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Individual glitter stickers in any custom shape!

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File Formats Accepted: ai, eps, svg, pdf, psd, tiff, tif, jpg, png, jpeg

About Glitter Stickers

For lovers of shiny things, this is the ultimate sticker. Get all the rainbow shine from the holographic material, plus GLITTER, because sometimes you just need to be extra. 

Our top-quality, custom Glitter Stickers are printed in full color and laser cut to the same size and shape as your sticker. A glossy, UV laminate finish provides extra protection from the elements.

Product Features

nature Outdoor Durable

partly_cloudy_day Weatherproof

shapes Custom Shapes

After uploading your artwork file, you can specify an option in the Special Instructions box.

A - Glitter Border

Design is solid, the border is Glitter (design prints normal the border will shimmer)

B - Glitter Background

Glitter border and background (all Transparent areas will shimmer)

C - Colored Glitter

Select colors or areas will be Glitter (customer choice for what will shimmer) 

D - All the Glitter

Everything is Glitter (best with good contrast and darker colors)

What To Expect When Ordering

Approve Your Proof
1 Business Day

Expect a snazzy email with a proof of your artwork within just 1 business day of placing your order

2-4 Business Days

Your order will be with our manufacturing team and ready to ship in 2-4 business days

1-3 Business Days

Select how fast your stickers travel and receive your order in as soon as 1-3 business days

Artwork Setup Tips for Glitter Stickers

For the best possible product, we recommend the following for your art files:

  • 300 dpi resolution or higher for printing
  • Ensure your file’s color space is set to CMYK (otherwise colors may appear off)
  • Upload any of these file formats with a transparent background: AI, PSD, PNG, SVG, TIFF, PDF, or EPS
  • Vector or high-resolution raster art files are preferred for best results
    There are some size limitations with our individual stickers – our smallest size is 1”x1” and our largest size is 11” x 14”.

Glitter Specifics & Options

Make sure your files are set up for success! 

For the best possible product, we recommend the following for your art files:

  • Transparency allows for the glitter to show through, and inks at 100% will print opaque with no glitter effect. However, we can use partially transparent inks to achieve a subdued glitter effect in the designs (if subdued glitter is your thing?)
  • Fine details and text will not be legible on the glitter holographic material. Sadly it may get lost in the sparkle. If you want some shine and fine detail, consider our regular holographic sticker option.
  • Use it to your advantage! The glitter in the material can be used as a fun accent in your designs. Anywhere with transparency will let the sparkle come through.
  • PLEASE leave notes in the comments section of your order about what elements you want to show up as glitter holographic in your artwork!

Need help with your art?

We offer graphic art support! Our art team is here to help ensure your files are set up for perfect printing. We can even make easy corrections if needed, the simpler the art, the more we can help.

Applications and Uses

Glitter Stickers can be used on almost anything you can think of.

  • Super fun for holiday stickers (silver and gold, anyone?)
  • Fans of bedazzling can jazz up almost anything
  • Kids love ‘em! Plus there’s no loose glitter, so parents love ‘em too!
  • Catch eyes outdoors—there’s a lot of reflecting going on
  • Swag to hand out at events
  • Items to promote your brand
  • Great for bumper stickers
  • Artistic expression that sticks AND shines
  • Put them on water bottles or laptops to gussy up and personalize your stuff! 

For best results:

  • Apply your custom stickers to clean, flat surfaces.
  • Do not apply to rounded or curved surfaces (like a helmet). This may cause wrinkles in your sticker when applied.
  • Glitter Stickers are durable outdoors and ready to stick as bumper stickers, window stickers, and more.
  • Hand wash safe (do not microwave)
  • Weatherproof and waterproof, but can’t stay submerged in water (like on the bottom of a boat)

What Sizes Work Best For Stickers?

When it comes to ordering custom stickers, one of the most important decisions you can make is figuring out the best size to get. Choose a size that is too small, and your design may get lost in the shuffle. Get a size that is too large, and it may fail to impress your fans or potential customers.

Here are a few size comparisons to things we see all the time.

A quarter is about an inch in diameter, and this size works great for supporting branding labels, or small easy to hand out stickers. 

An Oreo cookie is about 2 inches in diameter for a size that allows for an easy to see logo or visible designs, in a size that will still be easily seen if applied to the back of a phone or laptop.

Standard business cards are usually 2x3 inches, and ovals and rectangles in this size are popular options for custom stickers. This size is easy to share with your fans at events to get your logo out in the world.

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