Hear How Stephanie and Julie Turned Their Passions as Makers into Maker General

Maker General is a store on Main Street in Longmont, CO offering supplies, workshops, and classes, for crafters, makers, and gifters from their downtown store.

Some Highlights From The Show

"Even our kits are raw materials, they're just all assembled for you to create a finished project product, but you still have to put all that blood sweat and tears behind it, so it's just how much creative control do you want over assembling those items. So it's fabric. It's a lot of fabric. A lot of sewing materials, needles, threads, fabric, textiles. We try to focus on apparel textiles. There's a lot of quilting cotton available, of course, we love quilting cotton because it's awesome." - Stephanie Sterling

Maker General is for the makers out there creating clothing and fabric based textiles and crafts. They have all the basics you would need to create your own clothing, such as a cute new shirt or skirt, and some other unique things as well.

So if you want to make a shirt, we have everything you need to make a shirt here. We have the pattern, the fabric, the thread, and we have maybe any interfacing you might need for the neck, and that's all you really need. -Julie Benoit

They also have a variety of kits available with all the supplies you need to create on your own, learn a new craft, and have quality materials to work with. This brings the ability to pick up a new craft to all skill levels from experienced sewers to those just getting started in learning embroidery.

"These kits are really great. The instructions are there, and there is a picture of your end product and you kind of know what you're getting, but it does allow a little bit of room for your own kind of hand in the work as well." - Julie Benoit

For makers near and far, Maker General is a welcoming place to find supplies, answers to questions, help with getting to the next step in a project, classes and workshops to help you learn a new craft or level up in something you are interested in.

"Riley Davis, who lives in Longmont, he's a woodworker. He came in and did a woodworking workshop, so it doesn't have to be fiber artists that we bring in for workshops and classes. We're just really excited to share different kinds of creative skills with people and then to see how people can use these skills in their own lives." - Julie Benoit

A Community of Crafters

The-Community-of-Makers-quote-from-Julie-Benoit-of-Maker-General-in-Longmont-CO-as-said-on-the-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-with-StickerGiant"Well, we try to participate in community events, so Art Walk and that kind of stuff, and sort of to maintain our presence in the community. We're bringing our stickers and our tote bags with us and trying to distribute them whenever we can, participating in raffles, giveaways and that kind of stuff with our items included in there. Hopefully people are putting those stickers on their water bottles and remembering every time they take a sip of water that they could pick up patterns from us, but we rely a lot on word of mouth, too. So just like making good friends with the people who shop with us, and, I'm hoping that they repay the kindness by, you know, suggesting that their friends come shop with us too. So that's kind of our informal strategy on that." - Stephanie Sterling


"So just this kindness and that we're all in this together, we're all connected. I mean that's what community is all about. It's just knowing that we are together and we're supporting each other and all the ways that we can and yeah, I'm excited to see what happens next." - Julie Benoit

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