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Welcome to the Stickers on the Mic Podcast, where we talk about the stories behind the custom stickers and labels that we print. We will be focusing on business, and specifically marketing for small business. We invite our customers onto the show to talk business, growth, and of course, stickers and labels with the members of Team StickerGiant. We are in our sixth season of sharing customer stories and profiling the amazing businesses that we work with.

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Nithin And Susan From R Is For Rice Talk Representation In Children's Literature And Self-Publishing

Nithin And Susan From R Is For Rice Talk Representation In Children's Literature And Self-Publishing

Nithin and Susan are two of the co-founders of JKL Teahouse, publishers of "R Is For Rice." They joined the show to talk about Asian American representation in children's literature and starting a self-publishing brand.

As Asian Americans growing up in the U.S., they rarely saw themselves reflected in popular books and media. They created their first book, R is for Rice, to celebrate Asian cultures infused in daily American life. Their goal is to take readers on a journey through the alphabet with the ABC’s of Asian American foods. At JKL Teahouse, they are proud of their multiple Asian heritages, and they are proud to be Americans.

Their mission is to inspire a broader definition of “American” by offering products that reflect Asian Americans and the impact of Asian communities on American life. They also spoke about starting their publishing and ecommerce brand, and how the creative process works in their business. Listen in to learn more about they are working to create a more inclusive world through kids books.

2022 Episodes

Marisa From The Neon Tea Party Talks About Unlocking Creativity Through Crafting

Marisa From The Neon Tea Party Talks About Unlocking Creativity Through Crafting

Marisa Morrison is the color-loving, creativity-obsessed founder of The Neon Tea Party (TNTP). For as long as she remembers, she's made things: a “fashion line” at age 8, crystal bracelets at age 11, themed parties at age 14, a university magazine at age 19, and a lifestyle blog at 27. Now, in her 30s, Marisa aims to inspire others to tap into their own creativity by offering DIY tutorials, in-person workshops, virtual classes and more. When she’s not immersed in her latest crafting obsession or growing The Neon Tea Party from her colorful home office, you can find Marisa decorating her house, scrolling Pinterest for fresh project inspiration, or in the kitchen cooking. Marisa lives in New Jersey with her daughter Sofie, dog Kugel, and husband and TNTP Chief Hustle Officer Sam. Marisa spoke about how The Neon Tea Party is on a mission to empower people to celebrate their creativity through colorful, playful crafts. TNTP provides fun DIY tutorials, craft supplies, virtual classes, and even a virtual craft camp to help people make joyful items for themselves, their loved ones, and their surroundings.

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Briana From Run The Edge Talks About Innovative Fitness Experiences For Everyone

 Briana From Run The Edge Talks About Innovative Fitness Experiences For Everyone

Briana Boehmer is the Chief Operating Officer at Run the Edge, a Boulder-based fitness platform that aims to make fitness fun, accessible, and integral to daily life. They inspire and include people all over the world with their devoted team, dynamic challenges, and community-first approach.

Briana ran collegiately for the University of Colorado and the University of Wisconsin, but now you'll find her standing atop the podium in multi-sport events. She’s completed 6 full Ironmans, including the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

She joined the show to talk about how they create gamified fitness experiences that challenge people to meet and exceed their goals. The platform at Run the Edge is a diverse set of virtual challenges that feature unique rewards and help foster community. There are seven different options that range from full-year challenges to monthly motivations.

Briana is a master organizer whose influence at Run The Edge is focused on ensuring everything they do centers on their mission “Everyone Included, Everyone Challenged, Everyone Successful.”

You can also watch the episode on Vimeo or YouTube.

Rita From Piper + Enza Shares How They Help Parents Navigate Children's Health Experiences

Rita From Piper + Enza Shares How They Help Parents Navigate Children's Health Experiences

Rita Ho-Bezzola is an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles with an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

As a mother of two, she strives to contribute to the well-being of the next generation in her future endeavors. Like millions of other parents around the world, the Covid pandemic turned Rita's life upside down. She started looking for resources that would support her in guiding her two young daughters through a strange and scary time. She was looking for any tool that could her help frame the conversation or give her the right words to say to make the situation easier for her kids to understand. This search brought with it a realization that for so many families, perhaps those with a sick child or parent, these conversations have to happen all the time. And because kids think about things so differently than we do, the words we use (and don’t use) matter when helping shape their perception.

Piper + Enza wants to help kids and their families center on the good when faced with challenges, and to focus on the light as they are moving through the tunnel. The mission at Piper + Enza, a health and happiness company, is to support children and their families with the inevitable bumps and bruises of growing up, shifting the narrative from a place of fear to one of healing, knowledge and celebration. Using books, tools, toys, and resources developed in collaboration with early childhood educators, child life experts, pediatricians, and child psychologists, we want to give families strategies to navigate through the fears and unknowns of growing up and instead, support them in embracing the journey.

