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Custom shaped stickers keep Fiddler Magazine in tune with their brand

When it comes to the high lonesome sound of bluegrass, the fiddle plays a central role. Enter Fiddler Magazine, the authority on all things fiddling, who since 1994 has been sharing information about fiddles for players and listeners. Their duet of custom shaped stickers features a perfectly cut fiddle sticker and a sticker that conveys the ... [Read More]

A variety of custom promotional stickers set the Spark R&D brand on fire

Deep winter is upon us, and Spark R&D is ready with a variety of custom shaped die cut stickers to help take their brand to new heights. Their creative spark has turned into a full-fledged fire, with designs and messaging that their fans will love and will rock from Lake Tahoe to Killington, Vermont and ski resorts all over the ... [Read More]

Custom logo stickers help the Ladies of Liberty Alliance educate and empower female leaders

The Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA) is a network of independent, libertarian women leaders who are committed to spreading the ideas of individual liberty and free markets, and they printed up a kiss cut logo sticker for their events and their members. LOLA's mission is to educate and empower female leaders within the liberty movement, and ... [Read More]

Podcast Season Two, Episode 2: Creating community around stickers and bikes with Longmont Bicycle Company

We're back for the second episode of our Sticker Stories Podcast, and we're happy to welcome Chris from Longmont Bicycling Company. This is a milestone episode as we are now broadcasting from in our new recording space. Anyone watching on our Facebook Live Friday videos, on our Instagram or on Snapchat has seen us building our brand-new ... [Read More]

Custom Labels Help Customers Show their Love for Ian's Pizza

Since today is National Pizza Day, and we're big fans of National Days, we wanted to highlight one of our longest-standing pizza customers, Ian's Pizza-by-the-Slice out of Madison, Wisconsin. Ian's started in 2001, the year after StickerGiant, and they've since grown from their one location near the University of Wisconsin campus. It's so fun ... [Read More]