How Do I Know if My Designs are Raster Images?

Raster files are formatted images or graphics made up of individually colored dots, called pixels. These pixels are aligned in a grid, and together they make the image you see. Photos taken on your phone or a digital camera are raster images, and if you zoom in too closely, you can even see the pixels as the image becomes grainy.

With raster graphics, the number of pixels or dots per inch has a direct effect on the resolution of your image, and how much it can be resized before becoming distorted. The resolution of this type of image is measured in the number of pixels per square inch of your design or photo, which is also known as dots per inch, or dpi.

When we print custom stickers from raster art files, we need the resolution, or dots per inch, to be formatted for a print quality, which is 300 dpi. A higher resolution raster image will keep its crisp appearance if your artwork has to be resized for printing your custom stickers or labels.

If you know you will be using your raster artwork for print, either in stickers, or other marketing materials for your brand, you’ll want to begin all designing in a print quality resolution, or 300 dpi, at the desired size of your finished sticker. It’s always easiest to bring a raster based image down in size, or dots per inch, than it is to make them a larger size or higher resolution, without distorting your designs. Also, designing raster based artwork in CMYK process color will work best to get you the best color matching results in the printing process.

Two StickerGiant flame logos, one is larger than the otherTwo StickerGiant flame logos, one is larger than the other