StayFit with Yoga Eado


Take a deep breath and namaste. Yoga is about calming the body as well as the mind. Yoga Eado has created a community around the practice of yoga no matter your proficiency and their yogis express their love for it with beautiful logo stickers.

Yoga Eado’s intention is “to empower our yoga practitioners to not only calm their bodies and minds in our practice, but to find new range and space in their muscles and joints while having fun.” Regardless of experience practicing yoga they provide a welcoming environment for all walks of life to learn from their instructors.

Located in East Downton Houston, Yoga Eado offers classes seven days a week and they also participate in plenty of local charities and events. Yoga is a lifestyle and there is no better way for people to express their interests than colorful stickers. Yoga Eado’s logo makes a great custom shaped sticker for all of their athletes and yogis to slap on their car as they journey.

No matter where your journey takes you, express yourself with stickers.

Join Team Strong with Bacon Bibs


Representing “Team Strong” with Bacon Bibs to help promote Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer affects us all even our furry companions. The month of May is a chance for us all to shine more light on cancer and we are helping that light shine with some custom Team Strong stickers.

Bacon Bibs keep our best friends looking fly on the fly with all sorts of custom bandanas to match their style. Tina and Sarah are the owners of Bacon Bibs and also are full time graphic designers. They screen print and sew them all the bibs, after illustrating all the designs.

To help raise more awareness, Bacon Bibs has teamed with other dog personalities on Instagram to form Team Strong. Their team logo design was made into awesome custom stickers that are being included in orders of Bacon Bibs during the month of May. Proceeds of sales for the Team Strong products will be going directly to pet cancer research.

It feels good to be part of a solution to a problem, it feels even better when you can peel and stick that you did your part.

Sponsorship Desk: Grand Slam WordCamp Weekend Roadtrip


This is a first for us at the sponsorship desk, as we are giving shoutouts to four different WordCamps taking place across North America. That’s right, we’re gonna take a high-speed virtual road trip and touch all four bases for a WordCamp Grand Slam. A rarity, but one to be savored.

We have organizers in British Columbia, New Mexico, Illinois and New York State mobilizing their WordPress communities, and they are all going to be sporting fresh, premium white sponsored WordCamp stickers printed on slick sticker sheets.

WordCamps are a weekly occurrence around the world, and we are fortunate to have these different locations all piled into one WordCamp Mania Weekend.

So enjoy, WordCampers!

WordCamp Vernon


Let’s start north of the border in South Central British Columbia, where the folks at WordCamp Vernon 2016 kick off their first-ever WordCamp on April 30th. They are offering two conference tracks: Track A is aimed at intermediate to advanced users while Track B focuses on helping the beginner/novice user. They’ve got solid speakers lined up, and, as they’re saying:

Aside from getting smart about WordPress, you can meet with other bloggers, designers and developers. You also get a free T-Shirt, free coffee, a great lunch and an excuse to come to the Okanagan (if you’re not lucky enough to already be here). Oh, and an after-party ticket at Marten’s Brew Pub where you can munch on appies while sampling their local brew and carry the WordPress conversation on into the evening.

Their sticker is a simple, but effective, logo sticker with a mountainous backdrop and an “Ogopogo” lake monster”–after all Vernon is part of a region called Lake Country, and that’s the First Nations name given to a 50-foot sea serpent monster reported to live in Okanagan Lake.

Follow them on Twitter @WordCampVernon.

WordCamp Albuquerque


From Canada to the desert Southwest in New Mexico, where the Sandia Mountains will serve as the backdrop for the 2016 edition WordCamp Albuquerque. This year, WordCamp Albuquerque is specifically targeted towards intermediate WordPress users who have a basic understanding of WordPress and want to dig a little deeper into what is available to help them build amazing websites.

They designed just a top-notch WordCamp sticker sheet with a custom Wapuu holding on a couple peppers, one of the ABQ’s iconic balloons (They have an international balloon festival there), and the state flag’s Zia sun symbol iconography.

Follow on Twitter and use the hashtag to participate while the action is happening.

WordCamp Chicago


Heading northeast to the Third Coast along Lake Michigan for 2016 WordCamp Chicago, where attendees will gather for three days of WordPress love. We’ve been sponsoring this team for a few years, and they continue to step up their sticker game with the cyan blue sheet with individual stickers for a goat (curse of the Cubs), a WordPress logo and this year’s event. Very cool and very Chicago, with the city flag of four red stars ringing the billy goat himself.

