See How StickerGiant Integrates Sustainability and Earth Friendly Practices When Printing Custom Stickers and Labels

Here at StickerGiant, we consider sustainability one of the top values that we continuously grow and maintain as a company. Everyday we are taking small steps in our company to adopt more sustainable practices in our manufacturing processes, in how we manage our work, and even at home with our Giants (our employees), and making sustainability a part of our company culture.

Many things in our process of making custom sticky things are easy. Like cutting custom shapes with lasers, or making it super simple for you to get us your artwork… but recycling the waste from our manufacturing process in a sustainable way is not that easy. Not just for us, it’s a problem getting a lot of attention in our industry making self-adhesive stickers and labels.

While we do have a product made from recycled materials, even our Matte Recycled Paper Labels and our Kraft Paper Labels can’t be composted or recycled at the end of their life. Much of it comes down to the adhesives that are commonly used with sticker and label products on the market, which is hard to replicate with a sustainable option. The adhesive is a big part of what makes our products so durable once they are applied, and while there are a couple biodegradable and compostable options available, they do not offer a similar strength for our products once applied.

While we may have some limitations, that doesn’t stop us from doing everything we can to work with our industry partners, suppliers, and other experts in sustainability to do better. Our Procurement & Sustainability Teams are hard at work with our suppliers and partners at every step of the process to find earth-friendly alternatives for anything we can.

Sustainability Wins So Far

While we still have a long way to go, we are excited about how far we’ve come, and all that we will be doing in the future. Becoming more sustainable at the factory & in the homes of our Giants is a priority for us. Check out what we’ve done so far:

  • When it comes to how we power everything that prints, cuts, and helps our teams work (like computers!) 30.7% of our power is sourced from hydroelectric and other renewable resources.
  • This year we have been changing the lights with the goal of having LED bulbs in every light at StickerGiant. We have already changed over 90% of all our lighting to LED, and will be 100% by the end of this year. Our Giants that keep things running smoothly on our manufacturing floor will probably enjoy not having to change these lights as often, too (on average they last about 10 years)! Our labels are finished on rolls, at the center of these rolls are cores. Our cores are made from 100% recycled materials!
  • We take any chance we can to find a recycled alternative for items in our manufacturing or shipping process, including using shipping boxes and packing paper that are made from 100% recycled materials. Recycling bins love these boxes!
  • Shipping a lot of packages everyday also has impacts on the environment, so we became UPS Carbon Neutral Partners. Now everything we send through UPS supports other projects that offset carbon emissions such as reforestation and wastewater treatment. You can read more about this program on the UPS website.
  • We also work with Waste Management for our trash disposal because they power their trucks with methane from landfill gases - now that’s a sustainable circle!
  • We started recycling  with TerraCycle - a company that makes it easy to recycle odd things that are difficult or impossible to recycle through mainstream programs supported in most cities.
  • We are Green Star business partners with Eco-cycle. They are a local recycling center that picks up our compost & helps the Sustainability Team educate our Giants. We are proud to partner with such a great community leader.
  • All interested Giants received LED light bulbs for their homes & insulated reusable bags for weekly shopping or camping trips!

The future is bright for sustainability at StickerGiant! This is just the beginning of where we want to be in the sustainability of our company, and how our Giants are supporting our global environment. You can follow along with our journey by connecting with us on our social media channels or tuning into our emails (where you may also see some other fun StickerGiant updates).