Hear How OWL BOT Got Started & The Creativity Behind This Brand


Kenny McMillan specializes in original, branded, and short-form content with his company OWL BOT. Providing premium production and post production services, this company also has turnkey solutions for businesses of all sizes. Tune in to learn how Kenny got his brand started and growing it through producing high-quality work for his clients in all industries.

Some Highlights From The Show

“I had always shot on film. So I have this medium format camera, and without getting too technical a medium format camera produces a large format circle and projects onto the back of the film in a wider area. So if you put 35 mm film in there, you’ll actually expose the full frame. Film emulsion itself is the whole thing is sensitive. So you can do these really cool widescreen panoramic photos by loading that 35mm film into medium format cameras.

People were using pen caps or chunks of foam to center the film canister in the middle of a medium format camera. So it’s just a way to shoot 35mm film in a medium format camera.” - Kenny McMillan

We wrote up a blog about OWL BOT recently when they introduced the adapter, a unique device that easily lets you adapt your 35mm film to 120 for getting widescreen photography that shows the full film exposure, including the sprockets from the film.

How Stickers Became Part of the Mix

“I’ve been a lifelong snowboarder, and when I was in college, I joined the ski & snowboard team - the Snow Devils at Arizona State and we didn’t have stickers. If you’ve ever been snowboarding or skiing you know stickers are part of the culture, they’re everywhere, you know they’re on the boards, you try to get them on those lifts that you can’t quite reach.

...If you go to the local bar usually the front door is just stickered up and it’s like a living anthropology. It felt stupid to me that we didn’t have stickers as a 600 member club. It's an ongoing conversation about who you are and where you’ve been. So I googled stickers and StickerGiant popped up so I went with you guys. When i started OWL BOT I was like well I’ve got to do that again.” - Kenny McMillan

What's Next for OWL BOT

Quote-from-Kenny-McMillian-of-Owl-Bot-Working-at-the-Speed-of-Opportunity"It’s all about momentum, you don’t exist in a vacuum and you don't thrive in a vacuum. So the past 5 years it’s been all about building momentum. Now going forward in the immediate future things have kind of slowed down, but luckily, if I have any piece of advice for anybody it would be to diversify." - Kenny McMillan

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