Shop Smarter, Not Harder With T-Shirt Labels

T-shirt Labels made by StickerGiant

Trying on clothes can be a frustrating process, no doubt about it, especially if you go to a new store. So many racks of shirts! So many shelves of pants! Add in the fact that many shirts come tagged with several different labels that it can be hard to discern the exact information you need in a quick manner. It's just a shirt - not rocket science!

That's where t-shirts labels come in handy. These clever little stick 'ems can be added to apparel tags as a fast and easy way to find out what you need in a snap. Let's say the store you're at has a strange sizing method. Not everyone goes by the small-medium-large charts and might come up with their own unique ways of stating sizes. This can be super confusing and frustrating, but a quick little sticker over the size or on the front of the shirt lets customers know exactly what to expect, making your shopping trip just as fabulous as you are!

Stickers are a great way to engage with customers, especially if the sticker is fun and informative. You can make a cutesy sticker advertising your brand or a serious sticker providing facts and figures. You can make it bright and colorful, or black and white. The t-shirt label in the picture let's you know that shirt has some serious Phish factor, which brings an ordinary shirt to life with a new label and meaning. Fantastic!

Do you have an idea for t-shirt or apparel stickers? Let us know by clicking here, and we promise to start working on making your dreams a reality!



Give a New Kind of Treat This Halloween – Stickers!

Pumpkin with StickerGiant sticker


Trick or treat! Very soon you will be hearing the sounds of Halloween all around you. Candy will be flowing like from a busted pinata, ghosts and goblins will be knocking on your door and the neighborhood will come alive with all kinds of fun. Sounds like a great time! If you're going to have your light on and your jack o' lantern lit for the little ones to come get some goodies, why not move away from the traditional candy offerings and try something different?

Kids love candy, sure, but they also love stickers! Holiday stickers are a great way to make sure your brand stays relevant during the festivities while also being health-conscious. Not everyone likes candy, and of course all that sugar can be bad for the teeth. Businesses like dentists and doctors have always given away a different kind of treat to encourage healthy habits, and now you can, too!

Stickers in general are a great way to market your business, as they're super fun and can stick to literally anything you want them to. Colorful, bright and eye-catching, stickers are a little kid's dream come true. The Halloween sticker sheet in the picture above has lots of little stickers that tiny hands can have a great time with, and the StickerGiant logo is also a cute sticker, too! Halloween, Christmas, Easter and everything in between - stickers help you connect with your customers while showing how awesome you are. Good job, you!

StickerGiant loves stickers, and we love having fun - a dynamic duo that's bound to bring great results! Are you ready to get your treats ready for the big day? Click here and we'll help you get started. Happy Halloween!

Make Your Business Card Memorable With Stickers!

business card stickergiant

Business card sticker design credited to Ads of the World and Bart Agency

How many times has someone handed you a business card, only for you to promptly lose it in the shuffle of papers on your desk? Have you ever had the frustration of giving someone your card only to have them lose it? Yeah, we hear ya. It's not fun at all. Traditional business cards are informative and can even be fun, but they can also get wet...or bent...or torn...or, well, lost. They might even end up in the trash from time to time, and who wants that?

There's a new way to make your business card stick in the minds of those you deal with - stickers! Bet you didn't know you could make them into a business card. All of your sticky issues regarding business cards just got a lot sticker, but in the best way possible. "What the heck are business card stickers," you ask? Good question!

Let's start with the basics. Business card stickers look just like the regular paper version but are actually printed on a sticker. These stickers can be traditional for use just about everywhere, clear for window use or silkscreened for the ultimate in sticker durability. They can be square, like a regular business card, or they can be die cut into the shape of your logo. You can choose full color representation or just one color, if you're cool like that. Whatever your little heart desires, we have a sticker for that.

Before you ask how you can get a little slice of this heaven,  think of how you're going to use them: will your business card sticker be given out at conferences, events or meetings? Or will it be going on something outside, like a helmet? Do you want to stick it on your car? The type of sticker you choose depends on how it will be used, so make sure you order correctly. StickerGiant loves stickers (obviously!) and we want to make sure you're absolutely 100% completely and totally satisfied with your sticker.

