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Men’s Care and Goods

If you’re a creator who builds all sorts of useful things out of leather, metal, wood, and brawn, or a self-care stud sharing your boutique beard care with the grooming-obsessed, you’re gonna need stickers and labels! Bring that big Ron Swanson energy to life and give your goods a Kraft Paper Label to match your natural vibe, or choose from any of our custom labels to stand out on your goods. Plus, every brand needs stickers! Promote your fine craftsmanship and build a following with custom stickers in whatever size, shape, and finish you like. 

Candle Makers

What’s that scent? Without a custom label, your customers may never know! For our candle creators doing it better than “Serenity by Jan”, we’ve got everything you need to brand your candles and give them that handmade but professional touch. Clear, Glossy or Matte Labels are your best bet for candles in jars or tins, as these options are water and oil-resistant, and dishwasher and microwave-safe—meaning they’re durable enough for that flame! The choice is yours for outer packaging and boxes, with just about any sticker or label that matches your brand. 

Indy Artist’s Stickers

Art comes in many forms, but stickers might be the most fun. Whether you’re an illustrator, writer, typographer, digital creator, or anyone who likes to make art out of anything, we’re here to make your work stick! We’ve got sticker options in all shapes, sizes, colors, and treatments to make your work stand out, whether it’s an eye-catching Holographic or Glow-in-the-Dark Sticker, Clear Stickers that shine like stained glass, or a simple glossy or matte custom shape that lets your design speak for itself. Take your stickers to the craft fair or gift market and get your work out into the world!