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Welcome to the Stickers on the Mic Podcast, where we talk about the stories behind the custom stickers and labels that we print. We will be focusing on business, and specifically marketing for small business. We invite our customers onto the show to talk business, growth, and of course, stickers and labels with the members of Team StickerGiant.

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In this episode Andrew chats with Jim Pollock of Pollock Prints who is best known as the artist of album covers, posters, and more for the band Phish. Starting with the iconic cover art for the band's first album, Junta, Jim has been on an artistic journey with the band fueled by the urge to create unique pieces that inspire the spirit of discovery.

Listen in and read highlights from the episode with Jim

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Stickers on the Mic Podcast Team

Everyone on the Marketing Team at StickerGiant participates in the planning, publishing and promotion of the show. You might hear their voices on previous episodes, and they all have a hand in making sure your story gets shared with the world.

You can listen to previous episodes below. Click through, tune in, and enjoy.

Previous Episodes

Colorado Crummies

Colorado CrummiesIn this episode, Andrew chats with Stephanie Bauduin the creator of Colorado Crummies, a meatless crumble option that is a delicious alternative for Taco Tuesdays and a plant-based diet. Hear what inspired her to create Crummies, and what's coming up next for this tasty meatless crumble that can be added to any recipe in place of ground meat.


Cocktail Caravan


Crystal Sagan is the owner and founder of the Cocktail Caravan. Hear how she turned a passion for mixing delicious drinks into a full time business by catering events such as weddings, trade shows, and more. 

"The best kind of events for us are the ones where we are able to connect with the people." -  Crystal Sagan, Cocktail Caravan


The Small Business Show Podcast


Dave Hamilton, is the creator of The Mac Observer, BackBeat Media, the Mac Geek Gab, and most recently The Small Business Show podcast which got its start in 2015. Hear how ideas turned into brands in this podcast.

"If you want an idea to be worth a $100, write it down on a $100 bill." - Dave Hamilton, The Small Business Show


Maker General


Stephanie and Julie are the original makers behind Maker General in Longmont, CO. They specialize in textile and sewing crafts while offering many other fun products as well as classes and workshops for crafter, makers, and gifters of all skill levels.

"The community of makers is a big, gigantic, worldwide community that's full of connections." - Julie Benoit, Maker General




Kenny McMillan is a photo and video production artist who specializes in original and branded content for companies of all sizes with his brand OWL BOT. Offering premium production and post production services, they also offer turnkey solutions to meet a variety of creative needs. Learn how Kenny got his brand started, and how it's continuing to grow through producing high-quality work for his clients.

"It's all about momentum, you don't exist in a vacuum and you don't thrive in a vacuum. So the past 5 years it's been all about building momentum." - Kenny McMillan, OWL BOT




Brendan Leonard started Semi-Rad in 2011 as a blog, and since then he's gained acclaim as an author, speaker and now the purveyor of branded illustrations and other merchandise on his sponsored website. Semi-Rad is more than a brand, it's an ethos for those who love to get outdoors and experience nature. 

"Most of us are not in the top 3% of our sports, you know, we're just out there doing our thing. So maybe I can capture that sort of ethos and put that i nthe form of stories on my blog and find the things we have in common." - Brendan Leonard, Semi-Rad


Leisuremann's Cocktails


Cliff Couvillon began Leisurmann's Cocktail Mixes as a way to bring classic cocktails just about anywhere. These mixes come in a powdered form so they can be mixed with preferred spirits for a delicious cocktail while camping, at a festival, on the beach, or just in your own backyard. 

"From a label standpoint, we wanted our labels and our mixes to stand out. When you look at our mixes, they're very clean, simple aesthetic, but it really echoes an old world feel.- Cliff Couvillon, Leisuremann's Cocktails

Two Hands Paperie


Mia Semmingson is one of the owners of Two Hands Paperie in Boulder, CO. With a background in fine art photography and book binding, she shares a history with this amazing and unique store on the west end of Pearl Street. 

"It's such a pleasure to be here and such an honor, really, because I'm so excited about stickers and incorporating them into my business." - Mia Semingson, Two Hands Paperie


Kiptoe, Mural Artist in Los Angeles, CA

Kiptoe is a mural artist living in L.A. and traveling the world creating amazing murals. He is also turning his art into stickers, bringing elements of his murals to his fans in different mediums. 

