Gear Up For Election Day With Stickers!

StickerGiant political stickers for campaign use

It's almost November! You know what that means, right? If you're thinking hay rides, colorful fall leaves and lots of hot chocolate, we're on the same page. But it also means political electioneering is in full swing as everyone gears up for the November 4th election. And what better way to stand out from the crowd than with stickers?

There's a lot of hard work than goes into trying to sway the public's vote - political rallies full of hand shaking and baby kissing, door-to-door politicking to reach a large audience ... and what about all that schwag? T-shirts, paper fans, pens and pencils and notepads - oh my! It's an infinite smorgasbord of political paraphernalia, so why not step out with something new and try political stickers on for size? They can be handed out everywhere you go, are uniquely memorable and easily stick to most everything, making them a great way to not only get your name noticed but remembered, too! And isn't that the whole point of election day?

Sticker Giant knows just how important stickers are to your campaign, and are ready to help in whatever endeavors you pursue! Click here to get started.

Alaska Iron Dog Has Been Going the Distance for 30 Years!

Alaska Iron Dog stickers produced by StickerGiant for promotion

The year is 1984 (not as predicted by George Orwell) and the Iron Dog Race was just getting its roots. "The World's Longest Toughest Snowmobile Race" is a self-proclaimed moniker that means what it says - when you compete, you'll be traveling 2,031 miles over some of the most rugged terrain Alaska has to offer with only a snowmobile as your companion for the duration of the trek.

For thirty years, Alaska Iron Dog has drawn competitors from around the world for the week-long race and steadily gained popularity for its unusual route and the addition of a professional class of riders. The race originally followed the Northern Route of the Historic Iditarod Trail to Nome, Alaska but now starts in Big Lake, brushes by Nome and ends up in Fairbanks, over 2,000 cold, frosty miles away.  Outdoor survival skills are an absolute necessity to compete in the wild as you encounter some of the harshest winter conditions the state can produce. The good news is that the race works on a buddy system - each team consists of two people and two snowmobiles for safety reasons, a good rule of thumb you've been practicing since kindergarten. The Alaska Iron Dog is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Their sticker is definitely rugged, as well, with an "X marks the spot" theme that is bright and eye-catching enough to pique anyone's curiosity. Featuring the race slogan, logo and a clean design, there's no mistaking this sticker as belonging to anyone else but the bravest among us. Strike up a conversation, learn more about the participants and possibly enter the race yourself - now that's true sticker power!

The race starts February 20, 2015 but registration ends October 31st! Click here to register. Interested to see if you have what it takes to join? Watch this video from the 2014 Iron Dog Race, then click here to get your own awesome stickers - if you dare!

Wash Away Your Sins with Schoon Soap!

Schoon Soap label stickers on the bar from stickergiant

Lather, ye sinners, lather! Schoon Soap’s cold process method made soap is a far cry from the soap made in Tyler Durden’s kitchen. This Brooklyn based small-batch, vegan-friendly, natural as heck soap is the Rolls Royce of soaps, and for good reason.

The end result of having spent months developing an exclusive formula, is that each hand-crafted bar is truly a labor of love. Schoon means ‘clean’ in Dutch, and clean your conscience will be. Instead of using palm oil or animal fat, founder, Stephanie Klose, starts with creamy shea butter and coconut oil, giving each bar serious VIP status.

Schoon Soap is for every BODY. Using unique essential oil blends, combined with olive, sunflower, avocado, and castor oils, who needs a lotion? Redheads, babies, priests and poets will love the unscented variety.

Schoon Soap’s logo resembles the majestic mountains of StickerGiant’s home base, Colorado, where we could all benefit from a lil skin TLC. If you are conjuring up your own magic in the kitchen and want to share your special lotion, potion, or elixir, let us help you share your labor of love with custom sticker labels!

Mushrooms, Mountains and Music – The White Lightning Boys Know How to Live Life Right

StickerGiant customer sticker White Lightning Boys

Imagine, if you will, a time in the not-so-distant past, like 2000 or 2001 (no one really remembers). The setting? Brown County, Indiana, just before sunset. The characters? A lively cast of morel mushroom-picking, banjo-playing, corn liquor-drinking good ol' boys who came together with a singular thought in mind - let's make music! And so, with little fanfare but a lot of heart, the White Lightning Boys were born into existence.

Determined to write songs about mountains, girls and mountain girls, this dedicated band of musicians quickly developed a unique sound - bluegrass and folksy with fast-paced bursts of fiddlin' energy. Their music has managed to " retain a smooth, rich sound that can lull you into a reverie then shake you up with their frenetic jamming," an apt description. Each song is finely crafted to showcase each musician's special talents - guitar, banjo, fiddle, dobro, bass and mandolin - and oozes a lovely sense of camaraderie that you just don't find in music these days. It's easy to tell heart and soul has gone into every note, which definitely means the White Lightning Boys are the stuff of legends.

It's only fitting, then, that their sticker has a two-sided meaning: their music is like catching lightning in a bottle, but you can also drink down the Moonshine that Lightning Made. 100% made in the USA, these Brown County natives are creative, spirited and talented - a musical trifecta that goes a long way in this world!

Don't even think about leaving this blog post without checking out this video of the White Lightning Boys performing 'I Know You Rider" - you won't be disappointed! Get your bluegrass on, then click here to get your own super awesome stickers!

Stay Relevant with Seasonal Shipping Box Packaging


Happy Halloween! Merry Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving! The fall holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it comes a number of ways you can connect with your customers while staying fresh and fun. Stickers aren’t just for including in packages and handing out at events - consider putting those bad boys on the shipping box itself!

Receiving a package of any kind in the mail is exciting, and if an awesome sticker is added on it really adds to the fun of the whole thing, especially coming from your favorite companies. If you have a product that can be shipped, dress up that plain ol’ box with a seasonal sticker to stay relevant and connect with your customers in a fun way! Make a spooky shipping label for Halloween, or one with fall leaves for Thanksgiving. You can incorporate any number of seasonal effects, or add some to your logo for the holiday, then make a sticker that decorates the shipping box and lets people know you’re ready for fall fun!

StickerGiant not only loves stickers, we love to see you succeed! Our customer service team is ready to work with you on developing a one-of-a-kind sticker that can bring attention to your packaging while standing out from the crowd. Want to see what we can do for you? Click here to get started!

Ginger’s Popcorn Makes Every Day a Poppin’ Good Time!

Gingers Popcorn

Oh, popcorn! How you make us happy, especially during movie nights. Or as a low-calorie snack before lunch. And we’re quite enamored with your reputation as being little kernels of crunchy delight. Okay, so we just all-around love popcorn and there’s no better treat than Ginger’s Popcorn when you want good-for-you munchies.

Headquartered in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and loaded with Southern charm, Ginger’s Popcorn can brag that their kernels are hot-air popped, contain zero grams of trans fat and are made with non-GMO corn, a breath of fresh air for the health-conscious among us. The flavor combinations are unique, too, and possibly something you’ve never experienced before like caramel apple, peanut butter chocolate, triple nut caramel and cheesy cheese. Each flavor comes in 2 gallon, 3.5 gallon or 5 gallon tins - no small portions in sight. Awesome!

Ginger’s Popcorn recently launched their new website and also have a sweet sticker to go along with their crunchy personality. It’s bright and colorful, featuring their cute logo with air-popped pieces taking center stage in the word “popcorn.” What a super cute way to engage customers and pique their interest!

Are you ready to break out the fun with your own set of stickers? Click here for more information on how we can help!