Startup Weekend Guadalajara


This weekend we have a Startup Weekend in Mexico. Our friends at Startup Weekend Guadalajara really brought it with a colorful custom sticker sheet that 13 different peel offs, including eight different Startup Weekend “lab people” designs. These are the types of whimsical, yet refined, designs that work so well on sticker sheets. They also have an event logo with a soldier wearing a helmet, plus a few quotes and sponsor logos. A well-rounded, well-thought-out set of stickers.

Startup Weekends are “all action and no talk,” where participants have a learning experience and total immersion for 54 hours where they can start a new business or incubate a new product idea.

60-second pitches result in the formation of small teams around the best concepts. 54 hours are spent focusing on customer and product development, validating ideas and building prototypes with the help of experienced mentors. Finally, each team has the chance to present their results and receive feedback from a panel of industry experts.

Before we go, a big thanks to all of the other sponsors, the organizers, the mentors and the judges. These weekends are always a community effort, and when the village gets together, magic can truly happen.

WordCamp US 2016 in Philadelphia


This is the granddaddy of them all: WordCamp US, where WordPress users from everywhere (not just the United States) congregate for a WordCamp to talk about the world’s favorite web publishing platform.

If we weren’t busy printing WordCamp stickers sheets adorned with Wapuus and sending them to every corner of the globe, we’d be there, with bells on. Seriously! Look at this speaker list, it is packed with WordPress all-stars, including WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. Then add in the practical sessions and Contributor Day, and you have three days of pure, open source software geekery.

This year’s sticker sheet has peel-offs that are completely on point: a cuddly parchment cradling Wapuu (naturally!), a bold crest with WordPress logo and the location, a play on the Philly LOVE statue with the W logo (look for the W script), and three other logos treatments. Rockstar work from the design, from colors to layout to creativity.

More on where WordCamp came from…

WordCamp San Francisco was the first-ever WordCamp, organized by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg in 2006. Over time, it grew into the official annual WordPress conference with over 30 speakers and 1500+ attendees converging from all over the world. Along with sessions by leaders in the WordPress community, it featured The State of the Word address, where Matt talks about upcoming WordPress developments and answers questions from the audience.

In 2015, WordCamp US was announced, with Philadelphia, PA as the host city. Philadelphia will host the conference for two years, before it moves onto another city in the USA.

Follow the action on Twitter at the hashtag #WCUS and on their account @WordCampUS.

Bake-A-Wish at The Gage in Chicago


From the folks at Make-A-Wish Illinois comes a tasty twist: Bake-A-Wish, a curated, festive experience with cookie decorating stations, hot chocolate stations and more holiday fun. The event will raise money to help make wishes come true for local children. They have holiday-themed sticker featuring a script font in a bold red, wrapping paper-like background. It’s delicious looking, in part because it’s one of our custom shaped kiss cut stickers, but also because there’s a cookie right smack dab in the top. Yum.

If you’re not familiar with Make-A-Wish, it’s one of this country’s top non-profits. They do great stuff for kids with life-threatening medical conditions by granting them their “wish” of a special experiences. The organization grants wishes through 61 chapters across the United States and in 45 countries around the world.

Two big-name Chicago restaurants, Acanto and The Gage, are teaming up with Accenture will be hosting this events on Saturday, December 3, 2016, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., at The Gage, right across the street from Chicago’s famous Millennium Park and iconic Cloud Gate (or “The Bean” to the locals).

Executive Pastry Chef Kym DeLost (Acanto and The Gage) is making the food magic happen, and 100% of the proceeds from the ticket sales will benefit Make-A-Wish Illinois. Chef DeLost believes that pastry should be fun and that is reflected on the menus at her restaurants. She plans to bring that same whimsy to the table at Bake-A-Wish; she is, after all, the creator of “Sundae Funday” at Acanto and drinkable desserts at The Gage.