"I think stickers are one of the easiest and most accessible ways to merchandise your artwork. Who doesn't like stickers? You can put them anywhere and it's a cheap, fun way for people to have your art." - Kiptoe


Top Ten Stickers Presented by StickerGiant


With National Sticker Day in January this year, the marketing team at StickerGiant wanted to celebrate the top 10 most influential stickers of all time. These are stickers that have made an impact on the industry, the art, and the love of stickers. We hope you enjoy.

"As far as these stickers go... this is influential, impactful stickers." - Alison, Marketing Team at StickerGiant


Aloha Trading Co.


Aloha means both "hello" and "goodbye" in Hawaiian, a theme that Aloha Trading Co has adopted for their brand as a consignment clothing and apparel store in Longmont, CO. 

"Goodbye to your old things and hello to something new that you like." The other reason is Hawaii's very close to my heart. We used to live there prior to coming to Colorado." - Kim, Aloha Trading Co


Shaquanda's Hot Sauce


Shaquanda's Hot Sauce got its start as delicious prop in a show, and soon became a crowd favorite, growing into a line of four spicy options of hot sauces. There's something for every palette. 

"I started making sauces and chutneys and stuff with my grandmother, who's from Barbados. I grew up having really delicious, seasoned, beautiful food." - Shaquanda, Shaquanda's Hot Sauce


Phil Lewis Art


Phil Lewis got started as a traveling musician, in a band with his brothers. Now he has a gallery and studio on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO, displaying his artistic creations from wall art, to engraved water bottles, and of course custom stickers. 

"Or maybe they don't have that ability at that point in time and they end up with come cool stickers. It doesn't really matter what it is, but if somebody takes something home with them, you've made a connection with them." - Phil Lewis, Phil Lewis Gallery


Get to Work Book


Elise Blahah Cripe is the creator of the Get to Work Book, a planner for people who love to stay organized, and want to reach their goals, one day (and accomplishment) at a time. 

"On the outside of the package, there's a sticker. It's like a little paragraph, but it's like, 'This is for the list-makers, the goal-setters, the dreamers,' that's a fun one too." - Elise Blahah Cripe, Get to Work Book


Out Boulder County

Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-from-StickerGiant-with-Mardi-Moore-from-Out-Boulder-County-Podcast-with-Mardi-MooreMardi Moore the Executive Director of Out Boulder County, joins Megan in this episode to talk about the history of this organization in Boulder County, and the many ways it supports the local community for the LBTQ individuals and allies. 

"That's a lot of what Out Boulder County does, is build community. Three years ago, the month of June, we opened a Longmont office,a nd that's when we switched from Out Boulder to Out Boulder County." - Mardi Moore, Out Boulder County


Lady Justice Brewing

Betsy-Lay-from-Lady-Justice-Brewing-with-Sam-on-Marketing-Team-at-StickerGiant-for-the-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-RecordingBetsy Lay, co-founder and owner of Lady Justic Brewing in Denver, CO joins Sam on this episode. They chat about how this low profit, female owned and operated, brewery got started, and has continued to grow with their membership model in the Denver area.

"Our mission is to donate 100% of profits over cost to Colorado organizations that support women and girls." - Betsy Lay, Lady Justice Brewing


Andrew Hyde & Ef Rodriguez - Boulder Startup Week, Ignite Boulder, and More

Andrew-Hyde-and-Ef-Rodriguez-Join-the-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-with-StickerGiant-Andrew chats with Andrew Hyde and Ef Rodriguez about getting Boulder Startup Week and Ignite Boulder off the ground, their upcoming series of events, and their recipe for a great event people will love!

"Making sure that we build events for our attendees and not for our VIP section or sponsors, but really for the average person that's there that wants to be there, that's shown that energy and passion of somebody that's new to the community." - Andrew Hyde, Glider, Boulder Colorado


Kind Design

Damon-Baz-Redd-Owner-of-Kind-Design-on-the-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-with-StickerGiant-Podcast-Hamish sits down with Damon Baz Redd, the owner and founder of Kind Design. With unique, topographically inspired artwork, Kind Design is known for their nature inspired design, from clothing to custom ties, and custom stickers representing some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Colorado and beyond. 

"Topography is so beautiful, and so different wherever you go. I alwasy wanted to be able to separate the lines and patterns away from all the information that you see on a typical topographic map." - Damon Baz Redd, Kind Design


Bee Squared Apiaries

Beth-from-Bee-Squared-Apiaries-on-the-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-with-StickerGiant-for-Podcast-PageMegan sits down with Beth Conrey, owner and founder of Bee Squared Apiaries in Berthoud, CO. Bee sure to tune in and learn all about how this honey farm got started, how the different honey varietals and infusions come to life, and what's coming up next for this buzzing business.

