supplier for my fragrances. Sometimes I'll use essential oils, sometimes it's just a fragrance that is not harmful to the skin, and I test it out. Sometimes I'll even mix certain ones to come out with that perfect fragrance, but that's not all the time. I have a great supplier that has tons of fragrances. Also, Bath & Body Works, all of my customers love Bath & Body Works let me tell you so I always have that.

[00:08:06] Andrew: [chuckles] That's sort of your demographic? When you said you thought about your audience, you're like, I want to attract the Bath & Body Works people, but in this very narrow category, you know what I mean? What do they love about Bath & Body Works and how does that influence your thinking?

[00:08:22] Terah: Oh my God, I went in Bath & Body Works the other day and got a candle. Bath & Body Works, it's so many fragrances. You have tons and tons of fragrances. Some of them, they have a pineapple mango that I have. I'm even thinking about sampling that just to see what it smells like. Maybe I can--They love to smell good, they love the desserts, they love to smell like a dessert.

[00:08:52] Andrew: [chuckles] That's awesome. Do you want to smell like a dessert? Body Baked is for you. That's funny because that was actually my next question about this other-- I saw this one flavor, birthday suit. What is that like? Where does that come from?

[00:09:07] Terah: Oh, it smells like birthday cake.

[00:09:09] Andrew: Okay.

[00:09:12] Terah: It smells just like birthday cake with sprinkles. I thought of the name, I said, I don't want to just call it birthday cake, it has to have some type of-- the name has to stand out, so birthday suit. We were all born in our birthday suits, so let's go with that. [chuckling]

[00:09:29] Andrew: It's so great, that's so funny. That is fantastic. I love that branding on that. Over time you developed your brand, your brand has to become a part of you and you have to feel comfortable in it too. Speaking of being comfortable in your birthday suit. Once you became able to really get your presence out there, like you recently created a new look and feel for your label, what brought you to that?

[00:10:02] Terah: Well, the label that I had before was a little girly. I'm all for girly pink, I love pink, but I had to switch over my label because I noticed that men were using it. I wanted to give it a feel of still being daintym but a man can hold this product in their hand. Rose gold, I feel like it's a unisex color. I felt like I needed a logo to stand out so I just went with a unisex color.

Terah Eatmon Quote Product

[00:10:46] Andrew: Because you do one of those, how it started, how it's been. You've got the Sharpie on paper label that came off a sheet probably or something, and then you had this-- it looks like a clearest label with a brushstroke, and it said Body Baked. Then you went to this really nice mix of Serif and Sans fonts, and then the marble background gives it a foundation.

Then we were really excited here when we saw this label too, about the way you use-- in the word Baked, and folks, if you checked out the website, the way the color grading goes across the word baked. Then also you got that line underneath too which the colors change and then will shimmer a little bit, which is hard to do on a matte label. How did you achieve that look and feel for that?

[00:11:34] Terah: Me and the designer that actually did my label, we were going back and forth, back and forth, and she actually came up with the hall line. At first, I was like, "Why is this lie here? Am I supposed to draw anything in it?" She said, "No, I just--" She just did it. It was just something that she did. I like it, I like it a lot.

[00:12:01] Andrew: Me too. You know I'm a big geek on label design in general? It's part of my job that I just like good design and good use of typography. I thought it was also interesting too just, it reminds me of almost like if you took your thumb and you started wiping it on and that's what it would almost look like too. That really was evocative of what the product is, it doesn't matter what's inside of it.

You chose the rose gold because you felt like it would stretch across your audience. That answered that question for me, I was wondering where your color scheme came from. You've gone through, obviously, then you learned also you had a new customer too, which was men. Through the process of just getting your word out there what have been some successes you've seen, whether it's social or your website. What has been good for you as far as getting the word out for Body Baked?

[00:13:00] Terah: Social media. I used to go out on vendor events and those were nice but I feel like running ads on social media was everything. That's what really got the ball rolling, and then just posting consistently on Instagram. All my customers come from Instagram, not really too much Facebook, but Instagram. I would run an ad and make sure that I had a good quality of content because you don't want anything that looks not of quality. I started getting more likes, more comments, Shopify notifications just kept going off and I'm like, "Oh my God, this is really happening." It happened in pandemic, when the pandemic just started.

[00:14:06] Andrew: That's interesting. In the last 9, 10 months, or whatever you've seen some growth is what you're saying?

[00:14:14] Terah: Yes

[00:14:16] Andrew: It looks like you're having some fun on your Instagram.


[00:14:22] Andrew: It should be a little bit of fun, this work. These people, your people, our people, the people who are out there on Instagram who are engaging with our brands, you got to be there for them, you know what I mean? How are you trying to educate and support your customers through especially Instagram?

[00:14:45] Terah: I DM them. I try to post stuff to make it-- I don't like to be so serious, so fun posts. I'm gaining more interest in care tips, I want to do more of skincare tips, going live, doing more different stories on skincare, how important it is, things like that

[00:15:15] Andrew: Right on. It's very much in the self-care, especially like you're saying you're stressed out, you've got to find that time and take care of yourself, take care of your skin. You got the butter, that's your core offering, what are you thinking of next? From a shopping cart perspective, what might you add to the site?

