Taming Unruly Beards with Custom Labels


Yeah, beards can get a little out of control. Right guys? Billy Jealousy is providing some outstanding grooming products while mixing in humor to their brand. They are also adding on some custom glossy white labels to help with their fun brand experience.

Billy Jealousy was founded back in 2004 by Pat Parsi and Danielle Rouso and as time has past they have built their company into an icon in their industry. While focusing on making great products, they knew it was important to create an experience with their brand that people won’t forget.

Today, Billy Jealousy is sold around the world. Their branding is one of a kind as they have have an amazing online and social presence. While executing their world grooming domination, Billy Jealousy printed up some awesome custom rolled labels that fit right in with their brand identity. All on black and white designs, they did different shapes of labels that stated “Tame Unruly Body Hair,” “El Beardo Wants You!” and “Join the Grooming Rebellion.” Each one has it’s own vector design of beard faces and a shaving blade.

Words can’t say it all about the fun nature of Billy Jealousy, so encourage you to watch this video they made.

Doubling Up on Kiss Cut Stickers for the Game Devs of Color Expo


On Saturday, the 2017 Game Devs of Color Expo will take place in New York City, and their custom shaped kiss cut sticker features a smart design where they get two small peel-offs on one rectangle sheet. This layout means the sticker is portable and memorable, with four-inch banners featuring their event branding. Back of an iPhone case? No problem. On a favorite writing journal? Yep. Whether it’s a water bottle or a laptop, this sticker will travel.

As for the background on the Game Devs of Color Expo, it’s a day-long conference experience at the historic Schomburg Center, a research library that’s part of the New York Public Library and an archive for information on people of African descent worldwide. At the Expo, there will be panels, talks, and an arcade (of course). Speakers will talk about game development process, representation in games, and experiences within the games industry as people from different backgrounds.

Then everyone will try out incredible games made by people of color. This is the truly fun part of this event. On display there will be over 30 games made by people of color from across the United States as well as around the world. There are the major players like the Amazon Games Studio and Avalanche Studios. Attendees will learn from 20-plus speakers involved in the gaming industry, and they can choose from microtalks and panels that cover a broad range of topics about game development and racial/ethnic identity.

Most importantly, the 2017 Game Devs of Color Expo is open to people of all genders, races, abilities, sexual orientations, and religions. The organizers are committed to ensuring that this event is inclusive to all. A few ways they are achieving this goal is to hold the event at a venue that is wheelchair accessible, to display live captions for all talks and presentations, and to make gender-neutral restrooms available to everyone.

The organizing team behind this event is the crew at Brooklyn Gamery, three game builders who create high-quality games. Their mission is to use games as a means of social change as well as encouraging cultural change in the games industry. And that’s what we’re all about, trying to bring about change and advocate for inclusiveness one sticker at a time.

Startup Weekend Stickers Headed to the French Riviera and Denver

StickerGiant-Sticker-Sheet-Startup-Weekend-Nice Sophia-Antipolis-2017-blog

We heading into the weekend with full head of entrepreneurial steam as a sticker sheet flies to France and a rectangle die cut visits Denver.

In true Startup Weekend form, participants have 54 hours starting Friday to bring a product to life. Developers, designers, tech experts, business people and just about anyone with a great idea who wants to participate will be gathering to pitch ideas, study competitors, prepare business plans, find marketing strategies and work with designers. But, this is not a solo process, as teams are formed and professional coaches assist with entrepreneurship tips and business creation strategies.

Saturday the rubber hits the road and it’s all about rapid prototyping and ideation. By Sunday afternoon, teams will prepare their projects for a jury, and they will be briefed and trained by coaches with a slide deck. Then, Sunday night teams will present their projects and receive the best prices.

Let’s start in France and then head to Colorado.

Startup Weekend Nice Sophia-Antipolis

The team in Nice Sophia-Antipolis for Startup Weekend Nice Sophia-Antipolis designed a great sticker sheet with ten different peel offs, as you can see above. They have their event hashtag #SWNSA in a bold font at the top, then they have some sea birds and palm trees and the Startup Weekend beach lounging on a beach–this is Nice, France after all. Big shoutout to the organizing team for their hard work on this sticker and in advance of their event. Lastly, thanks to the MAMAC Museum of Nice for hosting the closing ceremony where everyone can complete Startup Weekend in style with a cocktail.

Startup Weekend EDU Denver



In Denver, we are excited for Startup Weekend EDU Denver (SWEDU) where the name of the game is education. They went with a custom die cut rectangle sticker that has the Techstars Startup Weekend branding over the Denver Skyline and the letter C and sun graphic treatment from the State Flag of Colorado.

SWEDU is returning to Denver in 2017 for another great weekend of ideas, collaboration and innovation.  SWEDU brings together people of all skill sets and experience levels to work together to build tools, help schools and innovate with learning spaces to rethink the future of schools and education. Three cheers for the Organizing Team for their hard work.

