Season Two Episode One is live!

On Friday, January 12th we spoke with Jesse Freitas, StickerGiant Marketing Director and founder of National Sticker Day. Listen below.

Sticker Stories Podcast 2018 Season 2 Episode 1 The Making of National Sticker Day

You can also watch Season 2, Episode 1

More about the show

Welcome to the Sticker Stories Podcast, where we're going to be talking about the stories behind our custom stickers and labels that we print here in the factory. We will be focusing on business, and specifically marketing for small business. We'll welcome onto the show some of our customers, business experts, and of course, members of Team StickerGiant.

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More About the Sticker Stories Podcast

Season 2 has returned, and we will continue our Sticker Stories Podcast next month when we welcome Longmont Bicycle Company on the show. We'll also have our SoundCloud player embedded here on this page so you can listen at anytime, and you'll be able to find us in your favorite podcatcher app. Bonus: We also have a videostream archive of our episodes at the bottom of this page.

We are all about sharing here at StickerGiant, so drop us a line if you have an idea for an episode or guest spot.

Meet the Team

matranga podcast host Andrew Matranga (co-host) Andrew is a recovering journalist who really loves stickers, not to mention podcasts. You might recognize his voice from the ads you see out there on the internet. Andrew runs the blog and posts pictures of stickers all over social media. When he's not pushing pixels, he's playing guitar, building something with power tools, or chasing around his three kids.
martin podcast host Hamish "Mish" Martin (co-host) Hamish is StickerGiant's online advertising guru (or PPC Analyst for those who know Google AdWords). He makes sure that StickerGiant's ads are out there for the world to see and enjoy. Mish, as we like to call him, hails from Guildford, England, about an hour from London. He just recently moved to the US, and he really digs finding new mountain bike trails here in Boulder County.
michaels podcast Jesse Freitas (producer and sometimes host) - Jesse is StickerGiant's Marketing Director. He was the brains behind Saul, the World's Largest Sticker Ball and National Sticker Day. He's often roaming the factory floor to take awesome pictures and share them on your Instagram or Snapchat feed. Every fall, he's following the Broncos as they march towards their next Super Bowl. You'll find Jesse walking one of Longmont's greenways with his dog, Reznor.

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