[00:15:38] Terah: Body oil, that's next. The body oil is in the process. We're working on labeling now. As far as the graphics, I can't wait for StickerGiant to actually do those labels for me. I'm excited, I'm so excited.

[00:16:03] Andrew: Oil, did you find that people wanted that or you're like, "I want--" Sometimes with, especially like yourself, you're a solopreneur, you're like, "I'd like this," or you're like, "My customers have said they want this." What influenced that decision to do that?

[00:16:17] Terah: I did a poll on Instagram to ask what would they like? It was between body scrub, lip scrub, even a lighter cream, like a lotion, I think bath bombs, and it was a body oil, and everybody said body oil. I think it's great because in the summertime, when I ship out, I'm always overwhelmed because I'm like, "Okay, my customer is going to get the body butter, but is it going to be melted?"

Because I don't have any preservatives or beeswax or anything in it, so I'm always nervous. I feel like the summertime they can actually if they want to, they can buy the body butter, but they can also buy the body oil. They don't have to worry about it melting or anything like that. The body oil is more light for the skin.

[00:17:16] Andrew: You almost could get into a seasonal skincare marketing where you're like, "Here's your summer regimen with the oil. Then once the fall comes you transition over to the butter until whatever, March, April, depending on your climate." If you live in the South, it's sunny or warmer, Colorado is very dry, but it does get cold. We do have some fans on the team of your body butter.


[00:17:42] Andrew: One of our folks was like, "I bought it. I love it. This is the best." That's fantastic. Oil is next, that's pretty exciting. Good for you, way to innovate. It can't be all making body butter and working, where do you find inspiration and where have you been finding any time for you, for your self-care? [chuckles]

[00:18:09] Terah: Nowhere. To be quite honest, Andrew, it's hard. Today I'm off, so I'll probably go and visit family. When I have my days off, I'll probably rest and go to the mall or something or get my nails-- get a pedi or something like that just to have that me time. Go out to eat, or just have that time where I can do my own thing, read a book. Those are things that I do.

[00:18:44] Andrew: Because I just want to make sure. I know especially folks who are running their own business like you said when we just got started right away, the schedule is rigorous. You're trying to be creative too which is hard. Working in social media can be a grind, but it looks like you're having some fun with it. Where do you do all your production?

[00:19:09] Terah: I do my production in the kitchen. We just moved, me and my mom, we moved three months ago to a bigger-- we're in a townhome. I have the basement, so I'm able to stock and package my orders down in the basement. I'm happy about that, but everything is done in the kitchen.

[00:19:33] Andrew: Right on. You're really scaling right now and trying to find that-- where someday Body Baked will be in a fixed facility. [chuckles]

[00:19:45] Terah: Yes. Honestly, that is the plan. That is the plan. I want a warehouse.

[00:19:52] Andrew: That's awesome. Well, we really appreciate like I said the engagement on social media. We've been enjoying watching your story grow. It's very exciting to hear you have the next thing coming, which is also good to keep those ideas flowing and reach your customers in a new way. Good luck with that. We'll be watching for that for sure.

[00:20:18] Terah: Thank you.

[00:20:21] Andrew: Well, Terah, thank you so much for joining us today and for everybody out there, I think there's some important lessons here. Terah, I appreciate your perseverance and your commitment to doing this. I think all of us can take some inspiration from that.

[00:20:38] Terah: Thank you.

[00:20:42] Andrew: It is always my pleasure to be joining all of you friends here for Stickers on the Mic. We always say on the show, of course every sticker has a story today.

We have the label from Body Baked and Terah and it is a very cool design, and clearly, you took some time to get it right with your rebrand. Kudos to you. Rebranding is always a hard thing to do and you don't ever know if it's the right time, you know what I mean? It looks like you nailed it and you seem pretty happy with your new look.

[00:21:15] Terah: I love it.

[00:21:16] Andrew: That's awesome. That'll extend into all the new products and you can see that on Instagram, it's a@bodybaked_?

[00:21:25] Terah: Underscore, underscore.

[00:21:26] Andrew: Double underscore. Then the website is bodybakedb.com. Definitely check some of those out. You were saying right now the apple honey is the flavor of the day.

[00:21:43] Terah: Yes. That'll probably be sold out by the end of the day.


[00:21:48] Andrew: It sounds like you need to get back to the kitchen. Is that like your happy place sometimes though? Do you feel like if you're in it that things fall away, do you find that flow state when you're doing this sometimes? I sometimes hear from people when they're like, "I'm so deep in the groove when I'm doing it that everything falls away," or you're like, "This is just work." Which one is there for you?

[00:22:09] Terah: I love it. I love every minute of it because I feel if I'm stressed out, when I get in the kitchen and start making butter, I'm calm. It is my happy place.

[00:22:22] Andrew: I'm glad to hear that because that's what keeps you going. If it weren't fun, you'd you would have stopped a long time ago probably. [chuckles].

[00:22:29] Terah: Yes, I would have.

[00:22:32] Andrew: Thanks everybody for joining us. Thank you, Terah, from all the way out in Detroit, Michigan today. We will be looking for that new release coming soon from Body Baked. Everybody out there, have a great weekend and we'll see you next time. For everybody here at Stickers on the Mic and at StickerGiant.com, Terah, thank you for your business and best of luck as you grow.

[00:22:59] Terah: Thank you for having me.


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