Follow on Twitter at and hop on the hashtag while the event is going on to join in the fun.

WordCamp Buffalo


We’ll cruise east and settle into port on the shores of Lake Erie, where we conclude our WordCamp journey at the University of Buffalo’s Center for the Art and 2016 WordCamp Buffalo. They have three Tracks this year, but they encourage attendees to check out any session they think looks cool. Bonus content: They will also have the sessions on after the event if you’re interested in multiple topics at the same time slot.

User Track – This track is focused mainly on people who are novices. Just getting started or business owners who also run their site with WordPress, but wouldn’t call themselves developers.

Flex Track – This track is a intermediate track between the more novice discussions and more advanced Design & Development related topics.

Design/Dev Track – A Track for people who design and develop with WordPress, or have some background in other code languages and are still looking to dig into how WP designers and developers operate.

They went with a classic red-on-white logo sticker of an abstract buffalo for this year, with the event hashtag prominently displayed. Great use of simple color and bold design.

Connect on Twitter and contribute to the hashtag.

Sponsorship Desk: BCC Hacks 2016


Berkshire Community College (BCC) IN Pittsfield, Massachusetts is hosting the first-ever BCC Hacks this weekend April 29 & 30. BCC Hacks (a member of Major League Hackathon) is organized by students for students. If you’re a hacker, admission and food are free (Bonus!). The organizers envision this inaugural session of BCC Hacks as “a place to meet new people, learn something, build something, and dream something.”

They welcome everyone — from the most experienced hackers and builders to the thinkers and the curious who have never heard of a hackathon. They want you to attend and learn something new, solve problems, and build something cool. This will be a 24-hour hackathon that encourages learning, collaboration, growth, thinking, and innovation. Students from throughout New England are invited to participate.

They have a fun tech-inspired design for their sponsored stickers, with their event logo in a blue-green contrasted font display with what look to be network tendrils radiating from the center. Trippy. Cool. Hip.

We are stoked for the participants and organizers to slap these stickers on their laptops, tablets and notebooks.

Visit BCC Hacks on Facebook.

Every Sticker Has a Story


Hello, sticker enthusiasts! Today, is a special day, it’s National Tell A Story Day. We love this day because it is the motivation behind everything we do. We make custom stickers and labels to enable businesses, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more to tell their story in a fun way.

National Tell A Story Day is not traced to any one creator but it is a day to tell a story from a book, memory, or make up a new one. The best part of this day is that a lot of libraries tell stories to kids and encourage kids to read. The education on storytelling is key to creativity. We are taking this moment to tell you about our sticker stories we discuss everyday.

We get so excited about the stories behind the stickers we print that we share them here and throughout our various social media channels in pictures. From product labels that help launch a new line for a company to a promotional sticker for a food truck, there is no story too big, or small, to share with the world. Our reason for sharing is because we get excited about what we are printing and want to shout out our customers.

If you have a story to tell behind your stickers or labels, we’d love to hear it. Share your Sticker Stories with us.

Getting Kids Avid4 Adventure


The great outdoors are a great escape for… fill in the blank. Avid4 Adventure has taken this great escape and turned it into an opportunity to educate kids on the importance of outdoor recreation.

Avid4 Adventure is on a mission and that is to provide kids with the skills and confidence to choose active outdoor lifestyles. Dave Secunda founded Avid4 Adventure because he saw that kids were getting more sucked into technology staying indoors and schools have been faced with decreasing budgets for physical education. Through day camps, overnight camps, school programs and events, they offer teach kids a ton about the outdoors and how to have fun safely.

For all the adventures being embarked on, Avid4 Adventure has been getting custom logo stickers in different shapes for some promotion and also to stick on equipment being used. For this they needed a heavy duty, white vinyl sticker to hold up to the elements and also be able to wrap on helmets, kayaks and other outdoor gear they use.

We love Avid4 Adventure’s core values as a business and their passion for teaching kids how to enjoy nature, watch this video for more on Avid4:

All it takes is a little push to set off on an adventure, a simple glance at a fun sticker is sometimes all it takes to get started.