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Welcome to the Stickers on the Mic Podcast, where we talk about the stories behind the custom stickers and labels that we print. We will be focusing on business, and specifically marketing for small business. We invite our customers onto the show to talk business, growth, and of course, stickers and labels with the members of Team StickerGiant. We are in our fifth season of sharing customer stories and profiling the amazing businesses that we work with.

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FEATURED EPISODE: Art Sticks Boulder Sticker Design Mini-Series

art sticks boulder

Stickers on the Mic is honored to collaborate with the team at Art Sticks in Boulder to highlight the artists in their Series 7 collection of stickers. Art Sticks exists to bring affordable local art to the hands of their community. Using stickers as the medium, they seek to create a strong appreciation of art to stimulate healthy conversation and share diverse opinions in a safe and respectful manner. Listen in to the artists share their inspiration for the series concept of "Art as Resistance."

More About Stickers on the Mic

Stickers on the Mic Podcast Team 2021

Everyone on the Marketing Team at StickerGiant participates in the planning, publishing and promotion of the show. You might hear their voices on previous episodes, and they all have a hand in making sure your story gets shared with the world.

Below you can read and listen to episodes from our latest season. Click through, tune in, and enjoy.

Episodes From the 2021 Season


Faheema Chaudry

Faheema Chaudhury started Unicorn Crafts to inspire people and remind them to tend their inner kid-at-heart. Her online story features a variety of products, from jewelry to watercolors and from planters and pots to stationery. All of the designs spring from Faheema's creative energy and her hope is that when customers wear her designs, they feel like their authentic self. Listen in to hear why she started up her own brand and what's next for her business.


Rebecca Ward

Rebecca Ward is a community organizer in Louisville, Kentucky, who made a choice to give back to the West End of her hometown. She started Clothe The West in an effort to rally her neighbors, friends and family to contribute to those in need. This volunteer-driven organization is celebrating their first year, and they have big plans to keep growing and giving. Hear what's next for her project in this special #OneGiantCommunity episode of the show.


Chris Smith Virgina Beer Co.

Chris Smith is the Co-Founder at The Virginia Beer Company, which he started with Robby, who he met at the College of William & Mary. Their time together at university in Williamsburg – along with a shared passions for philanthropy, adventure, and (of course) craft beer – led to a decade-long journey to start a business together in a community they cherished and a field they loved. Chris joined us to talk about how they brew their beer, how they give back to their community and how they designed their unique logo.


Cassie and Vanessa Art Stickers Boulder

Cassie Clusman and Vanessa Kahn joined the show to talk about how Art Sticks, a volunteer-run nonprofit that exists to bring affordable local art to the hands of the Boulder community.

Each Artist Series features limited edition stickers designed by Boulder artists. Their distribution is as analog as art itself: an old school coin-operated vending machine in local businesses. Listen in to hear how this project got started and what's next for their latest release.


design winners

In 2021, StickerGiant held our first-ever design contest. We chose 12 winners, and these are their sticker stories. It's a mix of artists who run their own design and illustrations businesses, teach art and find a way to create whenever and wherever they can.





tom ludlow be rooted

Tom Ludlow is the founder of Tend Studio, a multimedia production studio in Longmont, Colorado. We spoke to Tom about how he's taken on major aerospace clients and created content for the University of Colorado Boulder's Fiske Planetarium, along with opening a creative production space during a pandemic.





jasmin foster be rooted

Jasmin Foster is the founder of Be Rooted, an inclusive stationery brand. We were lucky enough to talk to Jasmin in the days following her launch in Target stores nationwide, and she shared with us how she conceptualized this brand and how Be Rooted landed in one of the largest retailers in the country--all in the first year of her business. Listen in as Jasmin shares how her company has grown and how stickers are a part of her story.



tisha mccoy-ntiamoah

Tisha McCoy-Ntiamoah is the owner and Chief Popcorn Enthusiast of PrePOPsterous® Gourmet Popcorn & Sodas. In this episode she talks about the journey of her brand, from her first job experience serving popcorn to working with trademark attorneys that helped secure her business name. Her latest adventure was opening an in-store retail presence during the pandemic.




Katie MySuperFoods

Katie Jesionowski is a co-founder of MySuperFoods, a food brand that is committed to empowering parents and growing healthy, SuperKids. MySuperFoods creates organic and gluten free, nutrient dense food for kids and families. In this episode, she shares some of their early success and how most recently they've adapted to the pandemic to keep growing their business.



Terah Eatmon Body Baked

Terah Eatmon started Body Baked Body Butter with the goal of helping people with dry skin. Her entrepreneurial journey is one based on perseverance, as she's found her market and she's updated her brand. In this episode, Terah shares how she rebranded her labels and is planning on launching a new product due to the feedback from her loyal fans. Listen in as she discusses juggling a full-time job while keeping in touch with her passionate fans.


Angie Chua Bobo Design Studio

Angie Chua is the founder, heart, and soul of bobo design studio where she designs and creates wanderlust inspired stationery, stickers, and travel accessories. When she isn't in the studio, she can be found lounging at home in her 1975 restored Airstream, or hitting the road with her husband and two wiener dogs in their smaller retro trailer dubbed "The WIENERbago.



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