About the Stock Types Used for Your Custom Stickers

Custom Sticker and Label Stock Types

Custom Stickers are Printed on White or Clear Polypropylene

Clear or White Polypropylene

A thin yet durable film used for nearly all custom stickers we print. Measuring in at about 2.6 mil, this material is available in white, or clear, depending on your needs. We print Die Cut, Kiss Cut, and all of our labels on white or clear polypropylene.

Custom Glossy Paper Labels are Printed on Glossy Paper Material

Glossy Paper Material

Glossy Paper Material is a premium, high quality stock option with a mirror-smooth surface, used for our Glossy Paper Labels. This specific material measures at 3.7 mil and works perfectly for your food labeling needs (hint: it's great to tear and works perfect as a food seal!)

Custom Labels are Printed on Recycled Vellum

Recycled Vellum Material

Recycled Vellum uses the highest quality recycled fibers available, making it a 100% post-consumer fiber. Measuring in at 3.2 mil, this material is another excellent option for food labeling. Recycled Vellum is used for our Matte Recycled Paper Labels.


Permanent Adhesive 

As our standard adhesive, this is applied to all of our stickers. It is a general purpose adhesive that works very well for most sticker applications.


Lamination and Varnish Types 

Different types of lamination and varnish are used to add durability and UV protection to custom stickers and labels. 


UV lamination is outdoor durable and used for glossy die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers from StickerGiant

UV Lamination 

Available on Glossy Die Cut Stickers and our Kiss Cut Stickers, our UV durable lamination will help protect your stickers in the natural elements, including sun, wind, and rain. This lamination adds a glossy finish to your stickers, and is crystal clear. 


Standard lamination is used on clear and glossy white custom labels from StickerGiant

Standard Lamination 

Clear Labels and Glossy White Labels are both available with a standard lamination. This lamination is ideal for indoor use, and is resistant to oils and waters for long lasting applications for your product labeling needs. 


Matte lamination offers a non-glare finish and is used for custom matte labels and matte die cut stickers from StickerGiant

Matte Lamination

Our Matte Labels and Matte Die Cut Stickers are finished with a matte lamination that will add a soft, non-glare finish to your custom stickers or labels. Matte Labels are ideal for indoor use and product labeling, while our Matte Die Cut Stickers are outdoor durable to look great in nearly all conditions.


UV Varnish is our Paper Label Option

Paper Label Varnish

Both our Matte Recycled Paper Labels and our Glossy Paper Labels are finished with a UV-cured varnish. Depending on your product, you'll either receive a matte or glossy finish. This varnish is perfect for indoor-use product labeling on dry products (jarred products and food sealing are great examples!)



Check out our page on Lamination Types to learn more about how we apply lamination to your stickers, and how it protects your designs to keep them looking great.