WordCamp Weekend: Double Dose of Awesome

StickerGiant Wordcamp Atlanta Sponsored sticker

StickerGiant Wordcamp Atlanta Sponsored sticker photo from Evilarry

We are in a double whammy weekend here at the StickerGiant sponsorship desk, with two rad WordCamps happening at opposite corners of our fine nation at the same time!

So without further ado, we wanted to holler at our WordPress crew attending and organizing WordCamp Atlanta 2015 and WordCamp Seattle: Experienced 2015.


Starting out in the Peach State, WordCamp Atlanta 2015, with this edition as the best one yet. There are sessions for everyone, and you can even get a free ride from Lyft!

Download the full schedule if you’re heading to camp, and you can follow all of the trending news with the #wcatl hashtag

Other awesome sponsors of WordCamp Atlanta include:

CodeGuard, WPninjas, MailChimp, getpantheon, siteground, livetss, Farside Films, MyMainWP, iThemes, Impact_Partner, vexteo, bluehost, mediatemple, wiredtree, dreamhost, jetpack, godaddy, wpml


StickerGiant WordCamp Seattle Sponsored Sticker

StickerGiant WordCamp Seattle Sponsored Sticker – Photo from Dschwen

Now let’s head to the Pacific Northwest for WordCamp Seattle: Experienced. What is “experienced” in this case? (Note the nod to Seattle resident Jimi Hendrix’s album, Are You Experienced? We did.)

Well, this version of WordCamp is for season WordPress developers, and the conference track reflects that power user, with sessions all weekend focused on really ramping up WordPress development.

You can follow all of the action on Twitter at #wcsea.

As for the fine company we find ourselves in as sponsors, check out these awesome folks helping power WordCamp Seattle: Experienced:

pantheon, washington state university, ivycat, woothemes, @10up, mediatemple, wiredtree, dreamhost, jetpack, wpml, odin, crowdfavorite, fresh consulting, wpengine, lingotek, allyinteractive, diamond lining, disqus

If you’re a WordCamp or tech event, we love to help. Get in touch with us for sponsorship.


Peace, Love, GigSalad

Gig Salad Blog

Find peace in planning. Show the love for your favorite musicians. Put together the best events using GigSalad.

Awesome event ideas are easy to come by. The execution of them not so easy. One such example is the tedious process of booking bands, musicians, performers, or even a face painter. GigSalad creates a marketplace for booking all these types of entertainers and more.

Mark Steiner and Steve Tetrault founded GigSalad in 2007, with the purpose of creating an online directory for people to make their events really pop with great entertainment. GigSalad now is entertaining people at events, such as SXSW, showing the world their range of marketplace options from wedding services to outdoor party items.

GigSalad invaded Austin this year at SXSW hitting the streets with stickers. They also played host at their SXSW Trade Show Booth with a musician performing and a magician entertaining. Bringing their marketplace straight to the attendees. On Facebook, they encouraged followers to post pictures of the GigSalad stickers they found around Austin.

Start a brand invasion with our premium white vinyl stickers as portable billboards or a fun giveaway.

What? How? Why? We are StickerGiant.

SG Golden Circle

At StickerGiant, we have set clear goals for our business. Three years ago we sat down and looked at our business using the ‘golden circle.’ This philosophy is based on Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why Starting with why led us to our core concept that every sticker has a story. We hold this to heart and love to share with the world the stories we see day to day.  


StickerGiant helps people tell their stories, share their passions and get the word out about anything.


StickerGiant delights people with our great attitude, we impress them with our service and provide a product that thrills them.


We make great stickers. We do it quickly, and we have fun together doing it.

Take an inside tour of StickerGiant and see how we make a culture out of providing high quality premium stickers.

Take The Sticker Factory Tour: from John Fischer on Vimeo.

