How To Set Up Artwork For Stickers And Labels

When you set up your own artwork, there are 3 main things to know for doing this to make sure your designs are front and center in your custom stickers and labels. 

Every Custom Sticker Artwork File Has 3 Main Attributes, Which Are:

Cut Line - If you want to set up your own cut line, this is the very edge of your design, and it’s also what will tell our lasers where to cut the shape of your sticker or label. This 100% magenta line follows the width of your safe area around the entire outline of your design, which we also call the inset of your sticker or label. In general, the cut line is set up at 1/8” out from your artwork. For many designs this can be setup to be 1/16" out from your artwork, and it mostly depends on the size of your sticker or label.

  • Friendly tip: Our stickers and labels are finished with rounded corners, so if you are setting up your own cut line, your corners should be slightly rounded, with a 1/8" radius for the best results.  

Safe Area - Everything inside the safe area is what will be printed for your designs. Anything outside this line may not be printed in full detail and is likely to be cut off in the printing process. You’ll want to make sure that your logos, website information, and any other important details are inside this area when building your custom sticker or label.

  • In general, the safe area of our stickers and labels is the outer ⅛” inch of your design. For stickers and labels over 1” x 1”, it is possible for us to make the safe zone smaller at 1/16” out from your artwork. For designs that are smaller and measure under 1” x 1” we will always need to include a safe area of 1/8” due to our finishing process.

Bleed in Your Design: The bleed line will be just outside of your cut line, which means our lasers will cut inside this design by just 1/8”. Using this area as part of your sticker or label is how you can bring your colors to the very edge, and since it extends out past the cut line, our lasers will cut through this design instead of outside of it.

  • If you choose a white material for your stickers or labels and fill the bleed in with your own colors, your colors will fill in the safe area, and print over the white material in your finished product.