Catalyze CU Demo Day 2016


Catalyze CU is excited to present their third year cohort at Demo Day, and we’re so happy to be in our second year of sponsorship for this local community event. Catalyze CU is an eight week, summer startup accelerator designed for CU Students and Faculty: Think summer school for startups. Catalyze CU combines world class mentoring and equity free grants for the University’s most promising ideas and technologies, and this group helps makes these ideas and technologies succeed. We are lucky to print 250 free logo stickers for the eight companies pitching their ideas on Demo Day. We hope to see them on laptops and phones all over Boulder and beyond.

2016 Demo Day Teams Involved

  • Hive Tech Solutions – Allows beekeepers to apply scientific research to improve bee health and enables growers to integrate pollination into their operations.
  • iNForm? – Uses IoT technology to help people keep track of their important items preventing loss or theft before it happens
  • NoEstra – Eliminates estrogen and harmful chemicals from drinking water using advanced filtration techniques available at home
  • Qualify – Gamifies college mobile dating by requiring successful quiz completion before viewing someone’s profile
  • ShoeSense Running – Prevents injuries in runners by providing them with detailed data to know precisely when their shoes are worn out
  • Flutter Scholarships – Streamlines the way college scholarships are sought, completed, and managed through a universal application platform
  • Stateless – Revolutionizes the architecture for IT networks and introduces virtual devices that don’t fail and seamlessly scale


Team pitches will be in the ATLAS building auditorium and will be followed by hands-on demonstrations and snacks in the lobby. If you aren’t in Boulder, or don’t have the bandwidth to attend in person, check out the livestream or on-demand viewing after the event.

Head to Twitter to check out @CatalyzeCU  all of the event action.

Distilling in the Rocky Mountains


It’s summer time in Estes Park, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountain National Park. This wildlife getaway just got a new spot to visit for some Rocky Mountain distilled spirits at Elkins Distilling Co.

With a 4th of July launch, this mountain distillery opened it’s doors with a beautiful backdrop and place to enjoy some craft distilled spirits. Elkins Rocky Mountain Whiskey is their first batch which is available to stop by to taste or grab a bottle to go.

As part of their opening, Elkins Distilling made sure to have all sorts of branded swag on hand to get the word out. They also designed an awesome custom circle sticker with their logo in Colorado license plate colors. Estes Park is very popular for wildlife sightings and specifically Elk, they pay homage to that with antlers embedded in the logo and the mountain peaks as the background. They list the town name so everyone knows where to come try some Rocky Mountain distilled spirits.

The stickers are just the first taste of what Elkins Distilling Co. has to offer.

Colorado Botanical Derivatives


Colorado Botanical Derivatives is making CBD product available to Colorado consumers for a treatment option for a wide range of medical conditions.

So what is CBD?

“Cannabidiol—CBD—is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “high” or dissociated and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC.”

The process Colorado Botanical Derivatives uses to extract their CBD for their products is pretty awesome. They use only USDA Certified organically grown cannabis from Colorado and have it third party tested. From their the CBD is extracted in a very scientific and complicated process and made into products like their topical cream and hemp extract capsule

After extraction and the pills and oils have been made into sweet products to benefit people, Colorado Botanical Derivatives printed up some custom glossy white labels for their packaging. Their design is very representative of Colorado with the flag design and Gold Hemp Extract brand up front with all the important ingredients and other information list on the sides.

With products just getting launched and more to come, these labels are just starting to make the brand shine.

Meet the Allen Brothers


Meet Pierce and Chad Allen.  These two are in fact siblings.

Pierce is the eldest of the two brothers, the bearded one, and started with StickerGiant a little over a year ago sheeting stickers and has worked his way into being a Laser Operator. His job is to ensure sticker rolls get loaded and cut into the right custom shapes.

Chad is the younger, clean shaven Allen brother. He started at StickerGiant in Shipping. From there he has taken on winding and rewinding rolled labels, sheeting stickers and continues to make sure orders get out the door in a timely manner. Chad is also slated to learn how to operate the laser. That’s right the Allen Brothers will be running laser alley here at the new StickerGiant facility.

We sat the brother sticker duo down to introduce them and find out a little more about them.

Do you like working together?

Yes, we do. Our biggest challenge is at lunch times when we have to figure out where to eat. Generally, it begins with just driving and then pointing at what sounds good. – Chad

Do you still hang out outside of work? What do you like to do together?

We do still hang out, primarily on the weekends, board games with our Dad, camping and video games usually make up our free time. – Pierce

Favorite stickers seen at StickerGiant?

We did a bunch of 8-bit original Doom themed stickers that were awesome. – Chad

I loved the ET inside an Alien outfit that was a clear sticker we printed. – Pierce

Who is the favorite at StickerGiant?

Chad. He’s more friendly, I am typically alone by my laser in the back. – Pierce (We love you too, Pierce)

If there was a timed race of sheeting stickers, who would win?

Pierce, hands down. I would beat him at shipping orders though. – Chad

The Allen brothers are also among the tallest of the StickerGiant crew and will be seen annually as faces in the back of group photos. The picture from above was not staged and they do in fact both have the same Jurassic Park shirt and coincidently wore them on the same day.

The combination of the Allen brothers has been a huge contribution to the StickerGiant Team and they are a big reason our custom stickers and labels get delivered with guaranteed quality.

2016 Design 4 Drupal Boston


Design 4 Drupal (D4D), started in Boston back in 2009, was the first Drupal camp to be entirely dedicated to design. Since then, hundreds of Drupal designers, developers and site builders return year after year to share ideas, gather design inspiration, and learn new techniques for Drupal design and theme development. It’s a meeting of some of the brightest minds in the Drupal design community, and the energy is palpable. Their sticker is a simple color play on the Drupal water droplet logo.

Design 4 Drupal Boston will spend three days devoted to design, UX and front-end development for Drupal websites, as well as the business and process challenges facing Drupal teams.  For years, the event was hosted at MIT’s Stata Center, and now it’s headed over to Microsoft NERD Center right on the Charles River. We’re always happy to be in the company of an esteemed group of sponsors that helps bring a community together. We used some Drupal on our website as part of the Symfony PHP platform; yes, that’s a bit tech nerdy, but all in the spirit of the event.

Check out D4D on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.






Denver Tattoo Masquerade 2016


Centrally located in the heart of downtown Denver, Tattoo Masquerade will unite thousands of tattoo artists, painters, vendors, performers, and art lovers from all across the nation. There will be 40,000 square feet of ballroom and meeting room space at the Colorado Convention Center for this year’s Tattoo Masquerade. Over this three-day event, more than 140 tattoo, vending, and live art booths, in addition to entertaining performances, and music will be on the schedule. They did a sticker sheet and a full event logo sticker on a black background with some sweet illustrations for smaller tear offs.

What’s super cool is that Denver is ranked 5th out of the 15 Top Tattooed Cities in the US by Inked Magazine, which means that Tattoo Masquerade will be a premier multi-art expo, unlike anything before seen in the heart of Colorado. The expected attendance is in the 8,000–10,000 range, which is a lot of folks talking about a lot of ink.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram for more.