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Adrienne Ruth is a Denver-based graphic artist who rose to prominence when one of the Colorado Avalanche players wore a shirt she design in the 2022 Stanley Cup Victory Parade. She's a passionate hockey fan, and she built a rapport with Nazem Kadri and his family over the years. Adrienne created a design that he wanted to wear for the celebration, and the rest is history. She's since partnered with the Nazem Kadri Foundation to donate proceeds from the shirt sales to benefit his pursuit of mental health awareness, while also expanding her product lines of designs. She joined the show to talk about her experience creating hockey-related art and how Murder on Ice (her design brand) responded to the influx of business that followed the Avs winning the Stanley Cup.

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Media Strategy and Community Building with Abby Glassenberg From The Craft Industry Alliance

Abby Glassenberg is a co-founder of the Craft Industry Alliance and now serves as its president. She’s a sewing pattern designer, teacher, and journalist. She’s dedicated to creating an outstanding trade association for the crafts industry. Her vision was to build a thriving trade organization that meets the specific needs of today’s craft industry professionals and offers an opportunity for makers, suppliers, designers and writers to join together as allies under a united “craft industry” umbrella.

In 2022, Craft Industry Alliance became the strategic partner for h+h americas, a new trade show for the crafts industry. This event is a uniting force for crafts, bringing all businesses together in one place where they can showcase new goods, discover trends, network, and make connections at an in-person event. Listen in to hear Abby talk about media strategy and starting a community of craft-minded business people.

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Harsha Maragh is the Owner and CEO of Wah Gwaan Brewing Company.

Harsha Maragh is the Owner and CEO of Wah Gwaan Brewing Company. This brewing business was started Harsha and Jesse Brown in 2020. The idea for the brewery was driven by Harsha's Jamaican heritage, their shared love for craft beer, a passion for homebrewing and the desire to create social change within the brewing industry. Listen in as she shares the story of how their Denver-based brewery got started during the pandemic and how they are growing their business in the Colorado craft brewing industry.

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Cidney Moorer Herbal CiddyCidney Moorer started Herbal Ciddy four years ago to create plant-based skincare products for all skin types. Her vision was to have an all-in-one selccare and holistic wellness line. She joined the show to talk about how she started Herbal Ciddy in 2019 after sixteen months of trial and error that included learning all there was to know about skin and botanical ingredients to help alleviate particular conditions. Cidney also spoke about how she scaled her brand and developed new products like petcare and wholesale options. Up next for her is a retail presence in the Beachwood Place Shopping Mall in Beachwood, OH. We also chatted about how she built a loyal consumer base for her products that led to a massive marketing boost in June of 2020 from one of the most-prolific influencers in the world: Beyonce. The cultural icon and her fashion stylist Zerina Akers included Herbal Ciddy in their “Black Parade Route” promotion that put a spotlight on Black-owned brands across the country.

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Brett Glam BeautyBrett Freedman is an LA-based makeup artist that's worked within the Hollywood system for decades. Before starting Brett Glam Beauty, he had deals with Revlon, Neutrogena, and Pantene, just to name a few. Throughout his work, he always had a knack for brows, and since that service was his calling card, he decided to create products with his favorite attributes, while also adding products where he saw a need. Brett says that developing the line was the hardest thing he's ever done, but that the journey has been vastly rewarding. After over a decade of selling his brow and lip products, he is in love with his work and his brand. Every product is created, formulated, and developed by Brett. While his brand represents a true makeup artist's line, it's available to everyone. Listen in as Brett talks about his path into his business and where's it's going next.

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Mikey Latner - Project:Camp

Mikey Latner is a co-founder and the Executive Director of Project:Camp, based in Los Angeles. He is a leader and innovator that believes that disaster response should not end at providing food and shelter, but should provide joy and community. As a life-long camp director who understands how camp can impact and change the lives of children, he works to provide a safe space for kids whose lives have been disrupted, and to help them learn, grow and thrive as a result. Listen in to hear how they've responded to recent disasters and where he hopes to take Project:Camp in the future.

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Kris Barnard Posterity CiderWorks

Kris Barnard started Posterity Ciderworks with her husband Brendan in 2018, and since they have been working hard to produce estate & small batch hard cider in Calaveras County, California. She wears the hats of operations, sales, and marketing for Posterity. This year they have opened a brick-and-mortar tasting room in Mokelumne Hill, and they are expanding the footprint of the wild, rural and rare trees that help produce their unique ciders. She also spoke about branding, packaging and what it takes to create and to maintain an orchard. Listen in to hear Kris talk about how they make their ciders and what's next for their brand.

