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About StickerGiant Custom Stickers

More About StickerGiant LLC is a promotional sticker and product label company based in Longmont, Colorado. StickerGiant was a startup business in 2001 selling retail stickers. Over the years, we have become “The Sticker Experts” printing up high-quality custom stickers and labels. We strive to provide the best customer service and support for all. Peel it, stick it, and share your story with the world. Every sticker has a story.

About Our Stickers

  • The Fastest Stickers

    Finalize your Premium White Sticker order by 12pm Mountain Time and your stickers will print and ship the next business day.

  • Free Die Cutting

    Do you want a custom die-cut shape? No problem, our team will help you design it at no charge.

  • Free Artwork Services

    Our art team will make your layout perfect, and help you get the sticker you envision.

  • Quality Material

    The best materials make the best stickers and we don’t skimp on sourcing the best sticker material and laminates.

  • Quality Color

    Our color is the best possible color on the planet. Ever heard of 4-color process? Well we do 7-color process - it is called indichrome color, and nothing beats it!

  • Legendary Support and Advice

    Our team of sticker experts can answer your questions 7:00am - 5:00pm Mountain Time 866-774-7900

StickerGiant by the Numbers

  • 8
    Service Experts

    delighting customers every day

  • 11
    Sticker Makers

    running machines that make awesome stickers a reality

  • 3
    Print Savvy Layout Artists

    serving up fresh vectorized artwork 5 days a week

  • 1
    Team Leader

    inspiring us to do our best

  • 4
    Office Admin & Support

    keeping everything organized and planning the office parties

  • 2
    Shipping Expert

    making sure the stickers get to you on time

Sticker Experts

at your service!

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Stickergiant Staff Picture.

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