Free Custom Shapes

With Laser Die Cutting

Custom shaped stickers are one of our specialties, and with free laser die cutting on most of our custom sticker products, your stickers can have just about any shape you want them to have. With options such as outlining close to your text, or your designs, custom shapes give you even more unique ways to personalize your stickers. Your stickers can be shaped to look like your products, such as the shape of a jar, bottle, or can complimenting beverages or tasty food products.




Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers are excellent products for sharing a custom shaped design. The backings on Die Cut Stickers are cut right to the edge of your sticker shape, for an eye-catching look. When your shapes have delicate edges, or your custom stickers will be on display and you want some of the sticker backing framing your designs, Kiss Cut Stickers are a great product for you. Both Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers are also available with your choice of either glossy or matte finish.


Clear Stickers are also available with free custom shapes, so your stickers can be cut to a shape that compliments your artwork. This product is a fun way to highlight logos, and bold designs in a way that lets them stand out on a variety of different surfaces.