Here’s a short video about SWEDU Denver 2017.

Bold Ideas, Clean Code and Slick Beats to Flow at Hip Hop Hacktivist in NYC

Hip Hop Hacktivist Sponsored Circle Sticker 2017 Blog

Hip Hop Hacktivist blends together three of our favorite things: music, community and technology. This free hackathon targets youth in New York and uses the influence of hip-hop culture to introduce youth to the tech industry. On Saturday, high school students, some who have limited or no coding experience, will gather at the Tumblr Inc. offices 21st Street in Manhattan for a social coding event where programmers and designers will be collaborate over a short period of time to create a new software application.

They printed up a custom circle sticker in all black, with a type-drive design. Their event branding is set off in angle brackets for a nice nod to the tech side of the event, and then HIP HOP in all caps and a strong sans serif font. At the bottom, the organizing group The Art DepartmENT gets a pop of color with a red treatment and a grey foundation color. This is a bold sticker for a bold idea.

There will be plenty of hip hop, prizes and of course, tech. They are promoting this as a “Kendrick Lamar Inspired Hackathon” with the theme “We Gon’ Be Alright.” This program is a partnership with VICE Impact, which means there’s a platform for this idea to scale.

If you’re not familiar with hackathons, we sponsor many Major League Hackathon events, and this one falls under the guidelines. Major League Hacking (MLH) is the official student hackathon league. Each year, they produce 200+ weekend-long competitions where over 65,000 students globally participate in computer science tasks and innovation exercises. MLH is an engaged and passionate community that consists of the next generation of technology leaders and entrepreneurs, and we are proud to align with their mission.

These events typically last anywhere from 24 hours to a few days and usually revolve around a theme—this one’s hip hop. For attendees there will be food and swag, and most importantly, there are groups with professional designers and developers who will provide the equipment needed to execute these great ideas. All that’s needed is that participants bring their creativity and imagination, and the design and development mentors will guide teams through the whole process.

Each student will be supported by two trained software developers and one trained design professional.  Students will work together as a team to brainstorm and come up with an idea based on the theme of the event. Students will utilize teamwork, effective communication, time-management, and all the necessary skills involved in building a successful web app. Designers will assist students in sketching ideas out and wire framing. After the ideation stage, developers will bring the students’ ideas to life and the students will assist in the creative decisions that are to be made. Students will also work together to create a four minute presentation that describes and demonstrates their idea. Prizes will be distributed to various groups based on certain criteria. (From the Hip Hop Hacktivist site.)

Hip Hop Hacktivist will also include a music showcase and a panel that involves a conversation between music professionals and tech professionals so that all of these young kids learn about the many opportunities in the tech industry. Here’s to that! Go forth and code, young ones.

Raux Clothing: Launching a Website with Stickers


There are a lot of steps that go into a new startup business and it’s always a thrill to see something new created take off. Raux Clothing is a new brand that is launching their first website today and with it the offering of custom logo stickers.

Raux (pronounced raw) Clothing was first established in 2015 by Skylar in Boulder, Colorado. His passion has always been graphic design and he finds inspiration in various street wear brands like Vans, RVCA and Billionaire Boys Club.

Raux is designed to be a simple and independent clothing brand. The logo of the Lions is based on Skylar’s favorite animal and Raux stands for the raw form of his art. Everything is created from scratch.

As Raux Clothing launches their website today, Skylar printed up his logo design as our Kiss Cut Stickers which have a durable UV laminate so they will hold up wherever they are slapped on and the digitally printed colors really make the Raux Clothing logo stand out.

Custom Cold Brew Coffee Can Sticker from Roast Coffee Company


Milwaukee, or Brew City as it’s known, is famous for canned beverages of the alcoholic variety, but one coffee shop in Wisconsin’s city by the lake has created some pretty epic custom die cut can-shaped stickers to go along with that morning cup of joe.

The local coffee shop is a cornerstone of any community, where people come together to catch up, drink delicious beverages and soak up the community vibes. And nothing beats a friendly neighborhood cafe that puts a lot of work into brewing up great coffee. Roast Coffee Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, knows that there are many different coffee roasters and producers in the world these days, and what sets them apart is that they have developed a process that creates a consistent, repeatable and beautiful cup of coffee every time. With the science of brewing coffee in mind, they have a lot of fun experimenting with different types of specialty coffees.

As summer is now upon us, the need for that refreshing Iced Coffee is rising and Roast Coffee Company has just the cure. They have a nitro canned version of their Cold Brew Iced Coffee to get that tasty caffeine boost on the go. In promoting their specialty cans of Iced Coffee, they printed up some custom shaped stickers to look exactly like the can itself. Since we offer free custom shapes for our Die Cut Stickers, it makes it an easy and inexpensive design to turn into a promotional sticker.

Their refreshing Nitro Iced Coffee on the go now has an identical looking sticker for fans to boast their favorite flavor from Roast Coffee Company.