Sticker shoutout to social innovation in Zacatecas, female entrepreneurship in Guadalajara, and Travel Tech in NYC


We are heading to three Techstars events this weekend, with two Startup Weekends in Mexico and one in New York City. Each location has their own topic of concentration for the weekend, just like they each have a distinct sticker. There will be a couple colorful and creative sticker sheets and one custom die cut sticker at these events, and we are excited for all of these participants as they find inspiration and put their ideas into reality.

Teams will be composed of individuals that come from business, creative and software worlds. Over the weekend these groups will discuss and build the various components of the idea and possible business, taking into consideration administration, finance, marketing, technology, engineering, graphic and web design, architecture, animation, and art. This mix of talent and personality helps create the setting for innovation, and we’ll start our tour of these events with the two in Mexico before traveling to a travel themed event in New York City.

Startup Weekend Women Guadalajara 2017

We are starting in the State of Jalisco in Western Mexico at Startup Weekend Women Guadalajara, where they seek to encourage women’s participation in entrepreneurship and technology in a safe environment. Their sticker sheet features nine tear-offs, with Startup Weekend logos and branding, plus some Techstars love and a couple sponsor logos. What a great use of space to incorporate all of these kiss cuts (where the sticker gets cut, but not the backing) onto the sheet in one layout. Kudos to the design team.

Thank you to venue sponsor Reto Zapopan, which is a program promoted by the Municipal Government of Zapopan. This space provides entrepreneurs with resources in a comprehensive program that provide consulting, mentoring, financing, linking and internationalization. They are looking for entrepreneurs who stand out for their valuable ideas, companies and initiatives. And of course without the organizers, mentors and judges, there would be no event, so shoutout to them.

You can find the team on Twitter and on the hashtag #SWWomenGDL.

Startup Weekend Social Innovation in Zacatecas

Heading over to Zacatecas, the capital and largest city of the State of Zacatecas, for Startup Weekend Mega Centro (Vertical Innovación Social) 2017, where the central theme will be social development. They aspire to drive innovation in four key sectors for the economy of the center of the country. Their sticker sheet has seven peels, with the event name Mega Centro dominating the sheet, and two fun Startup Weekend beakers in magenta and black-tinged blue. There are four colorful stickers that have the four topics of Mobility, Travel, Social and Agroindustry that the teams will address. Again, the design team form SWCentro knocked it out of the park as far as economy of visuals, use of colors and keeping the event branding on point. Well done.

Without the location, this event couldn’t take place (right?) and the Zacatecas campus of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (or Tecnológico de Monterrey or simply as Tec), is providing the space for the creativity and energy of this gathering. This institution, known as ITESM has 31 campuses in 25 cities and it’s one of the most academically recognized universities in the Spanish speaking world.

You can find the team on Twitter and on the hashtag #MEGACentro

Startup Weekend Travel Tech New York 2017

Back up in the US, we are in the Big Apple with a slick custom die cut sticker that has a Startup Weekend beaker taking flight, which is perfect for this Travel and Tech themed edition. The lab people in the beaker are travel ready, and the plane is sitting on cloud in the sky that features the event branding. The whimsy on this sticker is just what carefree travel feels like, and this sticker will travel well. The team at Startup Weekend NYC team did a great job organizing and designing this event.

At Startup Weekend Travel Tech New York 2017, teams will be focusing on solving problems and filling gaps in the travel industry. The challenge from the organizers (thanks to them by the way!) is that teams will let their own experiences and desire for travel inspire them. The ideas can cover the gamut of tourism and travel, be it local or global.

Whether you have ideas to improve NYC subways systems or to make travel around the world easier, the ultimate objective of this event is to empower you to take any idea from concept to creation!

Big ups to Voyager HQ on 137 West 25th Street. They empower travel startup founders with connections to partner & investment opportunities, a clubhouse & coworking space in NYC, & industry professionals

You can find the team on Twitter and on the hashtag #nycsw.

More About Startup Weekend (from their website)

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event designed to provide high-quality experiential education for both technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. It begins on Friday afternoon with the presentation of business ideas and team building, continuing with brainstorming, developing a business model, creating a basic prototype and generating information that validates the existence of a business opportunity , As well as viability. Startup Weekend ends Sunday night with presentations and final demonstrations of the teams.

Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest comes to Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont


This weekend marks the end of STEAM Week with the Rocky Mountain  STEAM Fest here in Longmont. A custom die cut sticker will be at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, where hundreds of attendees will take in exhibits and participate in building, doing and making. There will also be a combat robot competition, and let’s be serious who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of robots battle?

STEAM is a movement championed by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and widely adopted by institutions, corporations and individuals. The objectives of the STEAM movement are to place Art + Design at the center of STEM. This event will help turn learning into a fun, interactive experience. If you head over to, you’ll see their mission.

Thanks to the Maker Bolder team, this event has the mission of connecting Makers, Entrepreneurs and Educators into a larger Colorado community. There will be hands-on learning, gears grinding, hackers iterating and tinkerers talking.

Their design features five colored hexagons, each representing an element of the STEAM acronym. STEAM as an acronym is a modification of STEM, with the addition Art and the modification of M for Making and Engineering for Entrepreneurship. Then you see the STEAM FEST branding in small type in the top of sticker. It’s bright, it’s creative, it’s all things STEAM, and the custom die cut really helps the shapes pop off of any background.

The sticker helps highlight each area of interest in STEAM. Taking a look at the sticker, you’ll see that on the red hexagon there’s an atomic icon for Science, on the blue hexagon there’s a spaceship for Technology, on the green shape there’s a light bulb to represent Entrepreneurship, on the yellow Arts shape is a painter’s palette baord and lastly on the purple hexagon is a gear to highlight the role of Making in the STEAM movement.

While STEM is very popular nationwide, STEAM efforts really try to enhance the offerings to include all types of learners, and STEAM Fest is an attempt to fill visitors with awe and give them a chance to tinker, hack, build,  fly, drive, and dabble

These are all lofty goals and an important mission in today’s world. But let’s have some fun learning! Tickets are on sale the website and at the door this weekend on site.

Wapuu plays badminton at WordCamp KC and circles are heading to Chicago


Two major league cities will hosting WordCamps this weekend, with Chicago and Kansas City representing. When WordPress developers and enthusiasts get together, great things happen. That’s why we choose to support the many events that happen all around the world. This weekend, however, we get to spend some time on the ground in the Midwest, with Wapuu in the house, plus a sweet die cut sticker.

WordCamp Chicago

In the Windy City, we are sending custom circle stickers to one of our longest-lasting gatherings at WordCamp Chicago. They have a black background with a three-arrow design and an artic blue color for the event text. Thanks to the venue host Chicago-Kent Law School for the space for the weekend.

WordCamp Chicago is a casual, locally organized conference covering everything related to one of the world’s favorite platforms: WordPress. Chicago’s local WordPress community is vibrant. WordCamp Chicago draws some of the most talented speakers, generous and innovative sponsors, and an enthusiastic and diverse group of attendees.

You can find them on Twitter @WordCampChicago and on Facebook at @WordCampChicago.

WordCamp Kansas City

Heading to Missouri-Kansas line for the 2017 edition of WordCamp Kansas City for yet another superlative sticker sheet with Wapuu playing badminton, a event tearoff with a badminton bird, and a couple WordPress logos.

Use #wckc as the hashtag on all the socials to track the event live, and connect with the team at WordPressKC on Twitter and @wordpresskc on Facebook.

If anyone has never been to a WordCamp or is thinking about going to a WordCamp, the content team published a really great blog post about How to Rock WordCamp KC – A WordCamp Guide for All!

To all our WordCampers, have a great weekend!

The Dog People with Epic Stickers


We know what you’re thinking, “Why is StickerGiant dropping a poop emoji sticker in their feed?” Well, it’s to tell you about Rover, who created a network of dog sitters and walkers while utilizing amazing sticker designs in their promotions. has been around since 2011. In that time, they have been busy connecting people who need some help with dog sitting, or walking, with others willing and able to do the task at hand. Even, when that involves the occasional poop. We can also phrase it their way, “So for the frequent butt-sniffers, the sock-stealers, the table-side beggars and the clicker-trained champions: We’re your people.”

