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There’s nothing like stumbling into a small kitchen with six stools where the smell of lovingly homemade food wafts through the air. It’s like stepping back in time to your grandma’s kitchen.

For foodies channeling that nostalgia and fresh-baked atmosphere, Pies ‘N’ Thighs in Brooklyn, New York, serves up comfort food and charming memories.

Pie ‘N’ Thighs started by taking over a beer storage closet in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge. They put their passion into their food with high quality meats and healthy portions of sweets.

Start (or finish, it’s your call) with huge pieces of delicious, fresh made pies and giant donuts. Then, dive into some of their scrumptious American dishes, which range from Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Chicken N’ Waffles to Biscuits & Gravy. They only serve Certified Humane Raised and Handled® chicken, pork, and beef (yes, certified humane is a thing).

Pies ‘N’ Thighs has two locations in Williamsburg and the Lower East Side, and they are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For those on the go, Pies ‘N’ Thighs is packing up pies for the road with custom printed pie labels.




Shoutout to 2015 Dallas Startup Week

Dallas Startup Week StickerGiant Sponsored Sticker

Dallas Startup Week StickerGiant Sponsored Sticker

The Big D is ramping up for Dallas Startup Week, which will take place from Monday the 2nd to Friday the 6th. As, usual, we’re proud at honored to have our stickers at these wonderful events that celebrate entrepreneurs and small businesses just getting off the ground.

Follow the event through the hashtag #dsw15 and get all of the updates as they happen.

If you have a great event or cause that could use stickers, check out our sponsorships page.

Get Morsa Out of Your Cycling Journeys

Morsa Blog

Tear down that country highway, enjoy the steady climb up a mountain, or race through downtown, attach everything you need to navigate, record, and get the most out of your cycling adventures with Morsa Designs bicycle mounts.

Heart-pounding, extreme video footage from every trail, peak, ocean, and piece of earth there is to offer. Extreme sports continue to capture some of the most insane video footage ever seen. With GoPros, smart phones, and any recording device people can grab, there are YouTube videos galore being uploaded with sweet captures of human feats in beautiful settings. Is it time to show the world yours?

Fumbling around with a Garmin, trying to record his heart rate, while training for the 2011 Counting Coup race gave Jeff Bobbitt a need for something new.  There had to be something on the market that would mount a Garmin to his bike. There wasn’t. The word, Morsa, is derived from Italian and its translation is “clamp or vise.” Morsa gives riders the ability to attach phones, cameras, & bicycle computers to their bikes. If you need the phone to navigate but don’t want to miss out on recording the rolling pavement underneath your wheels with the Go Pro, Morsa has mounts to attach two items at once.

Ultimately, it is passion that drives the innovation and quality of Morsa. Jeff expressed a quote from Oakley to describe his passion he put into starting Morsa Designs,  “Every great creator, athlete and innovator is driven by an internal passion – a desire to turn their dreams and ideas into reality.”

Passion in a sticker can make all your adventures memorable.

Morsa Mount

We ran an Instagram contest on guessing what the Morsa mount was. The sticker logo of Morsa was secretly hidden in the bottom part of the photo but the contest made for some fun guesses and interest in the mysterious item. The winner received a Morsa Design bicycle mount with four of the adapters and a free 250 custom sticker order.


2015 WordCamp Lancaster


2015 WordCamp Lancaster StickerGiant Custom Sticker Sheet

Just like last year, we are lucky, proud and generally stoked to be hosting WordCamp Lancaster. Lancaster is the heart of Pennsylvania Amish Country, and this year’s sticker design features a quilt-like pattern that’s an homage to an Amish quilt, with classic geometry, and bold, solid colors.

As for this weekend’s festivities, there’s no better group of individuals than those that band together to celebrate WordPress and all of the awesome things you can do with our favorite content management platform (we run our blog on WordPress; it’s rad). The entire day’s schedule is packed with informative workshops inspiring presentation and rockin’ parties–all with a WordPress theme.

There are some other cool sponsors for this event, too. We’re proud to be in the same company as: LiteSpeed Web Server, Maintainn, LaunchDM, RedX Web Design, Parallels, YIKES Inc., Jetpack, Bluehost, WiredTree, DreamHost, GoDaddy, and WPML. If you’re using WordPress, these are all great shops to check out.

Learn more about WordCamps all around the world at WordCamp Central.

If you have a WordCamp or other fun event that needs stickers, check out our sponsorships page.


Prestige Conference in Las Vegas

Prestige Conf 2015

Prestige Conference sponsored by StickerGiant.

This weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, something other than the gambling, grand shows, large frozen alcoholic beverages leading to the inevitable stumbling down the strip is taking place: the Prestige Conference. February 27th & 28th, Prestige has a line up of events covering business and career development aimed at freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small shops. The goal is to help elevate their success.

Prestige Conference is two days of workshops and guest speakers giving insight into every aspect of running a business.  They are covering WordPress, customer service, accounting, hiring and all the little things that can help a business grow. Don’t worry though, there will still be drinks and plenty of socializing to be had too.

As as a developer at WestWerk, Jeremy Ward, had to say about it, “Most of today’s technology conferences focus solely on tools and techniques for building cutting-edge web applications. Prestige breaks the mold by offering something different: real-talk from leaders in the tech community about what it actually means to run a products or client services business. With topics ranging from how to grow your business, what to expect upon entering the products market, how to identify process inefficiencies, and what to charge, Prestige provides a valuable new set of tools for entrepreneurial developers and leaders. I highly recommend it.”

Don’t keep rolling the dice on your approach to business and get to Las Vegas and the Prestige Conference to get a new perspective.

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A “Different Deck” of Cards

Different Deck Blog

Teach By Magic has redesigned the standard deck of playing cards to invert the symbols and play off the mythology behind the cards with a Different Deck. A deck of cards can be used in an infinite number of ways, to challenge a friend, to entertain, to liven up a party; there is always a new way to play with a deck of cards.

So what’s different? Instead of playing an Ace of Hearts, Different Deck plays a heart of Aces. The really unique part of this deck is the expression of words and things hidden in the artwork on each card. For example, the Ace card has “Ace” written in multiple languages wrapped around in the Ace symbol.

“There are over 100 different languages and numeric systems represented in this deck, plus there is symbolism and imagery in each card as well (an ant on a queen, or a toy jack on a jack, or an 8 ball on an 8, and so on).”

Different Deck launched through a Kickstarter campaign by doing something “different” than most. They offered limited editions, unlimited editions, various quantities of decks, uncut sheets of cards and even a simple $37 backing and you get a H.O.P.E sticker. They had 455 people back it just for the $37 level to get the awesome sticker and support this new deck of playing cards.

Learn a new way of gaining support and get different with stickers.