"Bee Squared Apiaries. Apiaries are where bees live. Lots of people don't know what that word even is, but that's what it is. Apiaries are where bees live at and actually beekeepers, the professional name is "apiast." - Beth Conrey, Bee Squared Apiaries


Snarf's Sandwiches


In this month's episode, Hamish sits down with Jimmy Seidel, the owner and founder of Snarf's Sandwiches. They talk about the early day of Snarf's, how the business has grown to multiple locations, and what they have coming up next for their fans, including their new introduction of Snarfburgers in Boulder, CO. 

"Pretty much all the sandwiches that I've added to my menu over the yeawrs they're recreating something that I've had that I really enjoyed at some point in my life traveling or in other restaurants."  - Jimmy Seidel, Snarf's Sandwiches


Travis Towe, Art Team at StickerGiant

Travis-Towe-with-StickerGiant-Art-Team-Talks-Designing-Skateboards-with-Satelite-Boardshop-in-Boulder-COAndrew sits down with Travis from our art department here at StickerGiant, to chat about his passion for skateboarding, design, and the blend of these with the design work he does with Satelite Skateboards in Boulder, CO.  

"I would have tons of stickers, like a collection -- I still do at home -- that I won't throw away or won't stick them on anything, because to me, they're really cool and I don't want to throw them away, so I have boxes of stickers."  - Travis Towe, Art Team at StickerGiant


John Fischer, CEO of StickerGiant

John-Fischer-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Cookbook-Episode-Image-for-Podcast-PageJohn Fischer, CEO and Founder of StickerGiant sits with Jesse to chat about the annual Employee Cookbook, the history behind this tradition, and how the team at StickerGiant gets involved with marketing for the company. 

"The rationale behind it, for me, at the time, was not only do I want to feature our people, but I really want to demonstrate to our customers. Our customers are small to medium businesses, and these businesses are small, just like us." - John Fischer, CEO StickerGiant


Kure's Ginger Beer

John-Kure-with-Kure's-Ginger-Beer-out-of-Loveland-COJohn Kure co-founder of Kure's Ginger Beer talks about how their company got started, the inspiration behind their logo, and how they source the natural ingredients used in their quality ginger beer. 

"It's great because we're half the sugar of the mass-produced ginger beeers out there. That and we're using cane sugar over corn syrup. It's soda, but it's going to be a healthier alternative to some of the sodas that are out there." - John Kure, Kure's Ginger Beer


The Coffee Ride

Josh-Crane-with-The-Coffee-Ride-from-Boulder-CO-joins-the-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-with-StickerGiantJosh Crane is the owner and founder of a new coffee roaster with a unique approach to his subscription style delivery service for freshly roasted coffee every week, by bicycle. 

"If I can take two things that I love, and even if it's just riding around and delivering one bag, it was worth it because I was going out riding my bike anyway." - Josh Crane, The Coffee Ride


Tradeshow Bootcamp

Katie-Hunt-with-Tradeshow-Bootcamp-on-the-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-with-StickerGiantKatie Hunt is the founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp, host of the Proof to Product podcast, a business strategist and mentor to creative entrepreneurs.

"I always tell people, 'Focus on your product first and then focus on making that product line unique to you. Make sure it has a unique point of view and that it's telling a unique story that's not already out in the marketplace.'" - Katie Hunt, Tradeshow Bootcamp


Johnny Battle

John-Erbert-with-Johnny-Battle-Logos-Joins-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-with-StickerGiantThe folks at Johnny Battle embroider logos into professional apparel that their customers are excited to wear, and they are growing a new company culture as their business takes off.

"Well, our customers are solely business owners, and they're a great type of person tohave as a customer. They're fun, they understand business, they understand the process that you need to go through." - John Erbert, Johnny Battle


Sanitas Brewing

Sanitas-Brewing-of-Boulder-CO-Joins-the-StickerGiant-PodcastMichael Memsic is the co-founder and CEO of Sanitas Brewing from Boulder, CO. He joined the StickerGiant Podcast to talk about running a growing brewery on the Front Range of Colorado, and how his business has continued to evolve while embracing Traction and EOS.

"From my perspective, on a very simple level, traction is just a toolbox to run a business. It's not that complicated, you don't have to be brilliant or a PhD. of business to understand it. It simplifies the system, and it doesn't try to do outrageous things or use outrageous terms." - Michael Memsic, Sanitas Brewing


Longmont Observer

Sergio-with-the-Longmont-Observer-joins-the-Sticker-Stories-Podcast-with-StickerGiantSergio, co-founder of the Longmont Observer joined the Stickers on the Mic podcast to talk about growing a volunteer driven, local online news source, and their support and participation with Longmont Startup Week.