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Jacklyn Rasmussen, Founder of Northern Ties and creator of the TikTok Viral Hoodie

While in quarantine and on furlough, Jacklyn started experimenting with reverse tie dye (or acid wash) fabric treatment--a technique that uses a bleach solution to chemically change fabric colors with organic, one-of-a kind results.

What began as a personal project to satisfy her own creative curiosity soon took on a life of its own once friends, family, and coworkers saw her designs and requested commissioned articles of clothing. Jacklyn soon discovered she had a passion for the process and started bleaching everything. That’s where it all began. Northern Ties was founded in June of 2020, and a little over a month later Northern Ties launched their first official product. Jacklyn left her corporate job in March of 2021 to pursue Northern Ties full time. Check out to learn more about her business and shop her store.

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Destiny Darcel

Destiny Butler is an illustrator and entrepreneur who started up the Destiny Darcel brand as a "finsta" account in the early days of the pandemic. Her illustrations and the engagement with her audience on the Destiny Darcel Instagram account led her to open an online store to promote and sell her art. Now she's expanding her line of products that celebrate Black women, and she joined us to talk about where she's taking her business and how she creates her work.

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Yosi Sergant TaskForce

Yosi Sergant is a cultural strategist & movement entrepreneur who started TaskForce, an independent agency working at the intersection of arts, culture, and social change. He has spent his career investigating how intentionally designed cultural strategies can create new narratives, reshape cultural norms and spark lasting behavioral change. His mission is to champion the role of the artist in shaping culture, public opinion and public policy. Yosi is known for his role in commissioning and managing the Obama "Hope" poster created during the 2008 presidential election by Shepard Fairey. He spoke to us about how TaskForce is trying to help people and organizations build momentum to tackle our worlds toughest challenges. Listen in to learn more about how Yosi thinks digital art can create a new conversation around current events and cultural change.

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Art Sticks Seris 8 podcast page image

Stickers on the Mic is proud to collaborate once again with the team at Art Sticks in Boulder to highlight the artists in their Series 8 collection of stickers.

Art Sticks exists to bring affordable local art to the hands of their community. Using stickers as the medium, they seek to create a strong appreciation of art to stimulate healthy conversation and share diverse opinions in a safe and respectful manner.



Justin and Jared Otis Redding Foundation

The mission of the Otis Redding Foundation is to empower, enrich, and motivate all young people through programs involving music, writing and instrumentation. Justin Andrews, Redding's grandson, and Jared Wright, the foundation's Director of Development, joined the show from Macon, Georgia, to talk about the philanthropic commitment of Otis Redding to empower and enlighten all young people to fulfill their dreams. They shared how the Otis Redding Center for the Arts is breaking ground on a new facility that will house the Otis Music Camp and many more events to serve the community in Macon. Listen in to hear how the Foundation is building on the legacy of Otis Redding and building a better future for kids through education.

You can also watch their episode on Vimeo or YouTube.


Gaby and Teresa Central Coast Aquarium

Gaby and Teresa from The Central Coast Aquarium in Avila Beach, California, joined us to talk about how this nonprofit organization provides education and engagement with San Luis Obispo County’s marine habitats and estuarine environments. For 25 years, The Central Coast Aquarium has been a community resource with interactive exhibits, outdoor activities, and laboratory lessons for all ages, and has served over 23,000 visitors and 4,500 school students each year. Listen in to hear about how the aquarium is growing its offerings and creating connections for visitors of all kinds.

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Robert Liu-Trujillo - Author and Illustrator

Robert Liu-Trujillo is an Oakland-based author and illustrator who is co-founder of The Trust Your Struggle Collective, a contributor to The Social Justice Children's Bk Holiday Fair, Tone Magazine, The Bullhorn Blog, and the founder of Come Bien Books.

Rob is the author and illustrator of Furqan’s First Flat Top and he’s illustrated numerous other children’s books. Always drawing, Rob grew up to be an artist falling in love with graffiti, fine art, illustration, murals, and children’s books. His website is and you can find more of his work there.

You can also watch his episode on Vimeo or YouTube.


Neal and Alicia Hines

Alicia and Neal are a husband and wife photography & planning team. They create and capture down-to-earth weddings and intimate elopements for adventurous couples in beautiful outdoor locations across Montana. Their events range from backcountry elopements to large ranch weddings, and everything in between. They started Off the Beaten Path Wedding in 2017 to help other couples celebrate their love authentically.

They combine our talents to bring photography, planning and officiating under one roof for those who desire a unique Montana wedding. We spoke to Alicia and Neal about how they help make Montana destination weddings possible for their clients, and they share how they ensure the process is stress-free so that they create an unforgettable experience that help couples remember their special day forever.

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