Big thanks to the contributors:

  • Billy Lawless, Proprietor of Acanto, Beacon Tavern, Coda Di Volpe, The Dawson and The Gage
  • Kim DeLost, Executive Pastry Chef, Acanto and The Gage
  • Patrick Doyle, Director of Operations, Acanto, Beacon Tavern, The Dawson and The Gage
  • Neena Munjal, Accenture, Event Chair

DevOpsDays Down Under in Sydney


This Thursday and Friday, December 1st & 2nd, DevOpsDays Sydney is gathering together with custom kiss cut event stickers on our white stock. It has the gear-and-cog graphics of all DevOpsDays, but it features a multi-colored design on a circle-topped square shape that somewhat mimics the silhouette of the iconic Sydney opera house. With bold colors and clean lines, this sticker will pop off the back of a laptop, an office window, or anywhere that the user sticks it.

DevOps, or development and operations, is a movement that promotes the collaboration and communication of software developers, business managers, and other information-technology (IT) professionals, while also automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. The DevOps project aims to create a culture where the business of technology (building, testing, and releasing software) can happen rapidly, more often, and more reliably. Enter DevOpsDays, a volunteer-run, global organization that brings the spirit of DevOps to the masses with conferences uniting people from across the software spectrum.

The program for DevOpsDays Sydney is packed with sessions, speakers, brainstorming and tea(!). We want to send out a huge thanks to the organizing team behind the scenes, and all of the speakers who have given their time and will be on stage presenting to the crowd. And of course, to everyone on site this weekend: Have fun and get your learn on.

Parade of Darks Metro Caring


In the spirit of the Holiday season, dozens of breweries are coming together to support Metro Caring with the 5th Annual Parade of Darks, featuring craft beers from amber to black.

This Saturday, December 3rd from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. the holiday cheer will start spreading with tastings of over sixty plus beers available featuring seasonal and year-round. The dark-beer, holiday fest and fundraiser is taking place at the Turnhalle Room in the Tivoli Student Union which is located on the Auraria Campus in Denver, Colorado. The best part is 100% of the forty-five dollar ticket price goes directly to Metro Caring which helps provide a week of food to six hungry Coloradans.

So what is Metro Caring?

“As Denver’s leading hunger-prevention organization on the front lines, Metro Caring meets people’s immediate need for food while also sustainably addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty. Using a multifaceted approach, Metro Caring is an innovative leader in addressing problems related to hunger, with programming offered in Healthy Foods Access, Nutrition/Gardening Education, and Self-Sufficiency.”

To help promote this great cause, we printed up some amazing custom logo stickers for Metro Caring to get the word out. Their sticker design features three foaming over pints of beer with the year in the middle above the “Parade of Darks” copy with the Metro Caring logo placed at the bottom. The sticker itself is a custom shape around the logo design to make it stand out for those who slap it on when leaving the event.

Cheers to the Holidays and letting stickers spread great causes that help people out.

Local Hack Day: StuyHacks and UBC Hacks


We have a pair of student-led hackathons, one from a high school in Manhattan and one from a university in British Columbia. Both of these events are part of Major League Hacking, a group that brings hackers together worldwide, and this year there’s a Local Hack Day on December 3rd.

A local hack day is a casual event that brings people together to build cool tech-related projects over 12 hours. It’s very beginner friendly and it’s encouraged that teams share projects with other fellow hackers in the end.



StuyHacks is a student-run hackathon taking place in the heart of Manhattan. They seek to expose as many high school students as possible to the creativity and innovation that technology brings.

To us, hackathons are more than friendly competitions – they’re opportunities to meet the great inventors, creators, and thinkers of the future. Our job is to eliminate the negative connotations that come with hacking and the technology field, and to instead replace them with the idea that coding something anyone can do, even in a weekend. We want to help trailblaze a new generation of diversity and enthusiasm for invention. Come join our movement.

The students are ready to go and will all get a rad custom StuyHacks logo sticker to place on their computers to commemorate their long day of hacking.


UBC Local Hack Day

UBC Local Hack Day is free to students who are currently enrolled at UBC and are majoring in Computer Science can attend. The team is working on making Local Hack Day open to all students in the future. There will be free swag and most importantly, who doesn’t want to program for 12 hours straight with fellow computer science students?

Whether you’re a seasoned hackathon attendee, or a first-timer, you’ll learn from the mentors and from collaborating with others. You can build a project alone or with teammates and get free swag along the way. Teams build upon their unique skillsets through collaboration and most importantly, everyone shares memories that last a lifetime.

UCB Hacks has an awesome design for their custom logo stickers with elements of the landscape and the city worked into the design. It’s sure to be a popular pick up as the hackathon kicks off.