Ready to get super creative and make your name stick in the minds of your customers? Check out this video then click here to get started!

Best Referrer of the Month Award

Nolan crossley of clearwater gear stickergiant wins referrer of the month

This month StickerGiant is trying something a little different. Over the years, we've begun to establish a great group of referring people and businesses that really help us to drive profits. This kind of work-of-mouth marketing is invaluable in our industry, and we are thus finding it important to begin some sort of rewards program around it.

This month, customer and friend Nolan Crossley of Clearwater Gear glassware company out of Idaho takes the cake. After months of building an internal relationship with us, Nolan has become a powerhouse when it comes to telling brewery owners about us. Because we share similar customer segments, this isn't hard to do, but Nolan also has a unique style that makes him extra friendly and thus easy to connect with on a deeper level. We honor his collaboration and would love to help empower others in our network to leverage the same results for a mutual benefit.

If you are interested in being considered as a power referral source, be sure to connect with our @StickerFairy Hailey via email for more information:

Phoenix Design Week Proves There is a Method to the Madness

Phoenix Design Week stickers by StickerGiant to be handed out

Since 2009, when a passionate open letter from designer Mark Dudlik to the Phoenix, Arizona design community gained momentum and supporters, Phoenix Design Week has been bringing together a variety of visual disciplines into one crazy conference of love, support and everything you can think of related to design. It's a wonderful grassroots campaign that draws in worldwide attention, and is quickly fanning the flames of fame.

Phoenix Design Week will be rockin' the desert October 16-24 with world-class speakers, workshops and the Method + Madness Conference October 18-19th at the Phoenix Convention Center. The conference promises to be the highlight of the week with industry speakers, hands-on sessions, workshops and an in-depth look at two aspects of design - the beautiful process of creation and the insight and training that will help you achieve your goals. That sounds pretty exciting to us!

StickerGiant has not only created the beautiful Method + Madness sticker but is a sponsor of the event itself! Pretty cool, right? We're also stoked about their awesome sticker creation, which features the conference logo and accurately describes the event - the magic elixir of design is just waiting to be uncorked and poured into your creative, capable hands. It's truly a beautiful work of design itself!

Mark your calendars or tie a string around your finger so you don't forget to register for this amazing event - it won't be back for another year! Are you ready to rock your own sticker design? Click here to get started.


Striking Shades Shield the Sun with Pit Viper Sunglasses

Pit Viper shades with board for StickerGiant campaign

Have you already tried to say that five times fast? We know you all too well. Pit Viper Sunglasses wants to know you, too, and promises to treat you right from the minute you purchase your first pair.

This creative company based in Salt Lake City, Utah started developing their most awesome sunglasses in 2012 after a skiing trip left founder Chuck Mumford with a broken pair of shades and the brutal mountain sun in his eyes. He started developing his new line of sunglasses immediately afterward, wanting them to be trauma-proof in so many ways - able to withstand a speeding bullet, being sat on, crushed in your pocket and run over on the ski slope. He's succeeded in creating a super awesome pair of shades that the 1990's called and wants back, but that decade can't have them; the pleasure is all yours.

Made of military grade material with three adjustment points for the ultimate in comfort, Pit Viper Sunglasses can hold up to rain, sun, sleet and a variety of other environmental elements; they can be shot with a 15-caliber pellet and not shatter and make you look darn good while being you. Their sweet sticker is essentially several smaller stickers that can help you make your boring non-cool dude shades look awesome, but that's not where the fun ends ... oh no, it's just beginning!

Pit Viper Sunglasses is running a Kickstarter campaign to help them get these bad boys into production ASAP, and they need your help to reach their goal. When you contribute you'll help them work towards creating a Pit Viper production mold, a production run of 5,000 pairs of awesome coolness and administrative costs like renting their warehouse. The perks for contributing are super sweet and range from invisible thank-you's in their head to a massive, all-expenses paid skiing trip to hang with the boys of Pit Viper Worldwide. You can't get a bigger thank you than that!

This Kickstarter video gives a serious look into the not-so-serious side of the company while accurately describing the product. How is that possible, you ask? Click play to find out! Ready for your stickers to fly down the mountain? This link will help you get started!