Blue Moose of Boulder


Food should not be sold as just “good enough.” This is the idea behind what created Blue Moose of Boulder as they make a full line of natural hummus, salsas, pestos, tapenades and spreads for the greater Denver area.

With their dedication to making great food, Blue Moose of Boulder uses pure and simple ingredients in all their products. They take their food quality seriously and implement that in every step of it’s creation.

“We pride ourselves on putting out the highest quality product from both a taste and food safety standpoint. We are a GSFI Safe Quality Foods Level III (there’s only 3 levels!) certified production facility. We also employ High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) to provide the safest products for you to share with your family and friends. HPP is a non-heat treatment process that retains the good stuff (flavor!) while disabling pathogens and bacteria.”

Blue Moose of Boulder has a fun brand and within promoting their line up of natural products they are using our premium high quality custom stickers for promotion. The funnest part about their brand is that the Blue Moose is sometimes on a uni cycle, skiing or wearing a chef hat or scarf. Depending on the product or promotion the Blue Moose changes up style.

Keep things fresh with fun, branded custom sticker designs.

The Cleanis Soap


It’s good to be clean and nothing is better than a good soap. Especially, when that soap comes in a fun shape. Cleanis soap is clean, sexy fun.

So what is cleanis exactly? Well, it’s soap and it’s shaped like something that rhymes with Cleanis. As you have probably already gathered, Cleanis has a fun brand. They have a colorful line up of different soap flavors with names such as: Orangeasm, Largely Lemon, Limey Peter, and Blueball Berry. Cleanis is great as a gift for bachelorettes, bachelors X2, gag gifts, birthdays, and more.

The Cleanis brand design makes some great customer stickers, like the rainbow color logo stickers with the website listed. They also use an oval sticker with their #erector listed above the website. Both make for great additions to orders and promote the clean, sexy fun.

No matter the product for sale, make it fun within your branding and add in some stickers.

Ride With Hive


Photo credit to Lance Tyrrell

Public transportation is awesome.  In Salt Lake City, residents are using the Hive Pass program which makes transit more affordable and accessible.

So what exactly is the Hive Pass? It’s a monthly pass that residents within the city limits of Salt Lake City can purchase to have unlimited access to all available public transportation. It makes it smooth and easy to jump on and off with no money or tickets exchanging hands.

So why use the Hive Pass?

“Salt Lake City residents want more ways to get around, whether by bus, train or bike.  More people riding transit is good for everyone, lightening the loads of car travel in our neighborhoods, cleaning the air, and reducing household costs for transportation. “

Even if you do not live in Salt Lake City, there are a lot of good public transit programs in cities across America. However, not all have such cool branding like “Hive Pass.” It is a honeycomb like shaped design with their name and Salt Lake City logo down in the bottom center of the design. They printed up custom stickers for people to represent their use of public transit and to promote the program to more residents.

Create some buzz and get on board with stickers to get your new programs and brand out in the world.

TEDxMileHigh Make + Believe


TEDxMileHigh is on tap for Saturday night at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. The theme for this year’s event is Make + Believe. The sticker that they designed has a silhouette of a person looking at a sea of stars in the night sky. Powerful use of imagery and a fun use of type for the theme name, including a custom hashtag for the event. This is a fun sticker design that incorporates the larger TEDx branding.

This year’s organizers implore their audience to “Make a better future and believe in the power of big ideas.” TEDxMileHigh showcases innovative Coloradans who each give the ‘talk of their life’ around the power of ideas. TEDx’s are one of our favorite community events, and we’re delighted it’s happening down at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. The ideas that come from a TEDx talk are like no other, with the audience and the speakers sharing energy and inspiration.

In the world of Make + Believe, anything is possible. Here, freedom and fantasy join creativity, curiosity, and culture to create the promise of ideas worth spreading, expanded minds, and new connections. TEDxMileHigh is dedicated to dreaming big, crafting leadership, and designing a bright future. You’re invited to find inspiration in the sandbox of your mind with their 2016 event. Be inspired by Coloradans and local organizations with unique and compelling stories to share. Enjoy hands-on experiences designed to spark your imagination. Share ideas with the region’s best and brightest.

Presenters include maverick thinkers and doers, big-time athletes, entrepreneurs and innovators, humanitarians, creative performers and many more extraordinary people.

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3rd Annual Mancos Half Marathon


This weekend is the 3rd Annual Mancos Half Marathon, a fundraiser for the Mancos Public Library. Their event sticker is a simple line drawing of a runner crossing a finishing tape with some lime green and kelly green colors and a mix of western style fonts, after all, Mancos is in deep southwest Colorado near Mesa Verde National Park.

For the third edition, the organizers have made it bigger and better than ever. They are adding a 5K run to the event so that more people of all ages and running abilities can join in the fun. Also, they are improving the course by making it a loop and adding mixed terrain of paved and dirt roads, as well as trails. Lastly, they will have activities like a Fun Run and other opportunities to get bodies moving such as yoga demonstrations, dancing, kids’ races and more.

And at StickerGiant, we know that the success of anticipated events like the Mancos Half Marathon depends on support from sponsors, and we love to support our community.

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Startup Weekend Redmond: A Touch of the Future 2016


The Seattle Entreneurship Club will be helping organize Startup Weekend: A Touch of the Future at Microsoft’s main campus in Redmond, Washington. They are sporting a dual oval and circle sticker sheet on premium white with classic elements of the Startup Weekend branding including the oval with the lab beaker and characters, plus a circle sticker that has all kinds of tech buttons and a hand touching an icon.

The question they ask for this session is “What future will you create?” This weekend is about getting together and exploring how futuristic technologies can help reinvent traditional business such as Manufacturing, Travel, Dining, Education, Medicine, Construction. Today’s tech buzz words are Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and the hardware that’s part of the Internet of Things, with brands like Amazon Echo, Microsoft Cortana, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Microsoft Hololens creating products for developers.

We are seeing these emerging technologies changing our lives every single day, in our cars and in our phones and in our homes. Startup Weekend: A Taste of the Future knows that AI is far more than just chat, and that VR is far more than games. They welcome professionals from all industries, and this Startup Weekend will also be hosting a series of workshops to educate attendees about on VR, AR and AI topics to each maximum efficiency for the weekend.

“So come and join us for this business sprint to achieve idea to revenue over the weekend. This event is for you if you’d like to explore a new technology, find a cofounder for your next startup, evaluate a new employee or just to scratch your startup itch.”

Seattle Entrepreneurship Club (SEC) was founded in 2008 by a group of professionals and entrepreneurship enthusiasts in the Greater Seattle and Beijing area. All of organizers and staffs are volunteers. Their group is growing fast since more and more people are interested in entrepreneurship and helping.

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Here’s a video that gives a little background about Startup Weekend.

Startup Weekend – Trailer from Eighteen Eighty on Vimeo.