Custom Sticker and Labels Stock Types

Indoor Use

White/Yellow Gloss Paper: Has a semi-gloss appearance.

White/Yellow Matte Paper: Has a flat appearance, excellent for labels to be written on.

Fluorescent Paper: A bright Dayglo matte finish available in red, orange, blue, purple, green, pink, yellow (chartreuse). Printing with dark ink colors is recommended for high contrast.

Foil: Has a shiny metallic finish, available in silver and gold.

Clear Polypropylene: A 2.6-mil clear film.

Brown Kraft Paper: Has a flat appearance and a natural look. The unique color and texture of this unbleached material really gets noticed and make it a great choice for product labeling.

Laser and Inkjet Labels: A great label stock for your laser and inkjet printers. Available in white matte paper, fluorescent paper, pastel tinted paper, white gloss paper, matte polyester and clear.

Static Cling Vinyl: Has a static charge that allows it to stick without adhesive to most smooth, clean surfaces such as glass, plastic or baked-enamel finishes and leaves the surface clean when removed or repositioned. Available in White Static Cling or Clear Static Cling. Clear Cling is available with static on the front (face) or back. White Static Cling stock is only available with static on the back.

Outdoor Use

White Vinyl: A durable, weather-resistant material that can be used indoors, as well as outdoors. Available in white or yellow.

Clear Vinyl: A durable, weather-resistant material that appears nearly clear when applied. We recommend printing white ink behind the image area for greater readability. Adhesive is available on either the front (face) or the back, depending on the viewing direction.

Polyester: A highly durable synthetic film used primarily for outdoor applications involving high levels of abrasion or abuse. Polyester will stand up longer in a moist environment and is resistant to most oils and solvents. Available in white, chrome, brushed chrome and gold. Fluorescent inks are not available with this material.

Other Cool Stock Types

Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl - This luminous material will glow for approximately 1 hour after proper charge time.

Reflective Vinyl - Designed for nighttime visibility. These are commonly used for fleet marking, industrial and security applications.

Prismatic Decals - Prismatic patterns repeat every 6-9 inches and a seam line may appear on some of the finished decals.

Adhesives at Work

Ultra removable adhesive - Adheres better than static and removes just as easily. Better than Static!

Permanent adhesive - Is supplied unless you request otherwise. This is a general purpose adhesive appropriate for most applications.

Removable adhesive - Will allow the label to be taken off once it is applied without leaving pieces of the label behind. Note, however, that a label will become permanent over time or with exposure to weather.

Temporary adhesive - Allows the label to be removed and reapplied with no residue on a wide variety of surfaces. This adhesive will remain temporary throughout its product life. This product is not recommended for use on fabrics.

Opaque adhesive - Obscures the application surface so it doesn't "show through" the label stock. This is useful if you are using a label to cover erroneous or outdated information, or if the surface color could affect the appearance of the label. The opaque adhesive might slightly affect the appearance of ink color and requested color matches.

White Gloss with Freezer Grade adhesive - Is used when the environment or product you are labeling is below 50°F. These have an application temperature down to -20°F.