Learn More About Sticker Sheets

Sticker Sheets are a fun way to get multiple designs, or have a theme of designs on a single sheet of stickers in an easy to share way. However, because there are often multiple designs on a single Sticker Sheet, there are a few more things to consider when putting together your designs, than when designing your artwork for a single custom sticker. So let’s take a look at the most important things to know about Sticker Sheets.

How Many Stickers Can You Fit on one Sticker Sheet?

In general we can print up to 30 designs on a sticker sheet but this will ultimately depend on how many designs you want and the size of your finished sheet. The design of the individual stickers on your sheet, and how big or small you want each design to be is up to you. 

Sticker Sheet designs can be larger if only a few are on a sheet


You can have as little as 1 sticker or just a few designs on your Sticker Sheet. We often see a single design option used for decals and logo stickers.


When you have one or just a couple designs on your Sticker Sheet, each one can be larger, and essentially take up more space on your sheet.



On the other hand, if you are trying to fit more than a few designs on a single Sticker Sheet, there are a couple more things to consider when determining the total number of stickers you can have on your finished sheet.


When Using Smaller Designs on a Sticker Sheet More Can Fit into Finished Sheet


If you are incorporating a mix of sticker sizes, you can be creative with how you layout your designs. Integrating any smaller designs you have in among your larger ones can also help you utilize additional open space in your sheet, while still allowing the room required for margins and properly cutting your sticker shapes. For some Sticker Sheet designs, this can also help balance the smaller and larger elements in your finished sheet.


Sticker Sheet Artwork Guidelines

Here are some of the important Artwork Guidelines we follow in setting up Sticker Sheets to make sure the sticker designs, and sheets are cut properly.


Sticker Sheet Artwork Setup Guidelines from StickerGiant

To prevent your Sticker Sheet design, or individual stickers from getting cut improperly, be sure you have space between each sticker design, and around the edges of your Sticker Sheet. This is called the bleed area, and when we cut custom stickers, and Sticker Sheets, we need this area to be ⅛ inch. This area needs to be designated in your artwork to make sure your sticker designs are cut correctly within your sheet.


Give your designs a little breathing room, and make sure there is at least 1/16 inch of space between every Sticker Cut Line in your sheet. This is a minimum, so your sticker designs can be spaced further apart than this within your sheet, but cannot be closer together than this distance.


When determining the finished size of your Sticker Sheet, remember there should be a margin of at least ½ inch between your stickers and the short edge of your Sticker Sheet, and ¼ inch margin on your long edges. You can also increase the custom size of your Sticker Sheet, to ensure there is enough space in your designs for these margins. When we add sticker and sheet cut lines to artwork, there are times when we must make a few minor adjustments to the finished sheet size to make sure all of your designs will be cut properly. For all the details on our Artwork Guidelines and Sticker Sheet setup, be sure to read our Artwork Setup page.

How Big or Small Can a Sticker Sheet Be?

The largest size your Sticker Sheet can be printed in is 11x14 inches, and would be printed as Kiss Cut Sticker with a small amount of backing visible around your Sticker Sheet. In our Die Cut Stickers, you can get Sticker Sheets up to 5x7 inches, and in this type you will not see a visible backing around your Sticker Sheet.

The smallest size of Sticker Sheet is the size that will work best for your designs is limited more by the size, shape, and quantity of the designs you have in your sticker artwork. If you have a lot of designs, or are not sure if you have left enough margin space between your designs and the edges of your sheet, you can increase the dimensions of your finished Sticker Sheet to include this space. Consider keeping your finished Sticker Sheet sizes above 3 inches in length and width, when you want to include more than a single sticker design.

Additional Commonly Asked Questions About Sticker Sheets

In addition to wondering how many stickers can fit on a single Sticker Sheet, we are also asked a lot of questions about the size, shape, and design of the stickers within a Sticker Sheet. Take a look at some of the questions below, and our answers for more insights on getting your perfect custom Sticker Sheet.


Custom shaped stickers can be cut on Sticker Sheets from StickerGiant

Can We Cut Different Shapes on a Sticker Sheet?

Absolutely! We love custom shapes, and Sticker Sheets have so many possibilities for these. You can do small shapes with large shapes, or custom shapes with traditional shapes for endless creativity. Just keep in mind all custom shapes we cut will have rounded corners, and this is something we will also indicate for you in our proof with the magenta Die Lines, also known as the Sticker and Sheet Cut Lines.


The smallest size of Sticker Sheet depends on the size of your custom stickers in your sheet

What is the Smallest Size of Sticker That Can be Cut in a Sticker Sheet?

The smallest size of sticker you can have on a Sticker Sheet is ⅜ inch. Keep in mind this is not a lot of space for a design, and we will still have to add in our ⅛ inch margin around your sticker design for the inset. For this reason, we often see smaller stickers on Sticker Sheets measuring in at around an inch or so in size. Even on a smaller Sticker Sheet you can still work in multiple designs at this size.


Sticker Sheets are available in Multiple Types of Stickers from StickerGiant

What Types of Sticker Sheets are Available?

Sticker Sheets are available in Die Cut, Kiss Cut, or Clear Sticker types. This gives you a lot of design options, and ways you can get your custom stickers printed into a single sheet. To get started with any of these options, simply choose “Sticker Sheet” as your preferred shape after choosing your favorite type of sticker.



Sticker Sheet designs can extend beyond the sticker cut lines within a sheet

Can a Design be Printed Outside of the Individual Sticker Areas?

Yes, working with the space between your stickers as part of your design adds to the fun and flexibility of what you can do in your Sticker Sheet. This is also a great way to add a theme to your sticker artwork, include your logo, or provide an easy and friendly way to engage your fans with your brand. Just be sure to keep all of your designs within the outer Bleed Line, to ensure all of your stickers and Sticker Sheet are cut to your custom shapes.