The Supplies That Create Your Custom Stickers And Labels

It's reassuring to know when you're putting a custom label on a product or handing a sticker to a fan that you know exactly what went into your product and where the supplies came from. 

Made in the U.S.A.

All of the materials in our custom stickers and labels are sourced from partners in the United States. We also ensure the highest quality of standards for our materials and for our cleaning processes.

Sticker and Label Materials

Both our polypropylene and our paper substrates are made in the midwest region of the United States, and we receive our deliveries directly from our supplier. The paper material used for our Matte Recycled Paper Labels has also been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which means the paper used to make material is from a combination of sustainable resources.

We also have a partnership with a local storage company, who house our materials in our hometown of Longmont, CO. With extra material close by, we are able to utilize this inventory for our daily printing needs. This also helps us print your products fast, since we only keep what we need for printing onsite while still having more available locally.

What about the Lamination?

The lamination we use on our custom stickers and many of our custom labels is all from the same supplier we trust to get our substrate from. This includes the indoor durable lamination on your custom product labels, the outdoor durable matte, and UV-protected glossy lamination on our custom stickers.

How are Paper Labels Finished?

Our paper labels including Glossy and Matte Recycled Paper Labels are both finished with a UV-cured varnish that is also made in the United States. This protective varnish gives your paper labels more durability for longer lasting designs, yet can still be torn when utilized for any tamper-evident needs. Our UV varnish is also rated safe for food packaging needs, so your labeled products can be stored in a cool environment such as a refrigerator or freezer.

What Else Goes into It All?

As part of our supply chain, we work with a local supplier in Colorado for the different sized cores we use to finish your custom labels on a roll. Having a local supplier for this also means speedy delivery for our label finishing needs, and the ability to easily get more of a given size based on overall production of our custom labels.

What about Shipping Materials?

Our shipping team uses a recycled packing paper which is also sourced from a supplier we have in Colorado. Using recycled paper helps us reduce the use of single use packing materials, all while keeping your stickers and labels safe during shipping.

Our shipping partners at UPS keep us supplied with the boxes, and we keep our daily needs on hand in our production facility.

Once your stickers and labels are delivered, the next step in their supply chain is up to you and the creative ways you put your new sticky designs to use.