High Plains Comedy Festival 2016


Back for the fourth year is the High Plains Comedy Fest, and we are proud to be sponsors along with some big names (we’re looking at you Illegal Pete’s, TruTv and New Belgium Beer). They printed up a sweet Western-themed sticker with an orange-and-brown, replete with a cowboy comedian gracing the skyline of our fair Mile High City of Denver. This is an elegant design built for maximum impact.

There are more than 100 really funny people that will be on stage for your laughter and delight, with special shows and multiple venues around town. High Plains Comedy Festival is a comedy festival held each August in DenverColorado. Founded in 2013 by Denver comedian/writer Adam Cayton-Holland, the Festival features a mix of local and national comics in venues throughout the city—with a special emphasis on the historic Baker neighborhood surrounding South Broadway. High Plains has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most talent-packed and fun-filled festivals in the country.

We are ultra pumped for all of this creative talent in Denver, and we just love to know that people will uniting in the spirit of comedy and community…in this case, with a special custom sticker that will last long after the last laugh.




Brewer Spotlight: Avery Brewing Co.


Photo credit to Joseph Lapiana

Avery Brewing is all about brewing beer for eccentric pallets as they roll out different styles of ale and lager that can’t be categorized. One of their recent year round additions is El Gose and they are getting the word out through custom stickers that match the beer can art.

Avery Brewing has been around since 1993 and over the years has won several awards for their craft beers. Just last year they moved into a large new facility in Gunbarrel, Colorado that has an amazing tap room for beer drinking. They also offer guided tours of their facility every day.

Since their beginning, Avery has used stickers as a big part of getting their brand out through fans. It would actually be hard to spend anytime in the Boulder County area and not see an Avery sticker on the back of a car. In their recent release of El Gose, they designed a sticker with the skull art from the beer brand and listed their name at the bottom. The tag line for El Gose is “¡Salud and Prost!” which is “Cheers” in Spanish and German which is feature on the top of the sticker. This design plays into the mixture of styles used to make El Gose. The digitally printed custom sticker looks great with the colorful art really popping out of the design.

El Gose is a German-style sour ale with lime and sea salt added. As Avery states on their website, “A timeless, traditional tart gose (goes-uh) with its zesty and salty disposition is brightened by a tangy citrus twist. A bier for every día!”

Matching their unique style in beer with their sticker branding, we can’t wait to taste and see the next great craft beer from Avery Brewing. Check out this quick video showing the Avery Brewing facility:

The Luck Behind Suerte Tequila


Like any great sticker story, this one starts with a drunken, “lucky” rabbit. Suerte Tequila is a Boulder based tequila company that matches it’s three types of tequila with three colors of custom stickers.

It’s good to have luck on your side. Suerte Tequila is all about luck, just like the way that tequila was discovered.

“Legend has it that tequila was originally discovered by luck. Well, actually it was by a rabbit. Or rather by a farmer’s wife who noticed that rabbit getting tipsy on fermented agave. But that’s still pretty darn lucky, if you ask us. And we feel pretty lucky to be able to bring this great tasting tequila to you. So enjoy and drink suerte!”

“Suerte” is the Spanish word for luck and as their tattoo styled logo shows, they took the lucky rabbit to heart to make a fun brand of tequila.

The Suerte rabbit has images in it that represent luck, Mexican culture and tequila. The neck bones symbolize Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). There is a lucky spade next to lips representing a kiss of luck. The lightning bolt is to show the quickness and strength of the rabbit. The crown marks that this rabbit is not any ordinary rabbit, it’s made a cut above the rest. The lucky diamond in the middle is for luck and good fortune, it also represents purity and integrity. The “400” is in commemoration of the legend of the 400 rabbits who were drunk off the agave plants. They say that long ago, the number of rabbits 1 to 400 was said to be how intoxicated someone was with 400 being extremely drunk. The water drop and blue weber agave at the end are in reference to their distilling process of making 100% pure tequila. The circle shape on the back foot is a tahona, which is a large round stone used to crush the agave after it is cooked. The final symbol is the cut line to symbolize a lucky rabbit’s foot.

That’s quite the meaning and symbolism behind a logo. That is why Suerte Tequila keeps it front and center on their bottles and their promotional stickers. Suerte offers the three main types of tequila: blanco, reposado, and anejo. The main difference between the types is how long they are aged for from 2 months, 7 months to 24 months. The longer tequila is aged the more color it caramelizes and you start to see that orange coloring. Suerte’s brand colors for each type take on a reflection of that color change and they carried that over to their custom stickers.

Lucky as Suerte might be their thoughtful brand design and consistency makes for a very recognizable tequila with the perfect stickers to match.

