Sponsorship Desk: Design4Drupal Boston & WordCamp Fayetteville

It might be the middle of summer and just about smack dab in the dog days of August, but the StickerGiant Sponsorship team isn’t slowing down one bit. We have two top-notch events this weekend, one WordCamp (an old favorite) and Design4Drupal Boston (a new favorite).

StickerGiant Design4Drupal Boston 2015 Microsoft NERD Center

StickerGiant Design4Drupal Boston 2015 Microsoft NERD Center

Design4 Drupal Boston 2015
For this week’s opener, we have a slightly different technology event out of Boston. Design 4 Drupal is an annual web design camp covering all aspects of design, UX, & theming for Drupal websites. It takes place at, get this, the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA. NERD in this case stands for: New England Research and Development Center.

Going on six years now, this annual gathering brings together hundreds of designers, coders and site administrators, all who enjoy sharing ideas and inspiration. The best takeaway from this is that attendees earn new techniques for Drupal design and theme development from each other and super talented speakers.

At StickerGiant, we run our our website on Symfony, which borrows some tech elements Drupal, to make everything run smooth for our online customers, so we figured we’d sponsor and show this community some appreciation.

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WordCamp Fayetteville Badges We Are Sponsoring

WordCamp Fayetteville Badge

WordCamp Fayetteville 2015

WordCamp Fayetteville will take place from July 31 through August 2, 2015, at the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Enterprise Development on the University of Arkansas campus. As with the countless other WordCamps we sponsor, #WCFay features a great list of fellow sponsors.

For folks at WordCamp Fayetteville boast that everyone is welcome (and they mean it), which means if you read WordPress blogs, use WordPress for your own blog or want to learn more about building with WordPress, this is the event for you to attend. If you want to network with the Northwest Arkansas tech and business communities, WordCamp Fayetteville is the place to be.

This year’s edition features five tracks, which we’ve listed from the WordCamp Fayetteville Sessions page:

  • WP101: Have you just bought the car or are you thinking about it? Learn how to install your theme, choose between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, and get started.
  • Developers: Getting under the hood Don’t plan to attend these sessions unless you actually code WordPress sites, apps, or plugins.
  • Designers: Jazzing up the chassis Some WP designers are more about the art and some also like to code their themes. Either way, this track offers inspiration.
  • Publishers: Delivering the goods Bloggers, writers, and other content mavens belong in this track.
  • Entrepreneurs: Driving the car, not messing with the motor — and you mean business If your company website is built in the WordPress platform, this is the track for you, whether you work in WordPress or delegate that work.

That’s quite a bit of awesome content to pick up and learn, so find a away to get to this WordCamp, or find one (or organize one!) near you. Not gonna lie the After Party at Hawaiian Brian’s sounds like a blast. Apparently they have a giant Jenga set, and we love games.

Follow all of the #WCfay action on their Twitter feed.

Accelerating with Catalyze CU

Catalyze CU

Startups and students, two of our favorite things all wrapped into one, Catalyze CU.

“Catalyze CU is a 9 week startup accelerator designed for CU Students and Faculty. Catalyze CU combines world class mentorship and equity free grants with the University’s most promising ideas and technologies. Through this combination, Catalyze CU provides the driving force to make these ideas and technologies succeed.”

Tonight, Thursday, July 30th is the conclusion of all the hard work these students, faculty, and mentors have put into this program. The Demo Day is from 6-8pm at Atlas 100 on the University of Colorado Boulder Campus. A chance for the students behind these new companies to showcase their products and services.

We at StickerGiant, had fun with this sponsorship contributing to the promotion of Catalyze CU with awesome logo stickers with their beaker bubbling over symbolizing the acceleration of startup ideas into companies. We also contributed to each of the startups’ demonstrations by providing them the option of getting custom stickers.

It should be a fun night and we look forward to seeing lots of stickers in action.

Huckleberry Roasters in your Hands

Coffee Labels

Meaningful experiences found over a cup of coffee. Huckleberry Roasters is built on the idea that enjoying a cup of coffee leads to creativity and authentic interactions between people that build community.

Huckleberry Roasters was started by Koan and Mark, who share a passion for music and coffee. They take great care in their brew process and pride in quality. What started as a garage alley business in Denver, has grown to two cafe locations and an online wholesale store offering their great blends.

With the focus on quality, Huckleberry Roasters designed great labels to go on every bag of their coffee that goes out the door. Different color labels that have detailed descriptions of the aroma and all around love put into the coffee. They even have the hashtag #EnjoySlowly printed next to their logo proudly stating their motto to slowly enjoy every cup of Huckleberry and appreciate each day that comes with it.

