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Cookies are fun. They are sweet, delicious and rarely do you meet anyone who is opposed to cookies. The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle is getting creative with cookies while also sharing the experience.

Sugarbelle is a cookie artist, “I am pretty much obsessed with decorating cookies. I do it almost every day, and still my mind is OVERFLOWING with things I want to create! I call it “cookie think.” Everything I see becomes a cookie in my head.” The number of things turned into cookies is quite staggering, there are lots of categories for yummy cookie creations!

Sugarbelle provides everything needed to create amazing cookies. From recipes, decorating instructions, general tips, to resources on finding cookie supplies, there is a little bit of everything. Sugarbelle also takes care in the packaging, labels, and custom stickers to present the artistic creations of cookies.

Sugarbelle Stickers

Don’t take our word for it, read up daily on the cookie creations and follow the Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.

GruntStyle: This We’ll Defend

Gruntstyle Blog

Freedom, PT, and Bacon! Grunt Style is providing support to all with patriotic, stylish gear. They know which way the Flag flies.

Grunt Style is run by a group of veterans and patriots who love America and want to make sure we all are representing. With tag lines like “An ounce of sweat saves a gallon of blood,” and “An old snake, no less lethal,” the creative mash ups of sayings and visuals turned into stylish clothing is fantastic.

Grunt Style has apparel for men and women and tons of cool gear to go with it, including a variety of rad stickers to rep Grunt Style and America. Love GruntStyle? When you sign up for their newsletter, they are giving away free Bumper Stickers!

Grunt Style is all about staying fit. If you want some tips on some great, intense workouts, go check out their Daily PT.

Ramp up the patriotism for your brand with some custom stickers.

Sponsorship Desk: Ignite San Francisco 11 Tonight

IgniteSF StickerGiant Sponsored Stickers

IgniteSF StickerGiant Sponsored Stickers

We wanted to give a our friends at Ignite San Francisco some love today as they prep for IgniteSF 11. Have fun and be inspired!

Ignite San Francisco is a night of speedy presentations. Presenting on a subject of their choice, speakers have exactly 5 minutes to teach something, enlighten us, or simply inspire but the twist is they have 20 slides that auto-advancing every 15 seconds.

Here’s the list of speakers and their topics. If you are in the Bay Area, tickets are still on sale.

Name Title
Joey Cody How To Get On A Gameshow (And Win)
Trey Clark WTF is up the with tenderloin?
Victor Chiu The War on Sleep
Joel Mahoney Civic Technology and the Calculus of the Common Good
Stefanie Chow Improve Your Public Speaking Skills With Stand Up Comedy
Dom DeGuzman California’s Drought Crisis: It’s a Cowspiracy!
Kacie Gonzalez Copyright, Trademark, and Patent. How they are different and why you should care
Claudine Woo Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You
Dana Bisordi How to Not be Recruited Into a Cult
Ryan Lackey Secure, Easy-to-Use, Cheap: Choose 3!
Tamara Altman Everywhere, One Month at a Time…
Sonja Trauss Why Not 100,000 units? How do we get there?
Mike Pile Why Brand Names Matter
Elizabeth Churchill The end of the “end-user”.
Dorothy R. Santos Narratives of Marginalized Bodies: Exploring Third Space in Contemporary New Media and Digital Art



Meet StickerGiant’s Shipping Box

StickerGiant Shipping Box Blog

Creating custom, high-quality stickers and turning them around fast is our business. The StickerGiant team works hard to make sure this happens every day. In giving you a peak inside our business, we want to pull back the curtain and introduce you to more of our employees.

Meet the StickerGiant Shipping Box. Shipping an average of over 95 orders a day in April, the Shipping Box consistently gets its fill of work.

“It works so hard, it’s literally vomiting packages out. We can’t close the lid, ever!” exclaimed Wednesday, Shipping Specialist, “It takes two UPS men sometimes to unload all the packages from it”

We asked the Shipping Box, if it’s ever felt overloaded, “….” It was speechless. The SB is a very humble employee and doesn’t like to brag about the amount of sticker packages it handles every day.

“I respect it’s willingness to continue work, even in the worst of elements,” stated John Fischer, CEO of StickerGiant.

Getting to know the Shipping Box over the years, we have learned it doesn’t like a lot of physical activities but it enjoys being in nature. It is a workaholic.

“Every day I stroll into work, its always there, working hard” explained Jesse, Marketing Director, “I don’t think SB has ever had a day off.”

We really appreciate everything the Shipping Box does for StickerGiant’s customers.