"Longmont Startup Week is all about entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, people who are looking to invest in startups, looking to get funding, or people who are just interested in starting a business." - Sergio Angelus, Longmont Observer


Moon Bath Ritual Teas

Colorado-Crafted-Gift-Box-for-Sticker-Stories-PodcastMoon Bath Ritual Teas is a growing business out of Boulder, CO specializing in botanical bath teas, salts, and more. Tune in to learn the story behind their line of products that have been infused with ancient Ayurvedic wisdoms, and created through collaborations with artists, business leaders, and practicioners ,while growing their brand.

“It's a really beautiful way to experience hydrotherapy which is an ancient healing modality from llng ago, and our intention is just to hope to inspire and reignite a modern bathing renassance that entails a practice of self care.” - Dakota, Moon Bath Ritual Teas


Colorado Crafted

Colorado-Crafted-Gift-Box-for-Sticker-Stories-PodcastWith a modern take on the traditional gift baskets, Colorado Crafted works with unique, made in Colorado gifts for their boxes. From tasty Colorado made snacks, to tasteful jewelry, you can pick your own mix of gifts in the box, or choose from one of their themed boxes.

“Well, the name, Colorado Crafted, is because everything we sell is made in Colorado, and that goes from the products to even our packaging.” - Sarah Welle, Colorado Crafted


Jupiter Visual


Alan Peters with Jupiter Visual works out of Boulder Colorado as a graphic designer, and inspiring the next generation through his teaching work at Madelife, in Boulder.

“Each project is really custom depending on the needs of that job. My projects tend to be illustration based, so starting on the actual drawing board & it isn't uncommon for me to do a sketch or to put pencil to paper to start to nail that down.” - Alan Peters, Jupiter Visual


Be Hippy

Sticker-Stories-Podcast-with-Be-Hippy-from-Denver-COThis Denver based lifestyle brand got their start in 2014, and have continued to grow their business since then. With a wide offering of custom sticker designs, hats, and more, this duo has fun sharing their simple, and fun message - Be Hippy.

“We came up with those two words "Be Hippy" playing around with a few ideas and ultimately, came up with our design in the mountain and the sunshine which encompasses all of these things that are Be Hippy, the lifestyle.”  - Bart, Owner, Be Hippy


Story of Saul and National Sticker Day

Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-with-Jesse-from-the-StickerGiant-Marketing-Team-Talking-National-Sticker-Day-2018-Podcast-Hero-Image"It ended up becoming a really, really, really cool team building exercise. Outside of all the other things we talk about and promote about it, the team building aspect and the way the company, we were 34 people at the time I believe, the way everyone came together  behind this idea was really the spark that ignited this whole thing." - Jesse, Marketing Director, StickerGiant 


Bill Flagg on Acquiring New Customers

StickerGiant-Podcast-Episode-3-Acquiring-CustomersIn this episode Jesse and Hamish sit down with Bill Flagg, an entrepreneur and investor with a knack for acquiring new customers across the businesses he helps to grow. 

"The next layer is how do we take great care of our customers in each of our businesses so they want to tell lots of other people about it." - Bill Flagg, Entrepreneur and Investor


StickerGiant Founder Story

John-Fischer-Founder-of-StickerGiant-on-the-Stickers-on-the-Mic-PodcastIn this episode we sit down with the owner and founder of StickerGiant, John Fischer, and hear about the history of StickerGiant. From the beginnings in the basement office, to the transition from selling individual stickers to custom printing stickers and labels for small and medium businesses throughout the country, and into the business it is today.

"I literally did every component of the business in the beginning and as it grew, I delegated to people who were better at it, who had the time to figure out how to do it right, and could do continuous improvement on that task." - John Fischer, CEO StickerGiant



Wibby Brewing

Ted-Risk-of-Wibby-Brewing-in-Longmont-CO-Joins-the-Stickers-on-the-Mic-PodcastIn this episode, Andrew and Hamish sit down with Ted Risk, co-founder and owner of Wibby Brewing in Longmont, CO. Hear the story behind how this brewery got started as an idea between two friends, and is continuing to grow with the community, and of course, lots of lager love. 

"At the core of our business beer. We got to get the beer in people's hands. We're in a unique industry in that there is still a really strong opportunity to market through grassroots." - Ted Risk, Co-Founder Wibby Brewing