Get to Know StickerGiant: Meet Melanie


It’s time to introduce you to another one of the StickerGiant Team. Meet Melanie, one of our friendly Custom Sticker Experts that assists with getting your stickers ordered and helps all the way from the proof to delivery.

Melanie is one of many pleasant voices you will hear when calling us up to get an order going and she may be on the other end of an email, or chat sent to us. She is knowledgeable about our different custom sticker and label types and makes sure you get the right one for your specific needs. So what’s Melanie all about? We posed some question for her to answer:

What’s your story?

I originally hail from San Jose, CA but grew up in the small quaint town of Niwot, Colorado as an only child. I attended University of Colorado at Boulder where I got to unleash my inner philosopher. I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in both Philosophy and Communication. I currently reside in Boulder, CO with my great boyfriend and my two loving kitties.

What do you do in your free time?

When I am not at StickerGiant, you will most likely find me in my movie room playing video games or reading graphic novels. I also love visiting and supporting local breweries and trying out new local restaurants. I enjoy getting outdoors when I can and love the beautiful scenery that we are so lucky to experience everyday here in Colorado.

What’s your favorite part of being at StickerGiant?

My favorite part about working at StickerGiant is constantly learning about something I knew nothing about two years ago. I love being challenged and having to gain new knowledge in order to excel at my job. I also love being able to problem solve for my customers when they call and to be able to truly make their day.

Melanie also stated that if she had to choose between the mountains or the beach, she would go with the beach. This explains why she has lived in Colorado twenty two years and never gone skiing. She also partakes in weekly “water cooler” discussions of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and the latest video games to hit the market.

For all things StickerGiant and seeing more behind the sticker curtain stay tuned here, or check us out on our social media, now including Snapchat @StickerGiant.

The Beatboxing Cellist named Cello Joe


The cellist is largely considered an instrument of classical music and definitely does not turn heads the way some musicians can. CelloJoe has taken his cello mixed with beatboxing and made a new, unique genre classified as Classical Hip Hop. Through street performances and touring, CelloJoe has turned heads away from the norm to take a listen to his unique style and he is getting creative with his brand through custom stickers.

CelloJoe, also known as Joey Chang, was classically trained as a kid, starting with the piano and eventually taking up the cello. He quickly was bored with the traditional sets and came to realize that street performances gave him a chance to improvise and experiment. It was in playing on the streets that Joey began to beatbox and sing in addition to the cello. He sang about his social and political surroundings and eventually was coined the name “CelloJoe” by a homeless man who listened to him play.

The other thing that makes CelloJoe unique is that he bikes around with his entire live setup.

“CelloJoe records live on stage with a loop pedal and produces intricate tapestries of harmony, melody, and rhythm. His beatboxing (vocal percussion) and funky cello grooves form a rich soundscape for intelligent lyrics and his music spreads love, joy, laughter and conscious vibrations.

CelloJoe is the world’s first long distance musical bike touring cellist. He has ridden his bike over 10,000 miles in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia.”

Being a street performer, CelloJoe adopted stickers as a way to market himself early on. We have had the pleasure of printing up a couple custom stickers for him, including this most recent design featuring a praying mantis playing the cello and vines coming up resembling a bicycle. These colorful stickers looks great on our premium white stock.

Check out this awesome video of CellJoe setting up and playing filmed with GoPro:

Detroit Startup Week 2016


The Motor City is popping off with entrepreneurial energy this week, as they celebrate Detroit Startup Week 2016.

We’re still riding high after last week’s Boulder Startup Week and Denver’s Startup Weekend, plus the scores of other recent sponsorships (you’ll notice a theme, loyal readers), but we all know that Detroit is in for five days of a unique community experience.

For new readers, Startup Week is a new type of conference that builds momentum and opportunity around entrepreneurship, led by entrepreneurs and hosted in the entrepreneurial spaces they love. The energy is tangible, and the results of the week are a reflection of a community’s hard work and entrepreneurial identity.

