The Climbing Zine Helps You Get Into the Climbing Zone

climbing zine sticker

Climbing isn't for everyone - just look at that dizzying view from above without getting vertigo! It’s definitely a state of mind you have to be born with, and The Climbing Zine knows exactly how to get your blood flowing and heart pumping with everything you’ll need to know about this exciting outdoor sport.

They understand everything that goes into the climbing culture, and also realize it’s not for everyone. That’s why they try to give you as much information as possible to help you get started in climbing or just brush up on your skills, as well as provide you with links to the best gear, equipment and advice available. It’s in your bones or you don’t have it at all, and Climbing Zine acknowledges those in all stages of climbing awareness.

It’s for these reasons that their sticker definitely reflects the attitude of the culture: it’s a state of mind, and something that not all people can identify with. When you get one of these colorful bad boys and place it somewhere visible, you’re letting the world know how much you enjoy the challenges that climbing offers and welcome others to see what you see on the other side of the mountain. It’s a call to other like minded individuals to come experience what you do in climbing, and to define a culture that is seen as way more than a hobby all across the world.

Cool, calm and collected describes this sticker, and StickerGiant can make one for you that reflects your own state of mind. Click here to learn more about getting your own vinyl stickers delivered just the way you like it. Happy climbing!

Move Over, Batman – There’s a New Superhero in Town!

Gotham City Land Cruisers Stickers

You hear a rumble starting down low, getting louder with each passing moment. There’s a bright flash of light in the sky - is that … could it be … ? No, it’s definitely not Batman creeping around the forest. That distinct engine roar and bright headlight beam can only belong to a Land Cruiser, and Gotham City has a club just for people that go crazy over these durable vehicles.

Gotham City Land Cruisers is an enthusiast club out of the Gotham City area of New York and welcomes members from all states, not just those in the Northeast. They specialize in the running of not only this sweet Cruiser, but 4-Runners and other 4x4 vehicles with power. Since they’re big on family and have a large heart, GCLC also welcomes those that have no interest in the Toyota brand itself but love 4x4 activities.

Interested? You should be! Just take a look at their awesomely simple sticker logo, something that cries out “we've arrived!” with the understated grace Bruce Wayne would admire. Seeing one of this custom-made stickers out and about sets your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping because you know you've encountered another member in an exclusive club like no other.

Have a club you’d like sticker made for? We can help with that! Click here to get started and see how StickerGiant can help you turn your dreams into a reality.

The 710 Cup Plays Out High in Colorado

710 Cup Sticker

For those in the know, Colorado offers some of the best food, festivals and fusions the country has ever seen and for good reason. The clean air, legalized herb and foodie revolution has taken us by storm and the 710 Cup celebrates all of these with the most awesome concentrates, music and art you’ll ever see in one place.

This year’s event took place July 10th through July 13th in Denver, Colorado and knocked it out of the park with a magical selection of homemade dabs, glassblowing demonstrations and vendor booth galore - but don’t forget the music! A veritable cornucopia of bands and DJ’s jammed and spun the soundtrack to these glory days, a time people aren't likely to forget anytime soon.

Speaking of forgetting, did we mention that the 710 Cup had some amazingly colorful stickers to give their attendees? They sure did, and StickerGiant was proud to help them make the festival a success. Everyone loves free stickers, and these went to everyone who wanted one as they wound through the lazy haze of the 710. Stickers ended up on backpacks, laptops, car bumpers and festival products as a way to remember a fun time and connect with those that are in the know when it comes to herbal concentrates.

If you’re interested in your own custom vinyl stickers like these, contact StickerGiant for a quote, free samples or to place an order. You won’t be disappointed!


No One Has Your Back Quite Like Grassroots California

grassroots colorado stickers

...or your front, or your head or anything else you can think of. Grassroots California is a hat company dedicated to keeping it real while delivering great products and outstanding service. What more could you ask for from a homegrown company?

Their mission:

The “grassroots” in the company name holds a double meaning - not only are they dedicated to giving back to their local community, but they endeavor to change the way the world looks at Mary Jane--no small feat in any sense. After seeing legalization change the face of California, Grassroots was started as a way to remove some of the stigma associated with the herb while making quality, affordable hats for those that are part of the culture.

Their sticker design:

Grassroots California sticker close up and personal

They also have some simple, classy stickers that accurately express what they stand for without making a big fuss about it. Simple, eye-catching and bright with color, Grassroots California offers their clients a quality sticker to go along with their exceptional products.

A vote for Grassroots California is a vote for a better world in general, so slapping this pretty little piece of vinyl anywhere that’s visible is a call to action for a culture that is slowly on the rise.

Promote your own brand:

Do you want your own stickers to promote a marijuana-related movement or brand? Check out our cannabis specific stickers and labels here and we’ll make sure to hook you up with the best of the best!


Sanitas Fest Stickers are Going to be Hot!

sanitas fest stickers 2014

Listen up, Boulder! Your fabulous city is going to be jumping THIS Saturday July 26th when Sanitas Fest hits the streets for a jammin’ good event filled with music, food trucks and unique vendors. How can you pass up something so awesome?

The festival is being hosted by Sanitas Brewing Company, a local hangout open to those that seek to quench their thirst the adult way. This one-day festival will be held in east Boulder near 3550 Frontier Ave, but you’ll know where you are by the delicious smell and loud, live music. There are four local bands scheduled to bring the house down, so stop by and check it out!

While you’re there, don’t forget to stop by the StickerGiant vendor booth to get your free stickers, custom made just for the event! Free stickers are awesome, and the more people you hand them to, the more the word will spread about the cool things Sanitas Brewing Company is up to in your area.

Don't have your tickets yet? Whether your looking for General Admission or the perks of a VIP, click here to buy them.

Hope to see you there!

Joomla Day Minnesota 2014 Stickers

Joomla Day Stickers En Route

Joomla is super fun to say, isn’t it? Try it out - Joomla. It sounds foreign and awesome and exciting. To those who use Joomla on a regular basis, the fun never stops. For anyone else who might be wondering what it is, you’ve come to the right place!

In a few words, it’s a downloaded platform on which to build your mobile-ready or traditional website. JoomlaDay Minnesota is a wonderful way for other users, enthusiasts and developers of the platform to get together and talk about what makes the web go ‘round. It’s a one-day event held on July 19th at the beautiful Aloft Hotel in Minneapolis, and make sure to be there early because the breakfast starts at 8:00 a.m. and you definitely don’t want to miss that!

The day will be jam-packed with information, networking and educational content but don’t forget about the sponsors that made it all happen! Sponsor booths open at 8:00 a.m., so make sure you get your StickerGiant gear before you head on over to feed your face. You can’t pass up an opportunity for free stickers, right? They’ll let everyone know where you’ve been, and are a super way to commemorate the event for posterity. Did I mention there’s going to be free, event-specific, awesome, colorful stickers? Just making sure!