What are the Differences Between Water Resistant & Waterproof?

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant - What makes these different? Waterproof Stickers and Water Resistant Labels are two common descriptions for our products that serve very similar purposes. Let's take a look at the difference between the two and hopefully lead you to the right product for your brand! 

Waterproof and/or Weatherproof Stickers can be applied to almost anything...aside from the bottom of a submarine, of course. These are Die Cut, Kiss Cut, and Clear Stickers.

Water Resistant Labels are printed on durable polypropylene material that, when exposed to oils and liquids in products, will last. These are our Glossy White, Matte, and Clear Labels

With a waterproof sticker, your design will look great! Whether they are applied in an indoor setting or outside on the window of a car experiencing all of the elements, once applied to a clean dry surface waterproof stickers will stay applied for long periods of time and hold up with exposure to water. 

A red circle with a water droplet in the middle with a red line through the dropletA red circle with a water droplet in the middle with a red line through the droplet

Waterproof and Weatherproof Custom Stickers 

Waterproof and Weatherproof custom stickers can be attached to almost anything. Here are some examples of items you may put a waterproof and weatherproof custom sticker on: 

Stick Here:

  • Custom water bottles 
  • The top of a snowboard or ski set 
  • A rocket ship headed to outer space

Why? Since our waterproof and weatherproof custom stickers are so versatile, you can attach them to almost anything - even if it might see some wear and tear. Space has got nothing on us! Seriously, we know. Our waterproof and weatherproof custom stickers work great when you just need that extra support. These stickers will hold up in various water conditions like rain, the back of a car going through a carwash, or a rainy ride home after a day of surfing. 

**While our stickers do hold up to the elements, dishwashers may affect the lamination so we recommend hand washing rather than running through your dishwasher. 

Don't Stick Here:

  • The bottom of a submarine 
  • To patch a leaky bucket 
  • Inside of a fish tank 

Why? When we say almost anything, we mean it. Our waterproof and weatherproof stickers shouldn't be used on anything that will be submerged in water for long periods of time (like the bottom of your favorite submarine, for example). 

Water Resistant Labels 

Water Resistant Labels, which include Glossy White, Matte, and Clear Labels, are printed on polypropylene material which is finished with a water and oil resistant laminate for long lasting applications. These labels will withstand a prolonged period of time without peeling, curling, or fading if exposed to oils and liquids in products. 

Stick Here:

  • Jam or Honey Jars 
  • A body scrub or bottle of shampoo 
  • Beer cans and/or bottles 

Why? When you're looking for something that works well in indoor and/or refrigerated conditions, look no further. Products like honey jars, hummus containers, and body scrubs will benefit from the toughness of our water resistant labels. 

Don't Stick Here:

  • A dirty surface 
  • The bottom of a pool 
  • The bottom of a boat

Why? Our Water Resistant Labels don't apply too well to oily or dirty surfaces. Make sure to wipe down your surface so it's free of any dirt, residue, or potential debris. For more information, check out our tips on applying clear labels to your products. Our Water Resistant Labels don't do well fully submerged in water like at the bottom of a pool or boat.

It's good to note that both our Water Resistant Labels and our Waterproof and Weatherproof Custom Stickers are not meant to be permanently submerged in water.  

Ready to get started with either Waterproof/Weatherproof Stickers or Water Resistant Labels? Maybe even both?