Announcing the First Official National Sticker Day

National Sticker Day

At StickerGiant, we like to say “Every Sticker Has A Story,” and it’s true: we get to write about amazing companies that print stickers and labels with us. But do you know the story behind stickers themselves? We didn’t, and since we print and sell custom stickers, we wanted to know how the stick came to stickers.

Historians credit the European merchants in the 1880s as the first to stick labels to their products, in an effort to promote their goods and wares to passersby.

These savvy, pre-industrial entrepreneurs used a gum paste to get the labels to adhere and, well, stick: hence “stickers.” By the 1900s, a sticker-specific paste had been developed and was widely used, most notably was used on stamps, which dried and then would re-apply when moistened.

Then a fateful January day in 1907, the 13th to be exact: The birth of R. Stanton Avery, who in 1935 would create the first self-adhesive label using a peel off.

The sticker, as we know it, was born.

Stickers have grown up in the eighty-one years since their birth at the hand of Mr. Avery, and StickerGiant is proud to announce the creation of National Sticker Day, in association with National Day Calendar.

National Sticker Day will take place on January 13th, in honor of R. Stanton Avery.

In celebration of National Sticker Day, StickerGiant will attempt a Guinness World Record for the Largest Sticker Ball, that will be over 220 pounds when finished. We are also going to be doing prize giveaways, including free custom sticker jobs and StickerGiant apparel on Twitter. Follow along and stick with us on social media, tag us @stickergiant and with  #NationalStickerDay #LargestStickerBall #StickerGiant.

We have partnered with Wibby Brewing in Longmont, Colorado, who will play host to our official weigh in of the Largest Sticker Ball on January 13th at 12pm MST. Come be a part of this record setting pursuit. Slap stickers and drink a Lightshine Helles, Wibby IPL or any of Wibby’s other tasteful lagers with us.

Largest Sticker Ball

Other Sticker Ball Appearances:

December 4th, 5:30-7:30pm MST at Wibby Brewing for the Largest Sticker Ball Happy Hour

We will have an assortment of stickers to place on the ball and name tag stickers that you can write on and put your own name on the StickerBall. Come slap one on with us.

National Sticker Day


How Sweet is That?

How Sweet Is That?

Ready to feast for Thanksgiving tomorrow? We all have our holiday favorites but let’s cut to the chase and get to the sweets. How Sweet Is That is providing people all the ingredients, cutters, and stencils needed to create not only the best tasting but the best looking cookies and sweets.

How Sweet Is That? Founded by Sherry Potter who first found a passion for decorating cupcakes as a hobby. As she started to churn out quality sweets, it led to a lot of questions on how she did it and what did she use? Sherry quickly realized there was a big market to provide cookie, cupcake and sweets designers all the tools they need to get baking.

They have 3,400 items in the online store. Based in Canada, How Sweet Is That has spread to the United States and into more international markets. Knowing the importance of branding, they are using custom logo stickers to present their outgoing orders with so people know where to come back when ordering more new baking items.

Looking to impress this holiday season? They have a collection of great cookie tutorials from some of their top clients to learn from.

Don’t let all those orders go unnoticed, it’s a quick and easy solution to slap a logo sticker on that outgoing package.

StickerGiant is proud to now be offering free shipping to all our friends North of the Border in Canada

Redefining with Ambition Snowskates

Ambition Snowskates

Photo by @as.framed

The drive it takes to hit the slopes with a snowboard is taken to a whole different level with snowskating. Ambition Snowskates is getting out in the cold and nailing awesome tricks with their specialty snowskate boards.

Snowskates are a hybrid of snowboards and skateboards. It takes away the bindings and frees the rider up to focus on tricks and just having fun in the snow.

Ambition is what it takes to keep redefining a craft and with Ambition Snowskates they are tireless in their pursuit of making snowskating better with their custom boards.

“Our boards are fast & strong made with 7 plys of Canadian maple, with an extruded UMHW base and aggressive grip. They feel solid under your arm and they look pretty cool too. We refine our board construction each year to give you the best possible experience on the snow, because hey, we ride them too.”

Ambition is representing their brand and craft with some awesome logo stickers that are slapped on snowskates everywhere. Check out this teaser video to see the Ambition Snowskate Team in action:

StickerGiant is proud to now be offering free shipping to all our friends North of the Border in Canada

Indulge with Two If By Sea

Two If By Sea

Looking for that perfect setting to indulge in a cup of coffee and fresh baked pastries? Our friends up North of Main, in Canada, Two If By Sea provide people the perfect stop to enjoy the sea and a morning pick me up.

Two If By Sea, or TIBS as the locals call it, is located in downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with a second location in Halifax. They want all to come indulge in their cafe and they even challenge “the staunchest coffee and pastry aficionado” to come try.

Quality is their goal and they strive for this in all they do. From perfectly pulled espresso, buttery croissants to classic premium logo stickers. People are walking out with an experience that will stick with them at Two If By Sea.

When people invest in stop at your restaurant, cafe or store; make the sure that memory sticks with them with custom logo stickers on your to-go products or for them to walk away with.

StickerGiant is proud to now be offering free shipping to all our friends North of the Border in Canada

Sponsorship Desk: WordCamp Saratoga Springs

    StickerGiant WordCamp Saratoga Springs Sponsorship- Photo from Wikimedia

Photo from Wikimedia

On Saturday WordPress enthusiasts will descend on Skidmore College in New York State for WordCamp Saratoga Springs 2015. This region is a fine place for to gather and reinvigorate, after all, resort-goers have escaped the big city life of New York by visiting the mineral springs that populate the area.

Behind the WordCamp Curtain

Organizers have been hard at work prepping a schedule that’s packed with creative sessions and engaging speakers. We’re lucky to part of such a community-oriented event with other great sponsors. Their event sticker features a bold, font-based design with an All-American Red-White-and-Blue treatment in the letters themselves. Simple and striking, perfect for an iconic logo. We’ve also got the standard-issue coupon code for all event attendees to redeem for 15% of an order of their own.

If you’re interested in getting sponsored stickers, head over to our sponsorship page.

Check out @wctoga on Twitter, and you can follow all of the #WCtoga action below.


Grooming as nature intended with Beard Oil

Vermont Beard & Mustache Co

Photo by Matthew Thorsen

It’s that time of year, men must evolve as nature intends and grow beards. Whether to survive the cold winter months, hipster inspired style, to raise support for men’s health for the Movember Foundation, or to embrace their own lumberjack fantasy. No matter the reason, keeping that masculine trophy requires a little care and no one knows how to better than Vermont Beard & Mustache Co.

Lots of men out there know, growing a beard brings a few challenges. To reach the pinnacle and be able to wear a plaid shirt and swing an axe, there is a lot of skin irritation and wild hair growth. To combat these effects, one man named Jason found a great blend of oils to sooth skin and keep that beard looking great.

Vermont Beard & Mustache Co. roll out a full line up of beard oils with different scents and also offer a classic shave oil. The core of their products as they state, “We started with a simple goal: growing a stronger, smoother, and healthier beard while improving skin health.”

Now, like most products, great beard oils bring with it irritations of marketing and being able to list their benefits right on the bottle. To remedy this, Jason uses a combination of our premium clear stickers and premium white labels to smooth out his branding needs.

Whether providing a remedy to everyday problems or not, everyone needs a clean look to get their products off the shelves.