This year’s tracks (knowledge sessions) are organized around the following themes: Art+Design, Civic Innovation, Entrepreneur 101, Food-Preneurship, IoT (Internet of Things), Mobility, Music, Social Entrepreneurship, Tech, and Marquee Events (stuff like the keynote, closing party and Chase-sponsored talks and Basecamps). It will prove to be rewarding and invigorating for all attendees and organizers. We say this because we know, but if you’re within a day’s drive of these events, they are worth it and you should go soak up all of the information and networking that await.

Follow all of the #DETsw16 action on Twitter

Sponsored Stickers at MetroHacks, WordCamp Minneapolis and TEDxUSCD


We are so lucky to be sponsoring three different community events all across the country, from Massachusetts to Minneapolis and San Diego. This makes for a coast-to-coast sponsored sticker trifecta that means maximum community engagement.

Let’s start on the East Coast, visit the Midwest and finish on the Pacific shores.



MetroHacks is New England’s premier hackathon for high schoolers, by high schoolers. Get ready for great food, workshops, and hacking. Learn, code, and collaborate to build amazing things. They are rocking a slightly off-kilter logo sticker on our premium white backing. Look for some innovation and inspiration from the youth of the Northeast.

WordCamp Minneapolis


WordCamp Minneapolis weekend is jam-packed with educational and informative sessions from some of the best speakers in the local and national WordPress Community. WordCamp Minneapolis will be held at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota West Bank. They have the typical Wapuu symbols in a local flavor and some custom WordPress logo treatments; always a great sticker sheet.


Landing on the West Coast at the University of California San Diego, we’re visiting TEDxUCSD. This event’s theme is “Dialogue,” because this year’s organizers are working from the belief that discussions are not just a formality, but a beginning of continuous dialogues that will make lasting impacts on both the present and the future. They have their classic TEDx speaker series branding on a premium white logo with red, white and black as the active colors in the design. Clean and simple.

Startup Weekend Denver: Internet of Things 2.0 Edition


Startup Weekend Denver will be taking place from May 20-22 at Industry in Denver’s RiNo Arts District. They went with a fun robot mashup from the typical Startup Weekend branding and put this living droid towering above the Denver skyline. This will be a fun sticker for attendees to carry with them into the world.

The Internet of Things (or IoT) isn’t just the next app, trend, or Facebook. The “.com” boom only put data into the cloud. The “IoT” boom opens the door for using the cloud to create collaboration with the tangible things around us. Startup Weekend Denver will strive to discover solutions in new an innovative ways.

This event brings together leaders in the Denver technology community, including investors, founders and potential sponsors. In a two-day intensive session, participants will meet like-minded people, enjoy local food and gain a working experience like never before. Surrounded by passionate folks armed the industry’s best practices, event goers will will take giant leaps toward creating a business and becoming a founder. We are big-time supporters of entrepreneurial activity here in Colorado, and all around the world. If you’re organizing or building something awesome in your community and want stickers, check out our sponsorship options.

As always, you can follow the Denver Startup Weekend activity on their Twitter page.

Live from Ignite Boulder 29


StickerGiant is always on board for sponsoring community events all around the country, and we are proud to be a long-time sponsor of Ignite Boulder. On Thursday night May 19th, as part of Boulder Startup Week, we’ll be at the Boulder Theater live streaming from the @IgniteBoulder Periscope account and Ignite Boulder Facebook Live account for Ignite Boulder 29. We love the funny and ironic name tags that we print on our premium white stickers for each event.

Since it’s Boulder Startup Week, and as is tradition, Ignite Boulder helps round out the week-long, community centered event that has taken over this growing mountainside enclave. If you are around Boulder, and you didn’t grab a ticket, you can put your name on the waitlist here.

Not sure what an Ignite talk means? It’s a night of presentations on a variety of topics – with a twist. Each presentation has 20 slides, that automatically advance after 15 seconds. It is a worldwide movement, and Boulder hosts the largest in the world every 2 or 3 months. Check out some of the archived videos on their YouTube page. Below watch a playlist of the talks from the December Ignite Boulder 28.

It’s worth the wait to check out one of Boulder’s top live community-run events. You can follow the action on Twitter, or one of the live streams.

Ignite Boulder 28 Videos