Stay Fit with StickerGiant: Crossfit Sarajevo

Crossfit Sarajevo

Refugee at age eleven, Australian Army Officer for ten years, to crossfit owner back in his home country of Bosnia, Vedran Maslic is a walking example of perseverance. Vedran and his girlfriend Esin Saribatir are on a mission to make a difference through crossfit.

They started CrossFit Sarajevo in August 2014, the first of its kind in Bosnia. “Our vision is to use the first official box in Bosnia & Herzegovina to promote positive change within this community,” stated Vedran.

Why crossfit? Vedran and Esin were both introduced to crossfit while rehabilitating from injuries. Vedran from a double shoulder reconstruction and Esin from a series of wrist, shoulder and back injuries. They saw such great results in crossfit that they wanted to share it with others.

Crossfit Sarajevo is a not-for-profit business that’s purpose is to help empower and strengthen the community, and surrounding nations, to promote unity. “Unfortunately, there seems to be a global trend of politics dividing rather than uniting. One of the great aspects of Crossfit is that regardless of race, religion, gender or age, athletes look to support one another, recognizing their efforts and achievements,” expressed Vedran.

Vedran has been through a lot to get CrossFit Sarajevo started. Promotion has been a big area of focus utilizing their website, social media and stickers to spread the word. An interesting route was taken to get these stickers. Unfortunately, StickerGiant does not ship internationally but CrossFit Sarajevo got creative receiving stickers via Frank Jones, a U.S. diplomat supporting their business.

Vedran’s perseverance continues on as he follows his dreams, “Whether it be in sport, business or politics, we each have a role to play in promoting a supportive, inclusive and tolerant society.”

StickerGiant offers crossfits a great way to get started out with a free sticker deal.

Meet Up with CHIHTML 5

HTML 5 Meet Up

“Hello! How are you?” That’s all it takes to make the next handshake to learn a new fact, change a career or land a new client. Chicago HTML 5 hosted a meetup that brought like minded professionals together to discuss emerging web technologies at SXSW.

SXSW’s goal is to connect professionals and inspire them. In line for registration, grabbing a drink in a lounge, chatting before a session, or walking through downtown it can happen at anytime. Meet ups are fantastic for bringing like-minded people together. CHIHTML5 brought these people together at their Sunday meet up during the festival.

Organizer, Mattie T. Langenberg discussed “For me, the benefit is making connections and exposing the Chicago HTML5 Meetup’s community of developers, designers and UX professionals to SXSW attendees from all over North America and the rest of the world. In some cases it’s just hello and how do you do, but I’ve recruited speakers through the meetup and made contacts with other meetup organizers and tech companies interested in Chicago.”

CHIHTML5 laid out stickers on every table during the meetup. One by one those stickers were embraced and left on their individual journeys to land on lap tops, work spaces, computers, and notebooks.

Meetup with like minded professionals and make sure the experience travels with some custom branded stickers.

Nerdist.com, A Many Headed Beast

Nerdist Blog

Comic book movies, video games, zombies, TV, and all things that leave us in awe. Nerdist.com provides a playground of content around subject matter that all of us can geek out and immerse ourselves in.

Nerdist Industries was founded by Chris Hardwick, host of the show Talking Deadstand up comic, podcaster, and self proclaimed nerd. Nerdist Industries is a multi-platform media source including Nerdist.com, the Nerdist YouTube channel, and the Nerdist Podcast network. They have over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, 2.55 million followers on Twitter (@nerdist), and podcasts that average 4.8 million monthly downloads. Nerdist is also involved with various Television productions.

At SXSW this past weekend, we ran into Nerdist.com at an awesome backyard barbecue at Banger’s on Rainey Street. Malik Forte, “a video game dude” on Nerdist.com, was there hanging out with fans, passing out swag, and playing video games. Front and center were some rad custom white vinyl stickers from yours truly. Nerdist.com is making waves in the media and their brand was on full display for SXSW.

Make sure your fans have a good interactive experience with some awesome custom stickers!