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File Formats Accepted: ai, eps, svg, pdf, psd, tiff, tif, jpg, png, jpeg

About Glossy Labels

If you want a classic look for your product labels, our ever-popular Glossy Label raises the bar with high-quality materials and full-color digital printing. And because we love all the shapes, the custom cutting for any shape is free!

The shiny finish of our Glossy Labels provides an eye-catching way to get your brand noticed, with the finish being applied after printing for added protection. The final product is a one-layer label with a back-facing adhesive for a traditional feel during application. They are laser cut with rounded corners to preventing peeling once your labels are applied.

Your labels will come finished on a roll without perforations and can be easily applied by hand or a label applicator. When using a label applicator, we offer 4 rewind positions for the label rolls—top first, bottom first, right-side first, or left-side first. Your applicator will indicate which of these directions you should choose.

Product Features

warehouse Indoor Use

format_color_reset Water & Oil Resistant

dishwasher Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

What To Expect When Ordering

Approve Your Proof
1 Business Day

Expect a snazzy email with a proof of your artwork within just 1 business day of placing your order

2-4 Business Days

Your order will be with our manufacturing team and ready to ship in 2-4 business days

1-3 Business Days

Select how fast your labels travel and receive your order in as soon as 1-3 business days

Artwork Setup Tips for Glossy Labels

Make sure your files are set up for success! 

For the best possible product, we recommend the following for your art files:

  • 300 dpi resolution or higher for printing
  • Ensure your file’s color space is set to CMYK (otherwise colors may appear off)
  • Upload any of these file formats: AI, PSD, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TIFF, PDF, or EPS
  • Vector or high-resolution raster art files are preferred for best results
  • There are some size limitations with our labels – our smallest size is 1”x1” and our largest size is 11”x14”.
  • We require a ⅛” safety margin surrounding your entire label, so keep that in mind when setting up your design
  • The quality of our label printing allows us to print small details clearly, including font sizes as small as 5pt
  • If you are looking to wrap your labels all the way around something (like a small tube or curved jar, etc) we recommend making the size about ¼” larger so that you can overlap the label. 
  • There may be specific requirements in your industry for labels! Please make sure you check those to ensure your labels are set up accordingly and include all necessary information. 

Cutting Corners (Literally—We never cut corners figuratively):

Laser cutting also means rounded corners, which has the added benefit of preventing peeling once your labels are applied. Depending on your designs, we are able to cut tighter corners in many cases. 
To cut tight corners for your Glossy Labels, let us know in the Additional Comments box in your cart.
Our design team will let you know if we can cut tight corners with your designs.
Our typical corner radius is 1/8" (0.125"). Our tight corner radius will be 1/25" (0.04").

Need art help?

We offer graphic art support! Our design team is here to help ensure your files are set up for perfect printing. We can even make easy corrections if needed – the simpler the art, the more we can help!

Applications & Uses for Glossy Labels

Put a label on it! You can use Glossy Labels for SO MANY things:

  • Great for food and beverage packaging, like bottles, jars, cans, bags, boxes…
  • Beverages of all types (cold beer here!)
  • Hold up strong in cold, wet environments—even freezers
  • Perfect on candles and beauty & bath products, like shampoos, soaps, etc
  • Great for sealing food products & to-go containers
  • Gussy up generic retail bags
  • Add a little shine to things that aren’t shiny

For best results:

  • Apply labels to clean, flat surfaces.
  • For indoor use only

What Sizes Work Best For Labels?

Product labels often have specific size requirements, and incorrectly sized labels may actually send out the wrong message for your brand.

Here are a few size comparisons to things we see all the time.

A quarter is about an inch in diameter, and this size works great for supporting branding labels, or small easy to hand out stickers. 

An Oreo cookie is about 2 inches in diameter for a size that allows for an easy to see logo or visible designs, in a size that will still be easily seen if applied to the back of a phone or laptop.

Standard business cards are usually 2x3 inches, and ovals and rectangles in this size are popular options for custom stickers. This size is easy to share with your fans at events to get your logo out in the world.

Our Labels

Quality Materials

We only use the best materials sourced in the USA, providing you a wide variety of finishes and laminates.

Custom Shapes

Custom shapes are our speciality and we offer free kiss cuts for all of our custom product labels.

Quick Reorders

With the click of a button, replenish your label stash because you can never have too many.

Material: 2.6 mil white polypropylene

Liner: 40# super calendared liner

Adhesive: All-temperature emulsion acrylic permanent adhesive

Lamination: 1.1 mil clear general purpose lamination