The Animus Code is All About the Art of Self-Expression


Art is a lot like beauty - it depends on who is looking at it as to the quality of the piece. Some enjoy the classic lines and subtle renderings of Monet or Picasso, while others love the abstract designs of Jackson Pollack. Art can be sculpture, or video games. It can be painted with words, or touched with fire. Self-expression is an art form all unto itself, and The Animus Code not only understands this, but respects it, as well.

"Animus" as a word can mean several different things: feelings of hostility; the motivation to do something; or, in psychology, the male part of a woman's personality, as expressed through the unconscious mind. The animus code, therefore, is unlocking your subconscious mind and being fully aware of all aspects of yourself. Pretty cool, right? The latter description pretty much describes
The Animus Code's intentions - their products are designed to communicate expression and self-awareness through art, whether it be posters, t-shirts or stickers.

One of the main goals, according to their website, is "to promote skateboarders by supporting them with free apparel, stickers, artwork and featuring them through social media outlets." Considering a large part of skateboard talent is still yet to be discovered, this is a huge win for the community at large.

A great example of the art they promote is featured on their multi-colored sticker, a rad design that features the free-thinking, always-skateboarding attitude they strive to attain. It's unique, fresh and a great way to connect others without uttering a single word. What a great way to meet someone!

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Cascade SF Wants to Design a Better Future


The internet is a wonderful invention that, when used correctly, can make your life easier, more well-rounded and give you social skills that your awkward 13-year-old self would envy. Sometimes, though, the World Wide Web can feel like the land of Oz - you know there's something great and powerful running the show and you're not sure exactly what it is, but it's obviously something to pay your respects to, with or without a Munchkin in tow.

The internet wouldn't exist in its form today if it weren't for web designers, graphic artists, WordPress engineers and the myriad other web-related people that make the world go 'round. That's where Cascade SF comes in, an organized meeting in San Francisco that helps connect designers with the information from experts in their field of choice. It's an open forum that allows all manner of questions to be addressed, and features keynote speakers from a variety of professional sources.

StickerGiant is proud to sponsor the September 17th Cascade SF UXNight: Design Feedback & Presenting Ideas with Braden Kowitz from Google Ventures. Their logo sticker will be available at the Meetup session, a simple, straightforward logo to meet the simple demands of life and instantly connect you to other professionals in the industry.

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Surfs Up! at High Tide Burrito Co.

burrito on wave background

Ah, Florida. You bring so much joy to so many people with your sunny rays, white sand beaches and ... burritos? Yes, the newest place to get your grub on is none other than Hightide Burrito Co., a restaurant that combines the pervasive surf culture with a unique blend of Mexican food and beach cuisine.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Hightide is the brainchild of owner and creator Alejandro Juarez, who wanted a relaxing place to eat and share what he calls "beach Mex" - traditional Mexican flavors combined with the vibe and flavors of Florida. And it works, bringing in a new wave of customers that were starved for something edgy and fun in a world full of boring burritos.

Expect more than traditional burritos when you visit, though their signature flavors are still the biggest draw. Hightide Burrito Co. offers nachos, tacos, salads and even acai bowls for those who are wanting something sweet and natural, all while in a friendly atmosphere.

Take a look at their sticker - it's just as classy as they are, hands down (and surf's up!). Blue and white together bring water and sand to your imagination, while palm trees and surf boards take their place as part of Florida culture. It's a simple, elegant design that looks like it could take all of your troubles away with the tide, just like the restaurant itself.

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Join the Bio Revolution and Change the World

bio revolution with greenhouse background

"Save the cheerleader, save the world." Sounds familiar, right? If we take care of one thing, everything else will fall into place. Now, replace "cheerleader" with "farmer" and you've got the idea behind Bio Revolution America's newest invention - a way to harvest the oil from seeds to make cleaner, healthier products while giving back to the community.

The Appalachian region of the country is one of the poorest, but gives rise to some of the hardest working farmers in the land. When planting season comes, farmers become the lords of the soil, tending and caring and coaxing their seeds to fruition. But what happens when the season is over? Many of these farming families struggle to put food on the table while their seeds are left to nature for another year.

With a drive to help the world and the people who are hardest hit, Bio Revolution America has developed a small machine to extract the oil from the seeds, which can then be used for fuel, cosmetics, cleaners, pet care, and many other things. The process is carbon neutral, meaning it does not create harmful emissions, and will create jobs in areas where work is scarce by providing the resources and materials to start the seed oil process.

There is an active Indiegogo campaign to help fund the production and delivery of the seed oil extractors, or you can help by purchasing a set of their logo stickers and spreading the word to your friends and family. Watch this video to find out more about the process and technology, then click here to find out how StickerGiant can help you realize your dreams.

Quinn Popcorn Loves Nature, Stickers – And You!

quinn popcorn stickers

For a company that has just six employees, Quinn Popcorn is simply living life the right way. They offer a veritable cornucopia of microwave popcorn flavors without all of the chemicals and fake ingredients that come with traditional brands, and with combinations like Vermont Maple & Sea Salt you would be doing yourself a great disservice by not popping this deliciousness in your mouth at every available chance.

Started in 2011 by husband-and-wife team Kristy and Coulter Lewis, Quinn Popcorn is based in Boulder, Colorado and named after their son. When they realized there were no quality microwave popcorn brands on the grocery store shelf, they set out to make their own and have over-delivered on freshness, flavor and customer service. Their popcorn is organic, all-natural, contains no GMO's and comes in a paper bag devoid of everything except, well, paper. No chemicals, no harm, no skimping on delightfulness - a fresh concept we can definitely get on board with!

In addition to their fun brand and quirky sense of humor, Quinn Popcorn loves stickers! Their own sticker is a brightly colored ear of corn, and they want people to know how much love they have for their company and the people who support them.

quinn popcorn stickers

When visiting their location, you'll see they plaster stickers everywhere there's room, from microwaves to empty boxes. And not just their stickers, either: QP supports a number of brands and businesses, and is not shy about spreading the word via the sticker world. After all - if it's meant to stick somewhere, go ahead and show it off!

quinn popcorn stickers on shipping boxes

Check out this video about the brand's mission and how they want to make the world better one bag at a time, then click here to see how we can help make your dreams come true with stickers!

Craft Your Night of Fun With Carbondale Beer Works

restaurant at night with logo

For good food, great beer and the friendliest atmosphere in the area, look no farther than Carbondale Beer Works, situated right in the heart of the action in Carbondale, Colorado.

If you're looking for world-class food and fantastic house made craft beers, this is the place to be. The brewery stays busy making the most fantastic beers made with quality ingredients - like malted barley from the Great Plains region and hops from England and Germany - and lots of love. To complement their beer is some uniquely fantastic food, like local barbecue, fancy-fied deviled eggs and the best hot dog you'll ever sink your teeth into. Listen to some local music or participate in trivia while you hang with your friends relaxin' all cool.

Just like the business itself, Carbondale Beer Works has crafted a sticker that leaves room for your imagination to grow, and features two things that mean the most - the Rocky Mountains and barrel-aged beer. When combined, they make for not only a cool sticker but an experience you're not likely to forgot any time soon.

Check out this quick one-minute video about the establishment, then click here to start making your sticker dreams come true!