Hear How Dave Hamilton Got His Start in Online Media and Built Multiple Brands Including The Small Business Show Podcast



Dave Hamilton has been creating media websites and podcasts since 1998, beginning with The Mac Observer, building the sites from scratch before WordPress was even a thing. Tune in and hear how these experiences have influenced his newest podcast, The Small Business show, which got its start in 2015, and is all about answering questions and focusing on the business owners working in the trenches every day.


Some Highlights From the Show

“With Mac Geek we built everything ourselves, because at the time there wasn’t even WordPress, I wrote our first content management system by hand. If I was smarter, I would have sold that to people, but I wasn’t that smart.” - Dave Hamilton

“Five years ago, I had 2 former business partners come to me almost separately, days apart from each other with ideas about podcasts they wanted to do. One was The Small Business show, the other was one I do with my friend Kent called Gig Gab a show for working musicians. The Small business show focuses on the people that are grinding it out, working in the trenches and need to be cash flow positive.” - Dave Hamilton

Behind The Scenes of The Small Business Show

“We use a plugin for WordPress called PowerPress, so what you’re seeing is not a custom player. We answer questions, so you might be listening, and you don’t have an iphone so even if it’s the best answer in the world, it’s not relevant to you. So we’ve always broken up our show into chapters so people can skip to the next question. It’s just become part of my workflow, and I did create some custom scripts so while I am recording I can drop timestamps that are in sync with that. I’ve written an article about it too.” - Dave Hamilton

“Podcasts are better at branding than any other type of medium, because you don’t just accidentally listen to a podcast… In fact it’s a pain in the neck. So if someone hears it it’s because they definitely want to hear that host talk about that topic. So these ads really work, but tracking them is difficult. Savvy marketers have their multiplier that they say for every one coupon they know between 10 and 30, depending on the product listed, and can say did this work? That’s why we encourage people to click the links, it’s good for everybody." - Dave Hamilton

With thousands of podcasts getting recorded everyday, it’s easy for a business to miss a shoutout in this medium. Part of the success of The Small Business Show podcast has been Dave and his co-host Shannon’s way of shouting out businesses mentioned in the show. When they let us know StickerGiant had been mentioned in an episode we quickly went to listen in, and knew we wanted them as guests on an episode of Stickers on the Mic.

“With anything we mention in the show, like we happened to mention StickerGiant, my business partner had used you guys for something and mentioned it in the show answering questions. And anytime we mention anyone in the show, we tell people about it, because we don’t expect you to listen to every podcast on the planet and find out who talked about you!” - Dave Hamilton

“Shannon, my cohost is a genius at a lot of things, and one of them is looking at your business and seeing where your touchpoints with your customers are. And your box is one of the first touch points you get with your customers, especially if they are buying from you through Amazon. Stickers make it fun, make it your own. You have an opportunity, don’t squander it.” - Dave Hamilton

What’s Up Next for The Small Business Show

Look for new forms of the great content from The Small Business Show coming out as printed (both in digital and traditional print formats) Small Business Guides.

Quote-from-Dave-Hamilton-as-Said-on-the-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-with-StickerGiant“The first one will be about mistakes, because mistakes are one of our favorite things here, so we’ve assembled some of our favorite mistakes that either we’ve talked about on the show or our guests have, and distilled them down and highlighted the lessons that can be learned.” - Dave Hamilton


“There’s no idea that is worth money out of the gate, you have to do something with it. I say I’m a pretty good curator, I can only say that looking backwards though. What you don’t see is all the mistakes and failures I’ve had, but you can read about those in the pocket guides.” - Dave Hamilton


“I never assume past success is indicative of future success. So yes, Mac Observer is cranking, but if we don’t continue to evolve this or all of our properties, I assume they will die off from lack of attention and interest” - Dave Hamilton

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