Die Cut Stickers

Free Custom Shapes with Crack & Peel Backing

125 Custom Die Cut Stickers, prices starting at $93.02

Die Cut Stickers are available in Matte or Glossy finishes! Get full color printing, great customer service and fast turnaround when you order our laser Die Cut Stickers. Featuring durable materials and a crack and peel backing, these custom stickers make a lasting impression.

Stacks of Die Cut Stickers printed by StickerGiant


What most people mean when they say die cut is a sticker with a unique shape. However, die cut stickers can be almost any kind of sticker type, and the term is referring to how the stickers are cut. We use a laser (seriously) to cut all of our Glossy and Matte Die Cut Stickers. Both the Glossy and the Matte Die Cut Stickers are outdoor durable, so they can be used to help brand your business, as giveaways at your next event, as unique product labels, or as eye-catching bumper stickers. Glossy Die Cut Stickers will also have a UV laminate. 

Note: We cannot print Die Cut Stickers in sizes less than 2” x 2”. If your design is smaller than this, then our Kiss Cut Stickers are an excellent option.