At the core of what they do, they love dogs and they find people who love dogs to help you take cares of yours. They are committed to finding the 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. They are committed to safe pet care and have the technology to help you find it. In fact, they are so good that one of our employees has a dog walker through Rover out with their pet while we type… as in this typing right here.

Rover not only created amazing technology to make all this possible, they are sending us some of the most epic designs for stickers to be used in their various promotions. They are using custom logo stickers printed as Kiss Cut Stickers, Clear Stickers and Die Cut Stickers for what best fits a design. They have one that states “I Sniff Butts Before I Shake Hands” and then the above seen “You’re the <insert poop emoji>.” They make sure to include the logo and website in all their stickers.

Word to the wise, if you build it they will come but if you give them a sticker they may find you a little faster.

Get Stickers Fast at the 5K Dash & Dine Run Series


Just feel like running? Tuesday nights in Boulder feature a spring tune-up run series called the Dash & Dine 5K where families come out to run and pick up some sweet event stickers too.

Dash & Dine 5K is hosted by the Boulder Running. It’s put on at the Boulder Reservoir for six weeks going into May. It’s an official qualifier of the Bolder Boulder (who always has amazing stickers for promoting their epic race) with instant qualifying and on-site registration available. It’s a family friendly event that concludes with dinner catered from local favorite restaurants after each race.

Not to be confused with “Dine & Dash,” they came to us to print up some gorgeous full color stickers that really capture the beauty of the Boulder foothills in a simplistic design. The 5KM is bold and centered with “Dash & Dine Run Series” listed out on the bottom of the custom sticker. These make for a fun way to promote an awesome race series just down the highway from our shop here.

Need stickers fast? Get an order of your own custom stickers going today so that your attendees will get the most out of every moment.

Bringing die cut stickers to Startup Weekends in Indiana, Colorado, and Monaco


If it’s a Friday, there’s a chance that somewhere on Planet Earth a Startup Weekend of some kind is getting ready to crank into gear. In fact, we have three events this weekend, with an international location and two American college editions. There are some fun, iconic custom-shaped die cut stickers heading to the campuses of Purdue University and the University of Denver on American soil, and then we’ll be heading to the Mediterranean coast in the city-state of Monaco.

For those who don’t frequent our blog, we work with many of these events because they are all about turning ideas into businesses. The focus is on action, which is something we love to see. Participants validate a problem, form teams, develop a business model, and then craft and deliver a pitch to win prizes that might take their ideas to the next level. We support the educational process and the learning involved in these sessions, plus you can’t beat the networking with other entrepreneurial-minded people as well as experienced entrepreneurs there as mentors during the process. At the end of the weekend, a panel of judges formed by experts provide teams the feedback to make your startup successful. It moves fast, and hopefully some ideas come to life. We can’t wait to see what these folks build.

Let’s get this sponsorship train rolling, but first: a big StickerGiant shout-out to all of the organizers, mentors, facilitators, and judges who help make these gatherings such a success and who help set up a generation of future entrepreneurs.

Startup Weekend Purdue University

First in West Lafayette, Indiana at Startup Weekend Purdue University, where a black rectangle sticker will be making the rounds. There’s the classic Startup Weekend beaker logo with a custom crest in Kelly Green that features the initials ENT for the Epsilon Nu Tau, the co-ed entrepreneurship fraternity on campus. They are on Facebook at

Startup Weekend DU

Here in our home state of Colorado, The Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Denver is hosting Startup DU, and the focus for this session will be ideas related to sustainability. There sticker is a pure event branding of the letters S and D with the full group name below. Our custom shape looks great on this die cut sticker, and it’s small and portable for many possible options for application. Connect with them on Facebook at StartupWeekendDU.

Startup Weekend Monaco

In the beautiful south of France is the tiny nation-state of Monaco, where a red Startup Weekend Monaco sticker sheet with two fun custom circle event stickers will be getting placed on laptops and anywhere else that attendees want to show their love for their projects. We love this idea of placing two smaller stickers because it’s a creative way to print many die-cut stickers. They have a local pattern on one sticker and their event hashtag and tagline. Really efficient, simple but also creative. Yet another reason why our Startup Weekend sponsorships are such a great reason to print custom stickers.

We look forward to seeing all of the projects that come to fruition!