Quality shows in a lot of ways, make sure your packaging expresses the care put into your products.

StayFit with StickerGiant: Crossfit H-Town

CrossFit H-Town

Get motivated and fire up the goodness. Crossfits continue to spread and grow across the country and so do awesome crossfit stickers. The reason why? It really works, the workouts too! Crossfit H-Town is a well oiled fitness machine with everything an individual needs to get started and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle.

People have different reasons for getting fit and choosing crossfit. Some want to lose weight, some want to get toned, and others want to improve strength. Theo Tsekouras was looking for a way to make himself a better Houston Firefighter when he started crossfit workouts in his garage. Ten years later he is the founder of Crossfit H-Town in Houston, Texas.

Theo is a Crossfit Level 2 instructor in both CrossFit and Gymnastics. His wife, Carrie, is a trainer and has a degree in nursing. Their Director of Training, Dr. Seth Lawrence, has a doctorate in Physical Therapy. Between the three of them with their varied backgrounds, they have a dynamic team to cover all aspects of health and fitness as it relates to crossfit training.

The neat thing about Crossfit H-Town is their variety of training programs and their focus on helping individuals with nutrition options. Unlike, a lot of stickers we make that feature logos and are for promotion. These “Eat Healthy” stickers are designed to stick, track, and instruct on healthy meals.

The practical can be as beneficial as the promotional, make it a digitally printed full color sticker and keep pumping up your business.

StickerGiant’s Artist of the Month: katsola


Stickers are a true celebration of art, without art there are no stickers. In looking at the stories behind stickers, sometimes the stickers themselves are the story. The artist, katsola, has not only been creating amazing art but creating and developing a story behind characters turned into stickers.

katsola is the artist name of Katherine Kearns, given to herself in 2000. She was an artist from a very early age and carried on the family roots of art and design. It was a focus of hers in school from the very beginning and carried her all the way through getting a graphic design and painting degree from Steph F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX. Her skills include illustrations, drawing, painting, website and logo design. She has worked with a variety of companies over the years but set out on her own freelance adventure in 2012.

The Eel & The Lonely Sea is katsola’s most recent project that she is still developing. The Sirens Tale characters are:

“The Sirens are: Morwenna, the pibgorn playing, starfish eye patched, white locked Arctic siren and her Narwhal Yseult; Oki, the Japanese Koto playing, raven haired siren and her heart shaped eye patch wearing squid, Nadeshiko; Cordelia, the red haired, mandolin playing Welsh siren and her muse the bindi wearing seal, Ronan and Kailani, the chestnut tressed, Ukeke playing Hawaiian siren and her muse, Alapai, the swim goggle wearing Eel, who also wears the sailor hat of a previous ‘suitor’.”

These beautifully illustrated characters are available as full color premium white vinyl stickers through katsola’s online store. Some of her other work is on display at the East End Studio Gallery in Houston, Texas.

Whether you are creating a work art or just dabbling with a design, nothing beats our premium white stickers to really bring out artistic creations in stickers.

Sponsorship Desk: WordCamp Asheville and Milwaukee

Our weekly sponsorship update features two of our mainstays, WordCamps. This weekend you’ll find StickerGiant sticker sheets in the foothills of the Blue Ridge and along the shores of Lake Michigan, which is pretty darn rad. We love WordPress, and we love community, so we’re giddy with sticker love.

StickerGiant WordCamp Asheville 2015 Sticker Sheet

StickerGiant WordCamp Asheville 2015 Sticker Sheet

WordCamp Asheville 2015

Let’s start at the Highsmith Student Union on the University of North Carolina-Asheville campus, where WordCamp Asheville 2015 is running at full tilt. Pre-camp for beginners kicks off on Friday, and this session gives WordPress newbies the whole shebang on getting started. With four tracks to choose from—All Users, Business, Design and Front End, and Developers—this WordCamp has tons of great content to learn and mentors to network with…just try the Happiness Bar, where you can dive deep into conversations on WordPress.

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StickerGiant WordCamp Milwaukee Sticker Sheet

StickerGiant WordCamp Milwaukee Sticker Sheet

WordCamp Milwaukee 2015

Heading west to Wisconsin, we visit WordCamp Milwaukee 2015, which is taking place at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Continuing Education in the famous Plankinton Building on the Milwaukee River. The sticker sheet that they came up with is super cool because it incorporates Wapuu, the WordPress mascot. Check out the speaker schedule that’s packed with WordPress experts, and the session schedule, which has plenty of informative knowledge about our favorite blogging platform.

Follow all of the @WordCampMKE action at the #wcMKE hashtag.