StickerGiant's Zero Defects Policy

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StickerGiant strives to adhere to the highest possible standards within the sticker industry by keeping pace with the rapid rate of technological change. We understand that our customers expect a certain level of perfection, and it is our goal to produce products that are both high quality and exactly what our customers order. We work diligently to reduce imperfections and inefficiencies in our work, and if we make an error, we make sure to keep our customers happy.

It is for this reason alone that StickerGiant has in place a Zero Defects policy for our customers. We enjoy enhancing the customer experience and have established four specific Zero Defects guidelines:

  1. Quality is up to our customer’s requirements.
  2. Defects are caught early and are corrected.
  3. Our quality standards aim to satisfy our customers vision of what the end product should look like whenever possible.
  4. It is more costly to do business long term with a defective product than to allow us to correct it for our customers.

Put simply, it’s much better to do it right the first time than to have to correct mistakes later. StickerGiant’s Zero Defects policy means a better product, produced more economically and is guaranteed to be right the first time or we’ll fix it. Customer satisfaction is the guiding principle behind every sticker we produce and will continue to be the basis for our company’s business standards into the future.