Oval Stickers

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Individual stickers, glossy or matte, outdoor use.

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About Oval Stickers

Round and round we go with our top-quality, custom Oval Stickers, printed in full color and laser cut to whatever size you like at no extra charge!

Choose from either high-quality matte or glossy laminates with a lay-flat backing for easy peeling and application. Our Oval Stickers are durable outdoors and finished as individual stickers (rather than a sheet or roll). 

  • We have a fast print turnaround – our custom stickers can be printed and shipped in 2 business days after you approve the proof.
  • Need help with your order? We have real, live humans behind our phones, emails and chats to answer any questions about our products or your orders.

We’re here to make your custom sticker experience the absolute best, with the highest quality materials, speedy printing, and outstanding service (with help from real people!) 

Applications & Uses for Oval Stickers 

Oval Stickers can be used on almost anything you can think of! 

  • Bumper stickers
  • Logo stickers
  • Euro stickers
  • Running distance stickers (Like those 26.2 overachievers) 
  • Recreational Sports teams or gaming clubs
  • Swag to hand out at events
  • Items to promote your brand 
  • Artistic expression that sticks
  • Put them on water bottles or laptops to gussy up and personalize your stuff! 

For best results:

  • Apply stickers to clean, flat surfaces.
  • Rounded or curved surfaces (like a helmet) may cause wrinkles in your sticker when applied. Just FYI.
  • Both glossy and matte laminations are durable outdoors and ready to stick as bumper stickers, window stickers, and more. 
  • Our stickers are even dishwasher and microwave-safe (so nobody will mistake their food storage containers for yours and eat your lunch…)
  • They are weatherproof and waterproof, but can’t stay submerged in water (like on the bottom of a boat)
  • Our glossy laminate is UV resistant, as is the matte laminate for up to 18 months in the right conditions. Putting them on bumpers, side windows, or back windows of cars will last, but direct sunlight on a car roof is not ideal and subject to quicker fading, just like us.
  • Go ahead and stick it!

Just Don’t: 

  • Don’t pretend they’re labels. These are not great for labeling products. But we also make labels! We highly recommend going the label route for things like bottles, jars, and other packaging. 
  • Don’t put them on food. The adhesive on these stickers is NOT food-safe. Do not place directly on food or any edible items. Please also do not eat the stickers. That should go without saying.
  • Don’t do anything your mom wouldn’t appreciate, but that’s just generally good advice.

Ready to get started? Here’s what to expect when you order your custom stickers. 

Step 1

Once you place your order, expect a snazzy email with a proof of your artwork within just 1 business day. Plus! Don't be surprised if our creative wizards pop a few questions your way – it's all part of our mission to make your proof absolutely perfect.

Step 2

Approve your proof! You will get an email notification once your proof is ready to approve. Simply go into your account, review the details of your proof and click approve!

  • See something that needs to be changed on your proof? No problem! We're here to help and can make some minor adjustments and revisions. After all, we're not happy until you're head-over-heels in love with your stickers! 

Step 3

Ready, Set, Print! Your order will be with our manufacturing team and ready to ship in 2-4 business days. As soon as you give your thumbs-up to the proof, it will be sent to our machines faster than you can say “stickers”!

Step 4 

On its way! Your stickers will be printed, cut and ready to embark on their journey to your doorstep. Choose how fast they travel by opting for Expedited Shipping at checkout and your custom stickers could be on their way in as little as 1 business day! Not in a rush? Select Ground Shipping and they'll arrive in 3-5 business days! Whatever you choose, we can't wait for you to see them!

Artwork Setup Tips for Oval Stickers

Make sure your files are set up for success! 

For the best possible product, we recommend the following for your art files:

  • 300 dpi resolution or higher for printing
  • Ensure your file’s color space is set to CMYK (otherwise colors may appear off)
  • Upload any of these file formats: AI, PSD, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TIFF, PDF, or EPS
  • Vector or high-resolution raster art files are preferred for best results
  • There are some size limitations with our die cut stickers – our smallest size is 1” and our largest size is 14”x11”.

Need art help?

We offer graphic art support! Our design team is here to help ensure your files are set up for perfect printing. We can even make easy corrections if needed – the simpler the art, the more we can help.

Material: 2.6 mil white polypropylene

Backing: 6 mil lay flat backing

Adhesive: All-temperature emulsion acrylic permanent adhesive


  • Glossy: 1.6 mil clear general purpose polyester lamination with UV resistant properties
  • Matte: 1.4 mil matte finish general purpose lamination (matte laminated stickers are printed with UV durable inks)