Marketing Your Stickers in the Digital World

StickerGiant stickers can be used in the digital age, too!

There are only so many ways a sticker can be used in the real world, and if you’re trying to successfully market your product then you’ve probably used (almost) all of them. Finding the right marketing strategies can be really time-consuming, even with a dedicated marketing person, so there’s no better time than now to start harnessing the power of the digital revolution for daily marketing methods.

With the new year rapidly approaching, start getting your ideas into gear for a brand-new marketing launch in 2015. Stickers are no longer about the physical message they can spread, but the connection your customers and clients feel towards your brand as a whole. It’s all about keeping your current customers satisfied and introducing yourself to new ones, and social media can play a bigger role in all of this than you could imagine.

Hashtags have exploded in popularity over the last few years thanks to Twitter, and other social media groups have gotten on board the bandwagon as well, with LinkedIn and Facebook joining the fray, too.

  • Create a special #hashtag for your company and use it in conjunction with the stickers, perhaps through a giveaway: whoever responds to your post with the specialty hashtag will be entered into a drawing for free stickers.
  • Or try it with coupon codes: the first 50 people to use this coupon code will receive free stickers with their order.
  • Another suggestion: social media sharing. Ask your customers to post pictures of your stickers and where they’ve put them, and double the impact by having them tag the pics with your specific hashtag. You might want to offer a giveaway or contest for those that participate, too, according to whatever promotions you have going on at the time.

As you can see, there are plenty of super creative uses for stickers both in real life and in the digital realm, all of which make for easy marketing campaigns should you choose to use them. If you’re ready to grab some custom stickers of your own, you can start building your order and one of our Sticker Experts will make sure they’re absolutely perfect and ready to go in no time.


Are You Ready for the Ho-Ho-Holidays?


Happy Holidays! Christmas is a magical time full of love, joy and high spirits and we here at StickerGiant want to give you some great tips for using your brand-new custom stickers this season.

Think small with Christmas cards. It’s true! You can make a completely unique, custom-made Christmas card that proudly features your one-of-a-kind sticker and special holiday message. Family, friends and clients alike will really appreciate the thought that went in to their greetings.

Take them to your holidays events. Stickers are always so much better than boring business cards, which adds a touch of whimsy to the classic holiday schmoozing. Stick them on your Christmas gifts or slide them into your co-worker’s stocking. Stick them on holiday cups of eggnog and let your guests enjoy your super awesome creation.

Make your packages pop. Packages in the mail are fun, but packages with cool stickers on them are way better! Show your customers your ingenuity and decorate their orders with colorful, one-of-a-kind stickers. You can even use your sticker design as part of the mailing label, should you wish. There are plenty of ways to make your boxes stand out from the rest.

Have yourself a merry little contest. There’s no better way to engage your customers than with a contest, and I believe that’s a scientific fact. Set up a contest for your customers to win some of your sweet stickers, because who doesn’t love free stuff?

When it comes to stickers, thinking outside of the box is the key to great product placement. Put your stickers wherever there’s going to be added value by having it there, too.

There are so many creative uses for stickers this holiday season, and these are just a few ideas. What are some ways you use stickers? Let us know in the comments below, then start your custom sticker order. Happy Holidays!


How Do You Apply Your Labels?

StickerGiant collage of labels and their applicators

StickerGiant knows all about custom labels and stickers – it’s just who we are! No matter what your label needs may be, you know we’ll have an option that works for your company, product or brand. Ordering your custom labels is the easiest part of the whole process – the bigger question is: how will you apply these to your product?

You have several options when it comes to label applicators, but are they all worth your time? Here’s a look at two we’ve found:

1. BenchMATE by Great Engineering 

As far as manual label applicators go, the BenchMATE  is really simple to use, if not time consuming. It’s small and affordable, and would be great for small-batch products or for those who like being in control of all aspects of production.

2. Weber Labeling Systems

StickerGiant loves label applicators like this one from Weber

The Weber company makes everything from small manual label applicators to large-scale devices, like the Herma H400 pictured above. If you will be labeling products en masse, it might be worth the investment to find an automated applicator that can handle all your many label needs.

