Your Sticker Factory At A Glance

In 2013, Team Sticker Giant shattered production goals of years past. A whopping 304 miles of assorted sticker materials were printed from our sticker factory in Longmont, CO in last year alone!

The average sticker size that we produce is 3 inches. If you were to take the average 3 inch sticker and fill up 304 miles of material, you would find that we made 25,681,920 total stickers in 2013 alone. Yowzers!

That means that if we stacked all of those stickers up in a row (one on-top of the other) we made 16.21 miles of stickers last year. Or if those stickers were placed end-to-end, we would wind up at 1216 miles of stickers. To help you envision the true scope of that figure, that would add up to 6 fourteeners tall;) Thats enough stickers to slap across our beautiful state of Colorado 3 times!

stickergiant infographic

Easter Stickers and Chocolate Giveaway

Easter giveaway stickergiant

Enter our Stickers and Chocolate GIVEAWAY today! Each winner will receive 1 Sticker Fun Pack of our best sticker schwag (full of perfect Easter basket-worthy adhesives) and two 1.9 oz packages of chocolate and energy bars!!! Sun Cups makes delicious nut free and gluten free butter cups and Honey Bunchies makes a yummy gluten-free energy bar. You can enter here but subscribing, AND a SECOND winner will be randomly chosen from Facebook.

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The contest closes at 11:00 am Mountain Time tomorrow (Thursday the 17th). One winner will be announced on Facebook. The winner from the newsletter list will be notified by email. The winners must be US residents. If we don’t hear from a winner within 12 hours, then we will pick a replacement.

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Interview with Jesse Mills Flurgen of Bear Arms Shirt

Jesse Mills stickergiant bear arms shirts

Episode 3: Product innovation 

StickerFairy Hailey interviews funny-man Jesse Mills, founder of furry-armed t-shirt company Bear Arms Shirts. He talks prototype development with his mom, bandwidth limitations when growing a supply chain, and marketing hints and tricks.

Bear Arms Shirts poke fun at a hot American rights issue with their unique line of custom made shirts. 

Right to Bear Arms Shirt boasts the only 2nd Amendment shirt you’ll ever need. With 6 captions to choose from the shirt features arms made out of a imitation bear fur and is sure to solicit a laugh.

Visit to and check out their shirts for yourself!

About the interviewer

The interviews are hosted by Hailey Hilliard-Goddard, StickerGiant’s resident StickerFairy and marketing maven from Longmont, CO. Follow @StickerFairy or @StickerGiant on Twitter to learn more.

How to Get Sticker Sample Fun Packs


Not sure if stickers are right for you and your marketing tactics? Let us send you a selection of the different stickers to help you make a decision. We make it easy by placing sticker product labels on the back of each sample so that you can remember which ones work the best for you. Ordering stickers samples is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1: Get the right stickers in your pack

If you want us to send you a specific sticker product type in your pack, that’s a cinch! We are able to specifically tailor your sample pack to contain only the stickers that meet your exact specifications.

Step 2: Tell us what you want

To make sure we stuff your sample fun pack with only the stickers you desire, leave us a message in the comments section when submitting your request. Envisioning how your stickers will look when produced as a specific sticker material helps us ensure that you get exactly the right solution.

Step 3: Making samples of YOUR stickers

Unfortunately we can’t make your specific sticker design into a sample and send it to you, but we are setup to show you existing samples that will help you iron out the best option for your particular needs.

Feel like trying stickers for yourself? Request samples (you’ll love them!)

Craft Brewers Conference Exhibitor Sticker Offer


The Craft Brewers Conference is coming up next week (April 8th-11th) in Denver and StickerGiant staff will be heading down on Wednesday to gain beer industry-related inspiration and build friendships.

The Craft Brewers Conference is the only beer event that provides exposure for both brewpubs and packaging breweries. This makes it a hot bed for professional beer geeks nationwide.


For exhibitors that haven’t yet tried our promotional custom sticker or label solutions, we are offering an exclusive 250 free sticker deal to encourage beer brands to test our product for yourself.

With 7,000 brewing professionals enjoying craft brews next week, stickers are a great way to leave a lasting and viral impression.

Don’t miss out on this limited deal by completing our registration form to qualify.

Not an exhibitor but qualify as a beer industry-related brand? Fill out the form anyway and we’ll be in touch to let you know if you meet requirements. At 250 Free stickers, it couldn’t hurt.

Go Code Colorado Stickers

Go Code Colorado Sticker Giant

Go Code Colorado, a new CO-based app development hackathon, is in full swing this week. Seeded by funds distributed by the Joint Budget Committee, the program also represents a list of sponsors including Google, Engine 7 Media, SendGrid, ESRI, Rally Software, Downtown Colorado Springs, Gnip, Wdesk, Brand Colorado, and Commerce Kitchen. The challenge aims to make public data more accessible and streamlined. Teams of programmers and innovators across Colorado will be competing to determine app solutions for business problems that will help grow our statewide economic infrastructure.

If you are attending as a programmer, designer, marketer, innovator, entrepreneur or a general visionary, be sure to show your support by repping their unique round sticker design. The iconic branding is sure to catch your eye and by plastering it everywhere, it will help the organization drive more support and funding for the challenge.

Go Code Colorado is still looking for resources and support. Be part of an innovated new way of surfacing economic sustainability and get involved. The people behind the organization are already turning heads in the local tech scene and this state-funded venture is sure offer endless resources to help propel our business-friendly state.