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About StickerGiant Custom Stickers

About Our Stickers

  • The Fastest Stickers

    Finalize your Kiss Cut Sticker order by 12pm Mountain Time, and your stickers will print and ship the next business day.

  • Free Die Cutting

    Do you want a custom die-cut shape? No problem, our team will help you design it at no charge.

  • Free Artwork Setup

    Our art team will make your layout perfect, and help you get the sticker you envision.

  • Quality Material

    The best materials make the best stickers and we don’t skimp on sourcing the best sticker material and laminates.

  • Quality Color

    Our color is the best possible color on the planet. Ever heard of 4-color process? Well we do 7-color process - it is called indichrome color, and nothing beats it!

  • Legendary Support and Advice

    Our team of sticker experts can answer your questions 7:00am - 5:00pm Mountain Time 866-774-7900

2016 StickerGiant Staff Picture
StickerGiant Staff Picture.

StickerGiant by the Numbers

  • 8
    Service Experts

    delighting customers every day

  • 11
    Sticker Makers

    running machines that make awesome stickers a reality

  • 3
    Print Savvy Layout Artists

    serving up fresh vectorized artwork 5 days a week

  • 1
    Team Leader

    inspiring us to do our best

  • 4
    Office Admin & Support

    keeping everything organized and planning the office parties

  • 2
    Shipping Expert

    making sure the stickers get to you on time

Sticker Experts

at your service!

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