Next Weekend, Make Sure You Get Your Sunday Tattoo


When presented with the idea of being poked with hundreds of needles firing at a rapid pace in order to create art on your skin, there are some people who are just too squeamish to even fathom the idea. There are others, however, who recognize a sick tattoo is on the horizon and become visibly excited at the prospect. For those who live life on the ink side, there's no better place to feed your addiction than Sunday Tattoo.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, this custom tattoo shop employs two rockin' artists with loads of ink experience to make your new art really stand out from the others. James Cumberland has been in the tattoo business for almost two decades, and churns out colorful masterpieces to your exact specifications. Aaron Murray has been a professional artist for the last four years, and has a certain style that can really class up a tattoo with his special flair. He maintains an Instagram account @aaron_murray so you can see more of his life and work.

To really capture their artistic spirit, Sunday Tattoo has created a simple black-and-white sticker that packs an artistic punch while staying true to their fun nature. A custom skull really pops in the classic color scheme, piquing intrigue and interest from even those who don't go in for tattoos. What a great way to unite a crowd!

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Screamin’ Hill Brewery: Where the Suds Are Cold and Life is Simple


We live in a world where "organic" has gone from a buzzword to a way of life for many people who are wanting to move away from genetically modified Frankenfood and back to simpler times. Screamin' Hill Brewery recognizes this need and wants to share the fruits of their labor with the world at large.

Opening in the fall on 100 acres of unsullied farmland in Cream Ridge, New Jersey, Bullock Farms will be the new go-to place for beer brewed with the patience and knowledge of six generations of farmers. Their pumpkin ale is made with the same pumpkins the farm has cultivated for close to 20 years, which shows in their handcrafted ales with rich ingredients and a whole lot of culture and history.

Screamin' Hill Brewery is truly craft beer at its finest, and promises to delight your taste buds with the best the word "organic" has to offer. With so much rich history, it's no wonder their sticker is the visual equivalent of a page ripped directly from history. The beer barrel with roots coming out signifies their love of the earth and natural ways of life, and takes you back in time to when life was just a little bit simpler than what it is now.

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Business is Booming at Startup Weekend Charleston


If you have just started a business or are seriously considering the possibility, you're in luck. Startup Weekend Charleston is heading your way September 12-14 at the Lowcountry Tech Academy, centrally located in the heart of downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

Not familiar with the concept of a Startup Weekend? No problem! According to the official website, it's "a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities." In other words, a dedicated time to launch startups, form new ideas and learn new information to help you in your business endeavors. 

Startup Weekend Charleston starts on Friday night with an open mic event where guests put their best ideas out there and encourage others to join their team. From there, Saturday and Sunday has teams developing product ideas, focusing on customer development and making a basic prototype to be discussed in an open environment. The event is made possible with grants from the Kauffman Foundation, an operation dedicated to the education and entrepreneurship of individuals across the country. 

 Do you see the cute little bubbles in the beaker on the sticker? Those are thoughts and ideas brewing, just waiting to burst out into the open. What an accurate representation of the event itself! A black-and-white color scheme keeps the sticker simple, but really - who needs a lot of splash when there are better things to focus on? 

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No One Knows Beer Quite Like Chetco Brewing Company


Oregon's state animal is the American beaver, so the Beaver State nickname is actually pretty accurate. However, state officials should really consider changing Oregon to the Brewery State, as it's home to 181 original craft breweries. That means almost 10 gallons of delicious drinks per legal drinking age adult a year, and Chetco Brewing Company stands out among the crowd for their original brews and down home feel.

Started in 2011 by a husband-and-wife team dedicated to making great, hoppy brews, Chetco Brewing Company has been churning out gallons of vegan, organic beer in Brookings, Oregon. They don't use any additives, artificial stuffs or extracts of any type. The beer is clarified using Irish moss so you get nothing but pure flavor and exceptional taste, every time. It's currently sold by the keg, so make sure you've got room to spare when downing your suds.

The brewery's official sticker features everything Oregon stands for minus, well, the beaver. Open spaces, clear water and a focus on nature - just what their craft beer stands for. There's nothing better than providing your customers with the very best, and no one knows that better than Chetco.

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Get S’more Out of Life with Stuff’n Mallows


Once upon a time, there were three Colorado State University graduates - Tyler, Paul and James - that were on a mission to make the perfect s'more. The first graduate said, "My chocolate is too cold!" The second one lamented, "My chocolate is, too!" The third graduate said, "Hey, why don't we put the chocolate inside the marshmallow to eliminate all of this frustration?" The idea was met with a resounding "ABSOLUTELY!" and Stuff'n Mallows was born.

The idea is surprisingly simple: put awesome goodies like chocolate, mint and peanut butter inside of a marshmallow so as it's heated everything melts together into one delicious treat that's better than any campfire s'more you had at summer camp. What could be better than gourmet marshmallows to fancy up a sweet snack?

Recently, the fine folks at Stuff'n Mallows dropped by the StickerGiant office for a generous tasting in honor of National Toasted Marshmallow Day August 30th. They were also there to celebrate the awesome sticker sheet we made to commemorate the marshmallow's distinctive day to itself. They're a super fun company and the mallows were great - just check out the little ones getting their snack on!

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Laughing Giraffe Books Brings Smiles for Miles


Have you ever heard the sound a giraffe makes? It's not pretty, and can be rather terrifying at first listen, sort of like a cross between a yowling dog and a cat in heat. There's a reason that animal noise isn't on a Speak 'n Say, as teaching children to imitate the giraffe will only bring on untold amounts of headaches.

Laughing Giraffe Books, however, embraces the giraffe's weirdness to teach children about reading, the most important skill you can have. Founded in 2011 by a reading specialist and mom of two little girls, the goal was to create a resource for parents to help them purchase books that will help foster a lifetime of learning with young children. You can buy a collection of books geared specifically towards a certain theme, or search books according to reading level. From infants to chapter readers, there is an abundance of material to choose from, guaranteeing your little ones will never be bored.

Much like the company itself, their sticker is simple and uncomplicated. White background, blue giraffe and company name - beauty in its finest form. It's easy to children to understand, and what kid doesn't love a sticker?

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