Update on Go Code Colorado: Final Celebration Tonight in Denver

Larry Lamsa Go Code Colorado StickerGiant

Photo from Larry Lamsa

Go Code Colorado

It’s been six months since 160 participants across 31 teams and five cities started the journey that is Go Code Colorado.

Now, ten teams have entered the finals and are now dialing in their apps and their business ideas that make use of public data and that help businesses make smarter decisions. It’s this initiative and energy that will the State of Colorado a more open and more data-driven place to live and to do business.

Tonight, Thursday May 21st at 6pm, the Go Code Colorado Final Event will take place at the History Colorado Center. Three teams will be awarded a contract with the state worth $25,000 (each!) during the final presentation. Good luck to all of the participants and an early congratulations

From the Aaron Templer at Go Code Colorado, here are the cities, teams and business ideas that came out of this process.

Colorado Springs
U-Nite connects small businesses with quality interns by helping the business create for-credit internships and streamlining the legal and accreditation form process, while in-turn giving insights for students to tune their degree path to better react to market needs.
Quizata generates tourism data through identity-driven content creation.

Exit Now helps reduce traffic during peak times as well as weather or incident-induced slow periods by utilizing real time CDOT and other data, as well as predictive analysis. Exit Now achieves this by enabling businesses to provide coupons or discounts to motorists giving them financial incentives—based on triggers such as location, weather, and traffic—to delay their travel itinerary until a less-congested time.

Mentor Matter is a platform to connect mentors with students. With a foundation of data that shows who’s employed, it combines data from multiple sources to find the intersection of students, industry experts, and career professionals.

CoCo enables Businesses, Colleges, and Students to find services that are needed and wanted from each other. Colleges can offer services/interns to businesses; businesses can look for services and offer positions for internships. Students can look and apply for available internship positions.

Purgatouring came up with COmmute (a Colorado-specific trip assistant) is an application that uses historic traffic information from around the state to generate projected traffic congestion patterns and trends year-round.
Fort Collins

Pikr Knows is an app that will suggest activities to do based on location, amount of free time, and other preferences.

Stay CO allows businesses to take advantage of traffic by finding and alerting travellers of specials happening near them, like a special happy hour or an apres ski deal to move commuters out of traffic and into businesses.

Grand Junction
GoGoCo is a simple mobile app that will use driver and crow- sourced information to alert commuters of traffic slow-downs and stoppages. It will offer alternative activities (like the nearest exit with a coffee shop) and alert people when the traffic gets flowing again. It also also partners with I-70 businesses to offer targeted coupons based on traffic events.

COnext is higher ed’s portal to the real world. Students want to succeed both academically and professionally. Faculty and businesses want to help, but don’t always know how. COnext connects students, faculty and businesses to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Here at StickerGiant, we strive to be an open and data-driven business, and, for us, seeing entrepreneurs work towards this mission only reinforces our commitment to sponsoring community events that do good. Check out these entrepreneurs in action in some Challenge Weekend Photos.

If you’re on Twitter, check out the local hashtags for your region: #GoCodeBldr, #GoCodeCoS, #GoCodeDen, #GoCodeDgo or #GoCodeFoCo.

Check out this video to get a closer look at Go Code Colorado 2015


Exploring Mars with Stickers

Explore Mars Blog

H2M: Humans to Mars! Explore Mars is pushing the human space frontier further through programs and projects with the goal of getting humans on mars within the next couple decades.

Heard this plot before? This is no movie, this is a group of well educated professionals pushing for further space exploration. The next step in this being humans to Mars. Explore Mars is a non profit, started in 2010, that continues to drive conversation about going to Mars and gain support to make it a reality.

Doug McCuistion (former Director of NASA Mars Exploration Program) stated,  “The Explore Mars team has been invaluable in raising awareness of why Mars exploration is important to expand science, maintain US leadership in planetary exploration, and provide the excitement so desperately needed to advance the next steps in human exploration.  For the highly successful Curiosity landing, Explore Mars provided great bang-for-the-buck with events world-wide, so I know donations to support exciting efforts like ExoLance and Time Capsule will be great investments!”

The beginning of May featured The Human to Mars Summit 2015, which was three days of workshops and talks about Mars exploration and the many reasons to send humans there. Among the speakers were Buzz Aldrin, Charles Bolden, Senator Bill Nelson, and Greg Olsen.

Explore Mars continues to operate on the support of people. What better way to encourage donation then to have an awesome sticker to support the cause?

Every great cause deserves a great sticker. We are also looking forward to the first Stickers to Mars! S2M.