What are the Differences Between Front and Back Adhesive on Clear Stickers

Clear Stickers are available with front adhesive or back adhesive, and the best choice for you depends on where you plan on applying your stickers. The difference comes down to which side of the sticker design the adhesive is on. Stickers with front adhesive are printed with the adhesive in front of your custom design. This makes them perfect for the inside of a transparent surface, such as a window or inside a glass display case. A back adhesive sticker is the most common, and is meant for standard applications on nearly any surface. The adhesive on these stickers will be behind your custom design.

Clear Stickers with Front Facing Adhesive

About Front Adhesive Stickers

Front adhesive is ideal for situations when you will be putting your custom sticker on the inside of a transparent surface.

When printing Clear Stickers with the adhesive on the front of the design, we reverse the copy so the adhesive will be in front of your logo and artwork. This reversal effect ensures your stickers will look great when they are applied on the inside of a transparent surface.

The Front and Back of a Clear Sticker with Front Facing Adhesive


Ways to Use Clear Stickers with a Front Adhesive

  • Clear Stickers with front adhesive are great options for branding your business, highlighting causes your brand supports, or sharing product information easily in storefront windows.
  • As window stickers placed on the inside of a car windshield, front adhesive prevents them from accidentally getting scraped away on frosty mornings, or damaged by daily wear and tear of the road. 

  • Local business districts and organizations can hand these stickers out to participating businesses as an easy way to show their support and affiliation with their local business community.



Clear Stickers with Back Facing Adhesive


About Back Adhesive Stickers

These stickers are printed with the adhesive behind your custom design. This makes it easy to apply your stickers nearly anywhere, indoors or outdoors. With a clear background behind your design, these stickers also look great on opaque surfaces!



Examples of Clear Stickers with Back Adhesive from StickerGiant



Ways to Use Clear Stickers with a Back Adhesive

  • When you want the product or material you plan on applying a sticker on, to show through. 

  • Get multiple looks from the same great sticker. Placing Clear Stickers on dark surfaces can give you a distinctively different look than when they are applied to light or transparent surfaces.




Durable Clear Stickers with a UV Laminate from StickerGiant

UV Laminate

Both back and front adhesive stickers are printed on a clear polypropylene with a UV laminate for superior quality and durability indoors or outdoors. Take your new Clear Stickers anywhere!



Clear Stickers come as Kiss Cut Stickers with Some Backing

Square Back Liner

Clear Stickers are printed as a Kiss Cut Sticker for a backing that will be slightly larger than your custom sticker shape.




Clear Stickers are Available in Custom Shapes with Free Laser Die Cutting

Custom Shapes

Available with custom laser cut die shapes, for an extra pop wherever they end up!




Get Full Color Matching on Clear Stickers with StickerGiant

Full Color

Our Clear Stickers are digitally printed with full color matching, and we can match 95% of Pantone colors very closely.





Layer of White Ink is Printed Behind all Colored Designs on Clear Stickers

White Ink Printing

All Clear Stickers are set up with a layer of white ink behind all colored areas of your design. This helps your designs stand out against any surface your stickers are applied to, even darker ones. We require either vector files (.ai, .eps, and some .pdf's) or transparent background images (.psd or .png) to print on our clear material. You can learn more about this process on our Artwork Page.




When choosing a Clear Sticker design, always keep in mind where your sticker will be applied. For stickers you plan on applying to a tinted window, you can keep your designs sharp by adding a white or brightly colored outline around any darker areas in your design.

We make it easy for you to get exactly what you need from your Clear Stickers. When ordering, just select your finishing preference of either front or back adhesive, after selecting the shape, size, and quantity you want for your custom stickers.