Glossy Vs. Matte Labels

You want your brand to stand out, whether it's on a shelf or online. Choose the right finish for your custom labels - reflective surface Glossy Labels and luxurious feel Matte Labels are both available to you! (Looking for Clear Labels or Paper Labels?)

Glossy vs Matte Labels - What Makes Them Different?

  • Glossy Labels are a perfect choice to help your label pop! With a super shiny finish that's both water and oil resistant, these glossy finish labels are sure to stand out on a shelf.
  • Custom Matte Labels are a modern take on product labels. A smooth-to-the-touch, satin-like matte finish gives your products a high-end feeling of natural texture and an organic product look.
    • Matte Labels can also be written on with a permanent marker, making it easy to use the same design across multiple products. We see a lot of customers leave areas in their designs intentionally for adding in quantities, volumes, flavors, and more depending on the products they are selling.

Similarities Between Matte and Glossy Labels

  • Oil & Water Resistant Lamination - Both our Glossy Labels and Matte Labels are covered in a lamination that is both oil and water resistant, perfect for you to display your products. If you're interested in learning more about lamination types, check out more information here!
  • Custom Shapes - We offer custom label shapes for your labels - whether they're matte or glossy, you can choose their shape! As always, your products can be custom sized for your needs, with no extra cost for your printed labels.
  • Full Color - Your brand's colors are important - we can print within 95% accuracy in matching your colors and use a full color process.
  • Rounded Corners - All Glossy Labels and Matte Labels come with rounded corners. This makes label application easy, and once applied, you can trust the corners won't roll up.

To learn more about Custom Labels from StickerGiant, visit our Custom Product Labels page.