Popular Questions About Proofing

proof on a computer

Will I see a proof before you print my stickers?

Always! We want to make sure your sticker turns out as awesome as you expect it to. We will have the folks in our art team layout your stickers, and your customer service person will send it to you in your email. Our art team is fast, so expect a proof very quickly.

What kind of proof is it?

We asked our resident sticker expert (Maureen) and her definition was: "A digital proof is the simulation of the print result on a monitor." We send our proofs in the form of a .pdf file that can be viewed on any computer and most mobile devices.

What should I do with the proof?

A proof is your chance to review what we are going to print, take a look at the proof and review the details. Here is a short checklist we came up with to help you along: 

  1. Did you do a spelling check?
  2. Phone number and website correct or included?
  3. Is the layout correct?
  4. Is the size exactly what I want?
  5. Are the colors basically correct? (read more about color matching below)

What will be on a .pdf proof?

We want the process to be easy, so we keep our proofs simple. We will put your sticker artwork on a .pdf document, make a notation of the size, and indicate the cutline with a red line, thats it!

See an example of a .pdf proof using the StickerGiant logo. [download example proof 1550K .pdf file]

What is a .pdf file?

Tons of people ask us this and we'd love to explain. A .pdf file is a file format that stands for portable document format. There are lots of neat things about .pdf files but to keep it simple, it means its an easy type of file to send you that can be easily viewed on a wide range of devices, yet still represent what will be printed. Wikipedia has all the details. You can download a copy of a free Adobe .pdf reader here.

What about color, how accurate is a .pdf proof?

These digital proofs are not accurate for color. I know wrong answer, but every printer is faced with this reality. Real-life is never like it is on TV, or on a computer monitor, real-life color is different and renders to your eyeball and brain differently. The problem lies in the technology, (isn't this always the problem?) TVs and computer monitors are RGB color and our stickers are CMYK color. Two different animals.

What if I need color matching?

No Problem. We can send you an actual press proof printed on our actual printing presses. We want you to be super happy with your project, so taking the time to do this is our pleasure. There may be an extra charge for a physical proof to be sent to you, and of course the sending of the proof takes time, but we'll make it as fast as possible!

Do you match Pantone or PMS Colors?

YES. We print old school silkscreen everyday and most of those stickers are matched to Pantone colors. We can also color match the majority of Pantone colors when printing on our digital presses with a 4-color process color build of the Pantone color.

Do you have a different proofing process question?

Ask us anything, we are here to make the stickers you are dreaming of and get them to you quickly. Or call, we love talking on the phone, just give us a buzz 7-5 Mountain Time, 866-774-7900