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Custom labels for Barred Woods Pure Vermont Maple Sugar Products

Today's sticker story comes from the Western slopes of Northern Vermont's Green Mountains, where Barred Woods Maple Sugar harvests the sweetest elixir Mother Nature has to offer. They use our custom labels for their various Maple Sugar products, and we wanted to take a virtual trip to ... [Read More]

Meet Jordan: Artwork Wrangler and RC Car Racer

Get to know Jordan from the StickerGiant Prepress Team. Jordan is responsible for taking your approved artwork and getting it set up properly before it runs through the shop and becomes beautiful stickers and labels. An entrepreneur with an affinity to be creative, Jordan is another of ... [Read More]

Kiss Cut Stickers Share the Jeep Life Story for BluAnchor

Today we're talking kiss cut stickers that come on sheets, and our story comes from Jeep Life by Blu Anchor out of Cooper Landing, Alaska. They are selling a few different stickers on their Etsy shop, but this sheet is 12.5 x 5.5 inches and gives Jeep enthusiasts eight different UV ... [Read More]