Ginger’s Popcorn Makes Every Day a Poppin’ Good Time!

Gingers Popcorn

Oh, popcorn! How you make us happy, especially during movie nights. Or as a low-calorie snack before lunch. And we’re quite enamored with your reputation as being little kernels of crunchy delight. Okay, so we just all-around love popcorn and there’s no better treat than Ginger’s Popcorn when you want good-for-you munchies.

Headquartered in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and loaded with Southern charm, Ginger’s Popcorn can brag that their kernels are hot-air popped, contain zero grams of trans fat and are made with non-GMO corn, a breath of fresh air for the health-conscious among us. The flavor combinations are unique, too, and possibly something you’ve never experienced before like caramel apple, peanut butter chocolate, triple nut caramel and cheesy cheese. Each flavor comes in 2 gallon, 3.5 gallon or 5 gallon tins - no small portions in sight. Awesome!

Ginger’s Popcorn recently launched their new website and also have a sweet sticker to go along with their crunchy personality. It’s bright and colorful, featuring their cute logo with air-popped pieces taking center stage in the word “popcorn.” What a super cute way to engage customers and pique their interest!

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The Importance of Labels as Marijuana Goes Legit


Colorado is a progressive state that StickerGiant is proud to call home in many ways, and the forward thinking marijuana laws are just one of them. The green has been legal for medical patients since 2000, and recreational use was legalized January 2014. With the new legislation comes a rapidly expanding business that is making an economic impact all across the state.

Cannabis has been used to treat chronic pain for over 2,000 years and was legal in the United States until the 1920’s, when stricter regulations began to take over; outright prohibition of the herb took hold in all 50 states by the mid-1930’s. There has been a dramatic push for a change in public thinking about marijuana over the last several years, and several states have now made ganja legal for medical - and sometimes recreational - use, with more states quickly changing the way they think about this powerful organic.

Since marijuana has become legal, there are many businesses that are cropping up to support it - manufacturers, dispensaries and large-scale growers, to name a few - and labeling has become critically important. Stickers are a fun, simple way to keep track of your products while not mixing them up - indica and sativa, two individual strains of cannabis, should be labeled to let customers know what they’re purchasing. Edibles should include a food-safe product label, too, but that’s not the only way stickers are helpful within the industry!


Clearwater Gear is at the Top of the Drinkware Game


If you’ve ever been to a pub, bar or really upscale restaurant, then you’ve probably noticed the glasses your drink comes in - thick, heavy and cold. You might have also taken note of the embossed logo on the glass that reminds you where you’re currently imbibing. Clearwater Gear makes custom drinkware for a variety of liquids, and they look awesome while doing so.

With over 33 years of printed drinkware experience under their belts and based in Sandpoint, Idaho, Clearwater Gear has won top vendor awards from small businesses all the way up to the top three companies in their industry. Quite the accomplishment! They’ve churned out over 30 million prints during their time in business and offer not only competitive pricing but the fastest turnaround times in the industry. You can’t beat that!

StickerGiant owes an eternal thanks to Clearwater Gear’s  Nolan Crossley, who is a major referrer for us! Because he has a close relationship with our company and works hand-in-hand with breweries, pubs and other people within the industry, he has been telling people about us everywhere he goes with his unique style and friendly demeanor. Many thanks to you, Nolan!

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No One Knows Bacon Quite Like JD Foods

JD Foods Sticker

Bacon is having its moment in the sun lately, and JD Foods knows just what you like. They’ve been making everything taste like bacon since 2007 and show no signs of stopping any time soon, which is good news - with this brand as your captain, you’re on a clear course for deliciousness.

Justin and Dave are just two regular dudes who came into money after winning some cash on America’s Funniest Home Videos and decided to make their love of bacon official by inventing Bacon Salt. They produced an initial run of 6,000 jars of seasoning and sold out within 5 days - how crazy is that! With the seasoning being so popular, they had to expand their love of making everything taste like bacon and develop more products. America was obviously head over heels for delicious flavor, and JD Foods went from overnight sensation to a lasting mainstay in the food market. Baconnaise, another bacon-flavored condiment, was added to the line, as well as BaconPOP microwaveable popcorn and Bacon Croutons, for those times when your salad is sorely lacking in bacon.

JD Foods came up with a sticker that’s simple and uncomplicated, much like bacon. It states just what they want you to do, which means your noggin is now in charge of coming up with delicious uses for bacon seasonings, sauces and flavorings. That shouldn’t be hard at all! There is virtually nothing that bacon can’t be added to, so go ahead and give it a shot - you won’t be disappointed!

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Shop Smarter, Not Harder With T-Shirt Labels

T-shirt Labels made by StickerGiant

Trying on clothes can be a frustrating process, no doubt about it, especially if you go to a new store. So many racks of shirts! So many shelves of pants! Add in the fact that many shirts come tagged with several different labels that it can be hard to discern the exact information you need in a quick manner. It's just a shirt - not rocket science!

That's where t-shirts labels come in handy. These clever little stick 'ems can be added to apparel tags as a fast and easy way to find out what you need in a snap. Let's say the store you're at has a strange sizing method. Not everyone goes by the small-medium-large charts and might come up with their own unique ways of stating sizes. This can be super confusing and frustrating, but a quick little sticker over the size or on the front of the shirt lets customers know exactly what to expect, making your shopping trip just as fabulous as you are!

Stickers are a great way to engage with customers, especially if the sticker is fun and informative. You can make a cutesy sticker advertising your brand or a serious sticker providing facts and figures. You can make it bright and colorful, or black and white. The t-shirt label in the picture let's you know that shirt has some serious Phish factor, which brings an ordinary shirt to life with a new label and meaning. Fantastic!

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Give a New Kind of Treat This Halloween – Stickers!

Pumpkin with StickerGiant sticker


Trick or treat! Very soon you will be hearing the sounds of Halloween all around you. Candy will be flowing like from a busted pinata, ghosts and goblins will be knocking on your door and the neighborhood will come alive with all kinds of fun. Sounds like a great time! If you're going to have your light on and your jack o' lantern lit for the little ones to come get some goodies, why not move away from the traditional candy offerings and try something different?

Kids love candy, sure, but they also love stickers! Holiday stickers are a great way to make sure your brand stays relevant during the festivities while also being health-conscious. Not everyone likes candy, and of course all that sugar can be bad for the teeth. Businesses like dentists and doctors have always given away a different kind of treat to encourage healthy habits, and now you can, too!

Stickers in general are a great way to market your business, as they're super fun and can stick to literally anything you want them to. Colorful, bright and eye-catching, stickers are a little kid's dream come true. The Halloween sticker sheet in the picture above has lots of little stickers that tiny hands can have a great time with, and the StickerGiant logo is also a cute sticker, too! Halloween, Christmas, Easter and everything in between - stickers help you connect with your customers while showing how awesome you are. Good job, you!

StickerGiant loves stickers, and we love having fun - a dynamic duo that's bound to bring great results! Are you ready to get your treats ready for the big day? Click here and we'll help you get started. Happy Halloween!