This are just a couple of the ones we know about – what about you? We’d love to hear some feedback from our customers regarding the best label applicators they know of, so leave a comment below! Ready to get some sweet labels for your own homemade pasta sauce or a Christmas gift of trail mix? Order your labels today to get started on your holiday packaging. ‘Tis the season!



Meet Custom Sticker Specialist Maureen!

StickerGiant employee Maureen aka "Moe"

It’s no secret that we here at StickerGiant love our customers – you’re the reason we exist! It’s fun to create such uniquely awesome stickers while we get to know our customers and their brands. But do you know who we are?

Meet StickerGiant’s longest-term employee, Maureen. She’s affectionately known as “Moe” around the office, and has been with us for over a decade now. Much like a marriage, she’s stuck with us through thick and thin, better or worse, and is an incredibly integral part of the team. If you’ve ever placed a custom sticker order, you’ve no doubt had interactions with Moe, who is our Custom Sticker Specialist.

We asked Moe if she’s ever caught a mistake that saved our company time and money, and this is what the lovely lady had to say:

“What I’ve done most is always stepped up and stepped in where I knew I could be the most productive and support others so they could be most productive and do what they do best.”

Great job, Moe! We couldn’t do it without you.

Over the years, we’ve learned that Moe enjoys a healthy dose of competition and loves to win trophies of all sorts. Her desk here at StickerGiant is covered with various awards she’s had the pleasure of winning, including a few years’ worth of Halloween costume winnings. We’ve enjoyed getting to know Moe over the years, and hope you’ve enjoyed this look into her life, too!

Are you ready to get to know more of our staff? Register to receive our 3rd annual StickerGiant cookbook and enjoy learning more about Moe and other staff members for yourself. Enjoy!


Why Stickers Make a Great Advertising Medium

sticker deal for graphic designers

Advertising your product, brand or services can be tough in today’s technological world. It seems like everyone has a gimmick of some sort and can’t wait to get it into your hot little hands, but stickers are still one of the best advertising strategies around. They can be big or small, little or tall, contain tons of information and graphics or be short, sweet and to the point. Stickers are an affordable advertising medium, and one that almost everyone can work with.

Graphic designers of the world, take note: you are in high demand, whether you know it or not! All of your training and expertise in high-resolution image editing software is just waiting to be put to good use by brands who are looking to spread their company’s message through the use of sticker advertising.

The key to helping you connect with your customers and potential clients through stickers is communication, and if you’re a graphic designer working on a client’s stickers, this is especially critical to your overall success. There must be an open dialogue between you, the designer, and your client or target audience in order to maximize the effectiveness of your work. Be honest about your skills and what you’re capable of providing, make every step of the design process clear and free of any possible ambiguities and be open to learning new skills. You might just stretch the boundaries of what you are capable of!

Are you a graphic designer that could use some free stickers? Register to earn 250 free stickers to use on your next graphic design project. It’s a great way to get a feel for the stickers before you purchase, but we’re confident you’ll fall in love with them. Good luck!

The National Park Poster Project: Successfully Funded!

StickerGiant helped to successfully fund The National Park Poster Project

StickerGiant loves to help small businesses, independent entrepreneurs and creative artists with their endeavors when we can. We love our home state of Colorado and we truly enjoy helping fellow residents, which is why we recently contributed to The National Park Poster Project campaign on Kickstarter.

We’re happy to report that the project was successfully funded! This means that the National Park posters from the 1930’s and ’40’s that were started and never finished will now have a place in America’s hearts as Rob Decker works tirelessly to finish the art he holds so dear. As a personal study under Ansel Adams, Decker has a special love for the National Parks and now we can all share in his heart’s endeavors.

Following your dreams is something we should all be working towards, which is why The National Park Poster Project means so much to StickerGiant. We’re so glad we could help this project come to fruition!

Are you ready to share your passion with the world? We can help! Start creating your own world-class set of stickers, and one of our Sticker Experts will get them to you in no time!