CrossFit and Stickers: The Perfect Workout Partner


CrossFit gyms have been appearing all over the world for years now and odds are there is one close by. Fitness can become a big part of a person’s weekly routine, and there’s a special bond between the crossfitter and their crew—one that can be sealed with a custom sticker.

What is CrossFit? CrossFit is a high-intensity workout that combines a variety of functional movements. It combines a lot of aspects of gymnastics, weigh lifting, rowing, running, and more. Our favorite part of this fitness program is that revolves around numbers, goals and keeping track to achieve success. CrossFit is like the personal fitness analogy to Open Book Management, the business model we use to keep score and run the daily operations of our finances and production.

The special bond we referred before is community. When someone joins a CrossFit gym, or any another fitness program, it becomes a big commitment. Reaching goals brings a sense of accomplishment, and community’s form around these similar goals. CrossFit gyms have realized that custom logo stickers for their members are a great way for them to, not only tell the story of their fitness success, but leverage their brand in local communities. From there, the stories flow, and people talk about their workouts and the gym.

Division St. CrossFit is based out of Chicago and has a great collection of photos of their members achieving success. They also post tips constantly to support their community. The custom stickers they printed with us show off their cursive logo as a custom shape and tell their story through old-school athletic script.

Over in Omaha, Iron Hero CrossFit is all about the “camaraderie, community, and how belonging to something is good for the body and the spirit.” They have a Captain America vibe going on with their logo, which is sweet as a colorful custom Stars and Stripes sticker for their members to represent with pride.

CrossFit Branson is sharing their story of CrossFit as family, fun and fitness. They also share how to eat right and stay out of routines that can drag you down. CrossFit Branson has a clean designed type-forward logo with a low-key star as part of their town name, which makes for a standout custom sticker for full-on brand repping.

These are just three examples of thousands of CrossFit gyms growing their community through hard work and fun stickers.




Happy Riding at Long Mont Velo


Friendly shop for happy riding with custom logo stickers found at the brand new Long Mont Velo bike shop.

There are so many reasons (all of them good!) to ride a bike. Whether it’s for a daily commute, the Sunday ride, or a simple joyride to the local brewpub, transport by bike sharpens your mind, fills your soul, and helps your physical well being. And addressing all of those needs is where your local bike shop (LBS) rolls in.

We’re happy to announce the opening of a new LBS here in Longmont: Long Mont Velo. These folks are on a mission to provide a place that is friendly and helpful no matter the bike or reason you’re getting your pedal on. Paul, the owner/mechanic,  once owned 50 bikes and can help you decide if your old bike is worth fixing up–or if you should test out one of the sweet rides they have on their sales floor. Long Mont Velo also has you covered from head to toe with apparel and accessories. They have some cool ideas for the shop, too, from hosting fun events like art/brewery cruiser rides, movie nights, game nights and group rides.

In preparing for the shop opening, they printed up stickers to help promote their name in the local community. Now, when locals stop in to get bikes and repairs, they can walk out with a sticker on their bike tube or car bumper. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter. and stop by. They are right across the street from Longmont High School on the northwest side of Longmont’s Old Town.

Welcome to Town Long Mont Velo!



Get Write Minded with the Eye Above


Get Write Minded with some funk, fusion, hip hop, reggae and rock styles all mixed together to create a great sound. Write Minded is releasing new music and is spreading their custom band stickers in different color types.

This Colorado based live hip-hop band has a very smooth sound that will get anyone tapping their feet and moving to the groove.

“Write Minded was born when Sam and Jesse branched from a local hip-hop collective and began focusing on acoustic hip-hop. Jonah Greene hopped on the scene incorporating rhythm with drum and bongos. TurtleBear and Forrester merged with the crew from a short-lived psychedelic funk-rock band, and Wilson slid right in bringing tasty keys and synths synonymous with electronic hip-hop. These six musicians got together in hopes of putting together a wild set for a show that ended up falling through. However, what formed out of the experience was way more valuable. Things took off for the power group after the release of the Write Minded Demo. The band continued to write new material and just one year later, has released their debut album, “Eye Above.” Write Minded continues to develop a unique and undefinable blend of Hip-Hop, Funk, Reggae, Rock, etc. that captivates all listeners.”

Write Minded just released their first full debut album July 30th of this year called “Eye Above.” It is currently available for digital download and streaming through most major apps and carriers.

As part of their launch, the band made sure to get merchandise together for their upcoming live shows and the album release. Write Minded has a logo that shines and as custom stickers they created four variations with different colors as circle stickers. These designs are sick for fans of the music to slap on and spread the music further by striking up conversations with curious eyes seeing the stickers that make your “Brain Drip.”

Find the Eye Above and listen to the official video of their debut song, “Perfect Day.”